Episode 6: “The Tale of the Super Specs”

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Episode 6: “The Tale of the Super Specs”

A recap and review of Are You Afraid of the Dark? Episode 6: “The Tale of the Super Specs”



Storyteller: Gary

The Midnight Society:

  • We begin this episode not with The Midnight Society, but in Gary’s father’s magic shop.  Gary shows Kristen some of their products and Kristen confesses to Gary that some of the members of The Midnight Society have been saying that he hasn’t told a really good story in a long time (DAAAAAMN they don’t play around)
  • Kristen asks about some crazy looking glasses and Gary explains that they are “super specs” and then he puts them on, looks at Kristen and says “Yowza”…..(yeah, definitely not appropriate for a kid’s show)
  • Later that night we are taken to The Midnight Society meeting, where once again Gary’s inefficiencies as a scary storyteller are questioned.  He asks for a chance and begins “The Tale of the Super Specs”:



  • We meet “Weeds” and his girlfriend MB.  Weeds is into magic and practical jokes and we see him shopping for some new stuff.  He’s practicing spells and decides to try out the “Spell of the Second Sight”, where he states the spell and throws some magic dust in the air, which covers some nearby X-Ray glasses
  • Weeds gathers the items he wants and takes it to the register where we meet Mr. Sardo, who explains “No Mr., and accent on the DO”.  (Sardo appears in many episodes, like Dr. Vink, and this is his first appearance) While checking out, Weeds notices the X-Ray Glasses and asks Sardo about them.  After hearing what they do, Weeds also makes a joke about seeing his girlfriend naked
  • MB puts on the glasses reluctantly and sees an all black-clothed figure in the store with them.  She takes off the glasses and the figure is gone
  • The next day, Weeds continues his shenanigans by spiking a girl’s yogurt with some of his magical dust (yup, I really didn’t make that up).  The girl takes a bite and Weeds perceives this as his dust didn’t work.  He leaves, but soon after her voice has turned into a chipmunk voice
  • While in the school hallway, MB puts on the glasses and once again sees a black-clothed figure staring at her.  She removes the glasses and once again, the figure disappears


  • MB and Weeds leave school for the day and MB pleads with Weeds how she saw someone when she put the glasses on.  She puts them on outside and sees the woman in the black clothes standing by a tree.  She tells Weeds to put on the glasses, but he sees nothing.  She puts on the glasses, sees the figure, who raises her arm and points at her.  MB screams and throws the glasses in the trash
  • MB walks home with one of her friends, as they are talking, she reaches into her bag and finds the glasses she had previously thrown away.  She takes them to the magic shop and puts them through the mail slot
  • MB goes home where she finds the glasses in her bag again.  She puts them on and sees a tea pot on the stove, when she removes the glasses, the tea pot is gone.  She puts the glasses on and moves her arm across the tea pot, her arm goes right through the tea pot.  MB walks around her house until she approaches an open bedroom where she sees the black-clothed woman who raises her arm at her again and points.  MB turns and sees two other black-clothed figures approaching her


MB runs out of her house and meets Weeds at the basketball courts.  Once there, she tries to explain to him what happens when she puts the specs on.  When she demonstrates though, she sees the figures again and runs off before fully explaining to Weeds what’s going on

MB goes to the Magical Mansion to see Sardo about the specs.  Sardo explains, aka bull shitting, that she is seeing a parallel universe and that she has a window open in her home that is causing the figures to cross over.  MB hires Sardo to help her undo the spell

Back at MB’s house, MB, Sardo, and Weeds perform a seance in order to reverse the spell.  Sardo begins saying all sorts of phrases and it looks like he’s the fraud we’ve known the whole time.  But after completing the spell, the room goes dark and the table begins to levitate.  Sardo tells MB to put on the specs to see if the figures are there and they are.  Weeds tells her to take off the glasses because he also sees them, and we see all of the black figures surrounding them.  Sardo begins a new spell “The Spell of the Cosmic Seal”

The spell seems to work as all of the figures go away and everything goes back to black.  Suddenly, white smoke begins to fill the area and two large eyes look down on the three


  • The voice explains that they have disrupted the seal and that multiple universes cannot exist on the same plane and that balance must be restored.  The voice begins stating a spell and a large gust of wind circles the room
  • After a large flash of light, we are back at MB’s house.  We see MB and Weeds walk into the main room and Weeds tells someone that they “did it” and MB asks if “the ghosts are gone?”.  But we see that this is not the MB and Weeds we’ve been watching all episode, they are different versions of them.  The black-clothed woman enters the room and explains to them that they opened a window to a parallel universe.  The woman states that she closed the window and that Weeds and MB were trying to get rid of the them.  Bizzaro Weeds asks the woman “are they gone for good?” and the woman replies “I don’t think they will be bothering you anymore”.  The camera pans to the crystal ball and we see our version of MB, Weeds, and Sardo trapped in the crystal ball yelling for help






Story: 9/10

“The Tale of the Super Specs” is just so awesomely creepy.  The idea of something being right in front of you without you even knowing….terrifying.  The story itself is very basic and it works to perfection.  With a completely Twilight Zone ending, it’s darn near perfect.  This is one of  the classics that you can watch over and over again.

Monster: 9/10

I mean those black-clothed figures right?  The simplicity of these figures is brilliant already, and then you throw in the female figure that continuously points?  “The Tale of the Super Specs” is just plain awesome.

Scare Factor: 9/10

We really have no idea if these figures are dangerous or are wanting to harm us, but dammit if they aren’t scary as hell.  The scene when MB is alone in her house actually made the hair on my neck stand up when re-watching this one.  “The Tale of the Super Specs” should scare even adults.

Characters: 9/10

All of the kids were great in “The Tale of the Super Specs”.  The actress who played MB did a great job of gradually breaking down with every encounter with the black-clothed figures.  SARDO!!!! As I mentioned with Dr. Vink, Sardo is a staple to this series and this is his first appearance.  Like Vink’s “I’m not a nutbag”, it’s always fantastic to hear Sardo’s “No Mr., accent on the DO”.

Ending: 10/10

Our first “twist” ending!!!!! As a kid, I remember there being much more of these type of endings than we’ve seen so far.  Six episodes in and “The Tale of the Super Specs” is our first “not happy” ending.  What’s so great about this ending is that Sardo, who is a complete fraud, was right all along about the parallel universe.  A superb episode followed up by maybe the most mind blowing ending of the franchise!

Total Score: 46/50


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