The Bachelor: “The Women Tell All”

The Bachelor: “The Women Tell All”

A recap and review of the Bachelor: “The Women Tell All”

week 10

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Ahhh “The Women Tell All”, a time for sharing, caring, and bloodshed.  But before we begin all out war, we first start with the ceremonial visit to “random” homes for Chris and Ben to break into and surprise screaming women.

  • Chris Harrison: “These people have no idea that we’re coming to their parties”…..dude just stop
  • Chris Harrison: “Ben, think about where you’ve come from”…..Ben: “Yeah tinder”….

started from the bottom

First Segment

  • And Tiara brought her chicken…..
  • We’ve just begun and pretty sure Leah and Olivia want to die
  • So the chicken was supposed to be a good idea?
  • On the Leah/Lauren B situation, Leah: “I didn’t intentionally lie”…..


  • Jubilee…..just keep digging that grave

Hot Seat: Jubilee


  • In regards to Jubilee’s controversial “full black woman” comment, she went from “I did not say that” to “I say things like that” to “Yup, I said it”

jim really gif

  • Really didn’t see the point to this hot seat.  Jubilee and Ben were never going to happen and her leaving was not a shock.  Move on.
  • I tell you one thing….Jubilee knows exactly what she does wrong when it comes to relationships

Hot Seat: Lace


  • So instead of the people that really mattered this season, we bring up the next poor soul who self destructed this season….LACE!
  • Drunken Lace was far better than sober Lace this season
  • And then a guy gets up and has a Lace tattoo….bringing out all the stops tonight eh Chris Harrison?  Not everyone enjoyed it:

tatoo face

  • Lace sort of agrees to Bachelor in Paradise

Hot Seat: Olivia


  • I still have no idea where that switch with Ben and Olivia was.  Pretty sure she got every rose possible up until she was eliminated
  • This twin thing is kind of unfair for Olivia, double the hate daggers
  • Apparently the difference between “once” and “twice” has never been greater until tonight #Twins
  • Damn….Olivia got me tearing up over here

Hot Seat: Caila

Caila bye

  • Chris Harrison….I’m warning you, treat her right
  • I wonder what happened to that toy house Caila and Ben built on the hometown date?

The Higgs is in the House:

ben higgins

  • Man….Leah is making Olivia look good tonight
  • Jubilee explains that her and Caila’s relationship with Ben was very similar….hmmm yeah no Jubilee
  • This went exactly how I thought it would.  Ben has been a class act all season
  • In the bloopers, how about Becca saying “Chris” instead of “Ben”….had me dying

Absolute Final Winner Prediction:

Lauren B

As much as I prefer JoJo, it just seems when I see Lauren B and Ben, they look like the real deal.

Absolute Final Runner-Up Prediction:


I am not surprised that Ben is having a hard time letting go of JoJo or telling her that he loves her, but like I said above, it just seems to be more there with Lauren B.

Absolute Final Bachelorette Prediction:

Caila bye

Caila was about as Bachelorette as you could be last night.  She didn’t ruffle any feathers, she was quiet as a mouse.  Heck, even Tiara’s chicken voiced it’s opinion more.  It usually is the 3rd or 4th place person, and I don’t see why it can’t be Caila.

Episode Thoughts:

As mentioned above, this went about exactly as I thought.  No attacks on Ben, because there really isn’t anything to attack him for.  The girls ganged up on Olivia and Jubilee.  Lace was awkward and weird as usual, and it seems that Leah has the worst PR rep ever.

Now let me be serious for just the one moment in the history of these reviews:

It really hit me when Olivia was breaking down on the hot seat in tonight’s “The Women Tell All”.  This is the part of the show that I find kind of…well…disgusting.  The show leaves these women however they are when the season ends.  For instance, Olivia went on the show, handled it poorly, was egged on all season by assistants and producers I would imagine, and what does she get at the end of it?  People attack her on social media and hate on her.

When this show first started, social media wasn’t really around.  Do I enjoy every second of this show, especially watching the “villains” get what’s coming to them?  ABSOLUTELY.  Do I enjoy hearing about how their lives have changed for the worse after the show? No.  Olivia is not a bad person, in fact she is by far one of the least villainous women in this show’s history.  But it irks me that it’s so easy for people to bully nowadays, and the people that are responsible for them looking like they do on the show are the same people who pretend to act concerned as Olivia is a mess on stage (looking at you Chris Harrison).  Chris Harrison enjoys every second of that, he has to, it’s his job, and it’s job security for him, but it’s still awful.

Social media has changed the impact this show has on the lives of it’s contestants.  It would be the right thing to do for the creators and producers to just always keep this in mind.



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