Daddy’s Home

daddys home

Directed By: Sean Anders

Written By: Brian Burns, Sean Anders, John Morris

Starring: Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Linda Cardellini, Hannibal Buress, Thomas Haden Church

Sullywood Rating: 4.5/10

My Thoughts:

I must admit, I went into Daddy’s Home with pretty low expectations.  The actors playing there stereotypical roles, the vision of Will Ferrell on a motorcycle crashing through houses.  It looked completely and utterly juvenile for a comedy veteran like Will Ferrell and an actor with a good resume like Walhberg.  My expectations though, were blown away… the worst way.

I’ve said it before in my comedy movie reviews, I love comedies.  I rarely find a comedy I don’t like.  With Daddy’s Home though, what you have is a poor and sad attempt at making a comedy film.  I’m not sure if this movie was a part of a studio deal where these two actors HAD to get together for another buddy film or what, but boy was this movie such a waste of time.

Speaking of buddy film, let’s begin there.  If you’ve seen The Other Guys, you’d obviously know that these two actors have played opposite each other before.  They have their stereotypes, Ferrell being the nerdy type, and Walhberg being the bad ass.  Well if you thought that might be similar here, you couldn’t be more correct.  But where The Other Guys allows us to cheer for and like the tandem of Ferrell and Walhberg and their quirky differences, Daddy’s Home fails to capture that magic and it’s not even close.

If you watch the trailers for this film, you’ll notice they market this film as a toss up if you will.  A battle between Ferrell and Wahlberg, Stepfather and Father, and see who comes out on top winning the affection of the children.  But what we get is 80/20 Wahlberg getting the best of Ferrell’s character and it drives you absolutely crazy and forces you to watch unrealistic sequences where a “deadbeat” father continually out duels a loving, hardworking, and downright good guy in Ferrell.  I can’t even count how many times I held my hand out in utter shock at how utterly stupid and far fetched most of the scenes are in this movie.

The supporting characters of Daddy’s Home are also just as frustrating as the film itself.  You have Griff, the contractor who eventually lives with our main characters because Will Ferrell was duped into looking racist….yup didn’t make that up and I couldn’t.  You have Ferrell’s boss, who shares awful advice with him throughout the film and is prepared to go to the mattresses with Ferrell against Wahlberg, and on a dime changes his allegiance to Walhberg, and then back to Ferrell as if the previous scenes never happened.  You have the fertility doctor and his ridiculously unprofessional practices (these scenes were the worst for me, so completely ludicrous, that I was laughing at the sheer awfulness before the punch lines were even delivered).  Last and certainly not least, the wife in the film.  I like Linda Cardellini, but wow she was a waste of space, and most importantly her character was by far the most head scratching and hair pulling.

Honestly, honestly, no like honestly… yourself a favor and skip this mess altogether.

P.S. If you enjoy really obvious product placement as well, this is your Godfather or Shawshank Redemption.

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