The Bachelor: “Week 10: Season Finale”

The Bachelor: “Week 10: Season Finale”

A recap and review of The Bachelor: “Week 10: Season Finale”


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Bachelor Studio Welcome

  • On cue, Chris Harrison welcomes us to the “most dramatic finale ever”
  • So apparently there will also be a wedding tonight and Chris Harrison has invited everyone there and at home….JoJo’s brothers look like they couldn’t make it…..I’m sure they’re so sad about that
  • Did you notice how many more members of Lauren B’s family are there vs JoJo’s?  Yeah it’s gonna be Lauren B
  • I wonder that since JoJo’s parents are there if maybe she is going to be the Bachelorette if Ben says goodbye to her….I can’t imagine them being there for any other reason
  • Ben’s mom is ecstatic that he’s in love with 2 women….the word “disturbing” was used….also JoJo is “this other woman” to Ben’s mom

Lauren B. Segment

  • Finally! The Ben-unlovable connection was said once more….we can now end the season
  • Unlike Lauren B and Ben’s mom, I did not hold my mother in-law’s hand during our first conversation
  • Ben’s mom calls him intense…..wonder where he got that from?

bens mom

  • Lauren B said “I’d marry Ben tomorrow”….Ben said “I’d marry that girl tomorrow” on the Women Tell All….more hinting….it’s Lauren B….just stop watching now

JoJo Segment

  • Ben’s Mom to JoJo “Oh don’t worry we’re not scary people”

laughing gif

  • In the previous segment, Ben’s mom mentions to Lauren that Ben is hard on himself, in this segment JoJo says this observation first….interesting
  • Camera shows us no hand holding between JoJo and Ben’s mom….finally something normal
  • The discussions between JoJo and Lauren with Ben’s mom could not have been more opposite….Lauren B listened to what Ben’s mom said and JoJo brought up on her own everything Ben’s mom had to point out to Lauren B
  • JoJo “Are you looking to propose?”…..Ben shakes his head no as he says “yes”
  • This wedding thing is the worst idea this show has ever had….and that’s saying something

Final Date with Lauren B.

Lauren B

  • The conversations between Ben and Lauren B have as much depth as a kiddie pool
  • Ben pours his heart out to Lauren B and she responds with whatever the last sentence he said was
  • Ben talked about having 2nd thoughts about Lauren B….nice smokescreen show….it’ll still be Lauren B.
  • Ben shows up to Lauren B’s room in a hoodie for their date….personally I think Ben has been the most casually dressed Bachelor ever….that says a lot figuring Chris Soules was the Bachelor
  • Ben just keeps saying what he’s thinking and Lauren B continues to say nothing….I swear Ben is just saying stuff now to test if there are thoughts in her brain

Final Date with JoJo


  • Do you think the Bachelor and Bachelorettes have to take a training course on driving on the opposite side of the road?  I know I’d be like nah get me a driver
  • Waterfall time….and Ben might have forced his own decision by almost crushing JoJo
  • Ben: “My mind is in a thousand different places”…..a nicer way of saying “I’m also in love with Lauren B”
  • Ben looks flustered….I think it’s because he’s not used to having intelligent conversations lately
  • That bathroom conversation tho……..


Final Rose Ceremony

  • Your final rose ceremony sponsored by Sandals Resorts!
  • That poor pastor, did he have any idea he’d be shown more times than Chris Harrison?
  • Oh damn….JoJo first out of the helicopter….Ben this is a bad decision
  • Noooo I can’t watch…..Ben don’t do it!!!!
  • Exhibit A as to why you don’t tell both women you love them…..ohhh Ben
  • Idiot
  • After calling Lauren B’s dad, Ben pulls a Howard Dean:

howard dean

  • Awwww I have to admit Lauren’s face when Ben said “I never want to say goodbye to you”…tear jerking shit right there……ehheeem back to manly things now

After the Final Rose

  • Chris Harrison stop trying to make wedding happen
  • If JoJo is the Bachelorette, I feel like Ben is going to get off easy
  • This is way too easy….JoJo is your new Bachelorette
  • JoJo: “Everything happens for a reason”….aka I’m the new Bachelorette
  • Ben got off way too easy for saying I love you to two women….he deserved to get owned by JoJo
  • And there it is….JoJo is your new Bachelorette….woohoo called it….I mean come on, no way her family would be there otherwise
  • Ahhh Lauren B is wearing white….could it happen?
  • And in shocking fashion, Lauren B will be moving to Denver
  • Aaaand thank you Jimmy Kimmel for making it awkward
  • Oh good we’re going to do this whole fake wedding thing?????
  • So since JoJo had to behave we basically had a bunch of filler time and Ben proposed again to Lauren B. with their families there
  • Oh we’re still here and now interviewing the families
  • Still time left???? Ben is now giving a speech

My Thoughts:

I think Ben is making a huge mistake.  There is nothing wrong with Lauren B really, but Ben just seems like the type of guy that shouldn’t have a trophy wife.  Harsh?  You bet.  But it’s the truth.  Ben was worried about coming home from a hard day and Lauren B not being able to give him what he needs….at least he understands her shortcomings.

I know I’ve been team Caila the whole season, but truly JoJo is the better pick for Bachelorette.  What will be interesting though is the fallout from it.  I mean rumor has it that they already filmed Caila in Ohio doing her little intro package.  If that’s the case, then that’s just cold and screw you ABC!!!! 🙁

Could that wedding thing be any dumber?  I mean, at least have it as a joke in the beginning and move on.  That was the worst “After the Final Rose” ever.  They literally needed to fill time at the end because there was nothing in the meat of the show.  JoJo had to play nice and we all know how Lauren B is with the words and talking.

To my readers, thanks for following along with me on this journey…. 😉 I had a blast doing this and I am happy to announce that I will continue “Man Thoughts” with The Bachelorette in May!

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