The Bachelor: “Week 9: Jamaica”

The Bachelor: “Week 9: Jamaica”

A recap and review of The Bachelor: “Week 9: Jamaica”

week 9

(screenshots courtesy of we have a Bachelor team.  And then there were three, and you know what they say about three…it’s totally fine…wait that’s not right…ah yes…it’s a crowd!  That’s why this week we need to send some “girl” home…am I right Michelle Money?  So grab your Manwich and let’s do some recapping:

1 on 1 Date with Caila


Activity: Jamaica tings


  • Once again, Ben describes his and Caila’s relationship as the “deepest”….not 10 minutes before this Ben explains that Caila doesn’t share enough and is basically surface level with him….still…don’t….get….this
  • Ben: “It’s like I’m a 26 year old man, that’s a kid right now”….oh I can just see it now

13 going on 30

  • So far this date is lacking the background music….which usually means:

cut throat

  • Oh good, the awkward “fantasy suite” mentions have begun
  • And there is the obligatory “I love you” from Caila because we’re down to 3 women
  • Ahhh the fantasy suite card, Ben are you in?

Ben fantasy

1 on 1 Date with Lauren B

Lauren B

Activity: Turtle Savin’


  • Ben: “I haven’t really spent much time with Lauren since the home town date”….ughhh you think Ben?
  • Ben….helping turtles survive since 2016
  • So they clean those turtles off and then dump them off in the sand 50 feet from the water?
  • Story problem: If one person thinks the other person is too good for them and the other person thinks the other person is too good for them….I always hated story problems
  • Lauren B not wasting any time with the fantasy suite “Should we go?”….Ben:

ben leave

  • Beeeeeen….you can’t break the rules of “I love you”….what just happened??????

shocked jubilee

  • “I love you” again Ben?  Now the Bachelor gods demand a sacrifice…..sorry baby turtles
  • I’m glad I decided against playing the “I Love You” drinking game tonight

1 on 1 Date with JoJo


Activity: Chasin’ Waterfalls


  • To me, JoJo and Ben have the most real chemistry
  • Ben: “JoJo I love you too”
  • JoJo: “Are you allowed to say that?”……Answer the woman Ben!
  • The word of the day is LOVE:

word of the day

  • JoJo: “I was shocked you said that to me”……oh us too JoJo, us too
  • Ben is nervous about JoJo’s brothers….poor JoJo hasn’t even met Ben’s mom yet

bens mom

1 on 1 Date with Caila #2


  • Oh man, this is painful to watch
  • Okay, I mean this is the worst thing ever
  • Ben you bastard, how could you!!!!!
  • Get him Caila!!!! Don’t let him off easy



Caila bye

mike scott no

But wait…now this means she can be the Bachelorette

jim carrey dance

My Top 3 for Bachelor in Paradise:



Lace requires no editing from the production team to make herself look….awesome….on TV.  Plus, it only takes some alcohol for her to completely self-destruct, a perfect combination for Bachelor in Paradise.



Jubilee, while not as funny as Lace, can self destruct even without alcohol, a must have for BiP.  Plus, she’s “unlovable” apparently so we need to find her some love.  As crazy as it sounds, BiP is 100% on engaged couples at the end, pretty impressive stuff.



Do I really need to say anything?  This is a no-brainer.

My Thoughts:

So Ben decided to go and say “I love you” to two women in the Week 9: Jamaica episode.  That is the worst idea since making Juan Pablo the Bachelor.

At this point, I have no idea who it’s going to be.  I think JoJo’s family didn’t do her any favors, but I also think she has better chemistry than Lauren B does.

Good for Caila for just stopping the tear factory, and saying, what a minute, you got some splainnin’ to do Ben.  Will she be the next Bachelorette?  That was pretty awful and sad what happened to her.

I think JoJo would be a great Bachelorette, but if she happens to lose, she might be too heart broken to do it.  I think it will come down to Caila’s awful elimination vs Becca’s feel sorry for you because it’s the 12th time you’re doing this show angle.

The one interesting thing to note is that when we saw the preview for the finale, we once again saw Ben dialing that cell phone.  This time though, we didn’t hear a woman’s voice say “hello” on the other side.  Does it mean anything?  You got me!

Your Thoughts:

Who do you think is on the other end of the cell phone in the finale?


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