Sullywood’s The Bachelor: Head Shot Awards – Ben’s Season

Sullywood’s The Bachelor: Head Shot Awards – Ben’s Season

Welcome to the first ever Sullywood The Bachelor: Head Shot Awards!!!!!!

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The Pre-Premiere Head Shot Awards is what Jessie Spano would call male chauvinistic and she would be correct!  I will judge each contestant purely by their head shot and hand out my pre-premiere awards and predictions for this season of The Bachelor.  Ladies, don’t act like you wouldn’t want to do this too! 😉

Our Contestants:

Amanda Amber Becca Breanne Caila Emily Haley Izzy Jackie Jami Jennifer Jessica JoJo Jubilee Lace Laura Lauren B Lauren H Lauren R LB Leah Maegan Mandi Olivia Rachel Samantha Shushanna Tiara




Most Attractive (HOTTEST) Contestant: (Sorry I had to)


(Ducks tomatoes) Women love to know who guys find attractive so this category is a must!

Cutest Contestant:


The girl you bring home to Mom.  I’m probably swayed by her laughing smile, but isn’t there something just so adorable about Caila?  Heck, the way she spells Cailia is even interesting.

Bia of the Season:


Sorry Lace, but you just look like trouble to me.  Prove me wrong.

The Take No Shit from the Bia Contestant:


She’s got a cool nickname, a confident smile and a look that says bring it.  I could definitely see some Lace vs Izzy happening.

Look-alike Contest:

Haley Emily

Sorry bad joke. If this joke is going over your head, they’re TWINS.  No not that crap where two college girls dress a like for the evening and joke about it, real life identical twins!

Most Likely in the Friend-Zone:


She seems confident enough to stick around.  Just long enough for her to be around, but have no chance.  Could totally see her being the girl who just talks about the other girls and not actually spending time with Ben.

First Impression Rose Prediction:


She’s a veteran and also not bad to look at.  She’ll nail her first encounter with Ben and receive the first impression rose.

Who is that Girl Award?


The award handed out to that girl 5 episodes in and you say “Who is that chick?” She’s pretty, but I just see her passing by our eyes with every scene.  She also looks very business as usual type, will most likely hold her thoughts to herself and cause no drama.

Final 2:

Rachel Shushanna

They have soft and kind eyes.  I’m just kidding.  Rachel screams final 2 potential based on the history of the show that I’ve watched.  Not sure why, but something had me coming back to Shushanna a lot, seems nice and she’s purty.



She doesn’t come off with what women call the “resting bitch-face”, and she is obviously attractive.  Let’s not forget about Ben’s last crush, a certain dark haired, tan complexion woman named Kaitlyn.

There you have it, the first ever Pre-Premiere Head Shot Awards for Sullywood.  All done in good fun.

Your Thoughts:

What are your predictions based on the head shots alone?

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