The Bachelor: “Week 8: Hometown Dates”

The Bachelor: “Week 8: Hometown Dates”

A recap and review of The Bachelor: “Week 8: Hometown Dates”

week 8

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We’re officially here, Week 8, the hometown dates.  Where meeting a family can further your relationship or stop it dead in it’s tracks (looking at you Desiree’s brother):

des bro

And with that stroll down memory lane, let the hometown dates commence!

Hometown Date with Amanda


Location: Laguna Beach, CA


  • This week Ben guest stars on Teen Mom
  • Awww a day at the beach with the family:

doing it wrong

  • As if Ben needed to be chased by anymore women this season, he asks Amanda’s daughters to chase him as well
  • Poll: Who had the shorter shorts in tonight’s episode, Ben or Amanda?


  • According to Amanda’s Dad, if you end up with Amanda:

life over

Family Report: Went about as good as it could, considering the whole kids variable.  The mom and dad asked good questions, but were also open towards the idea of Ben.

Hometown Date with Lauren B.

Lauren B

Location: Portland, OR


  • Fun fact according to Lauren B: Portland is called the city of roses…..Ben “Where are all the roses?”….smartass
  • A whiskey library?? That’s awesome Lauren B, you just went up on my list
  • ….And then you go and say this:

whiskey libary

  • Lauren B’s dog is almost as old as some of the contestants this year
  • Lauren’s sister Mollie has left me a little:


  • Lauren B’s family loves themselves some Lauren B.  “So Ben, tell me all of the reasons why Lauren B is God’s gift, please list in alphabetical order as well”

Family Report: Lauren’s sister made my head spin with all of her questions.  Especially listing every good quality possible and then asking Ben why he likes her.  But for the most part, her parents were pretty chill, but still asked all the right questions.

Hometown Date with Caila


Location: Hudson, OH


  • Ben mentions that Caila is the “deepest relationship he has”….me thinks the editing didn’t show that all season
  • I’m a Caila fan through and through, but I’m not clueless, I thought she was 4th as far as relationship with Ben so far, so some of these comments by Ben are odd
  • Caila brings Ben to her “BENnch”….(I’ll exit stage right)
  • Caila just one upped every hometown date ever.  Like this is a legit date that The Bachelor would have it’s contestants go on
  • Caila’s dad treats every conversation like they’re in the boardroom
  • Caila: “Mom do you think he loves me?”
  • Mom: “Yeah”
  • Caila:

yeah yeah yeah

Family Report: Caila’s dad wasn’t as bad as I thought the promos made him seem.  Although I’m guessing he enjoys listening to himself talk.  The mom couldn’t have been any better, although some hesitancy is good sometimes.  The brother was alive and breathing.

Hometown Date with JoJo


Location: Dallas, TX


  • JoJo gets a card and flowers from Ben…she begins reading it and is super excited and….


  • JoJo’s ex boyfriend gave the show’s editors a much deserved day off….ahhhh genuine drama
  • As if this date couldn’t get any weirder, we meet JoJo’s brothers…..
  • Don’t worry JoJo, according to your mom you won’t get hurt because “you’re beautiful”….good thing those other girls are so unfortunate looking
  • JoJo’s family is about as fun as a root canal

jojo brother

  • I think JoJo’s family has missed the concept of the show

Family Report: Yikes….Well that was…  Listen, is what the brothers said true? Absolutely.  Could they have gotten to know him at all period? YES.  They spent the entire time it seems just giving him shit, instead of getting to know Ben.



 amanda bye

My Winner Prediction:


I can’t put my finger on it, but the way they’ve been showing JoJo has winner written all over it.  That’s just my opinion any way.

My Runner-Up Prediction:

Lauren B

Sorry Lauren B., your connection is just too strong.  This of course means that you will not win Ben’s heart.  Sorry, those are the rules of this show, talk to the editors.

My Bachelorette Prediction:


Caila is just a better choice than Becca.  She has no issue moving around the world.  She’s cute as a button, and she has a personality hand crafted for The Bachelorette.  Not to mention the show has an in with that toy factory as a possible date idea.

Episode Thoughts:

For basically the first time all season, Ben looked flustered and couldn’t spit out the right things.  Not too bad figuring we are in Week 8.  He really didn’t blow me away on any of the hometown visits though.

I thought it was interesting that we didn’t hear Ben ask any of the parents for their blessing.

For the most part, if Ben ends up with any of the 3 ladies left, he’ll have some pretty solid in-laws.

I truly believe that Ben was scared away by the kids as far as Amanda goes.  Not that their connection was crazy good to begin with, but I don’t think Ben is ready for kids yet.

The oddest part of this whole episode were Ben’s comments about Caila.  Caila, my favorite, but also the one contestant that has been shown to us as maybe having the least amount of connection with Ben.  Ben mentions that they have the deepest relationship and I think something along the lines of him saying they were the furthest along?  If that’s the case, then we’ve been had again by the masterful Bachelor editors.  Also, if this is the case, Lauren B. is doomed because she’s looked like the favorite the whole time.

Your Thoughts:

Who is winner, runner-up, and Bachelorette?


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