The Bachelor: “Week 2: Back to School”

The Bachelor: “Week 2: Back to School”

A recap and review of The Bachelor: “Week 2: Back to School”

week 2

This was our first “normal” week for the show.  We had two group dates and a one on one date with Caila.  Let’s recap the greatness that is this show:

Group Date #1

Activity: Bachelor High

Competition Winner: Mandi


-While the whole house wanted to murder Lace on that first night, Jubilee apparently legit wants to murder her.  No I mean like really wants to, as in coming up with new phrasing to make murder not sound as bad.

-One of those times Ben was probably glad that winning the competition didn’t mean more time with him alone, cause Mandi be crazy

-Jennifer got the first “kiss” kiss?  Didn’t see that one coming

-Lace’s goal was to show Ben she’s not the girl from the first night….Mission failed

-That face you make when you’re getting the rose but….you don’t

lace face

-Ben sought out JoJo on a group date, you don’t see that often

Rose Winner: JoJo


1 on 1 Date with Caila 


Activity: Literal “ride along” with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart


-Caila called this a unique date, yeah I’d say so

-Ben needs to trademark this “Unlovable” thing ASAP

-In case you missed the first 1,000 times it was said, this guy is:


Received a rose? Yes


Group Date #2

Activity: The Love Lab

Competition Winner: Olivia (Dammit)


-Haley struggles with the thinking sometimes

-Nothing says love like data Ben

-“Are you excited for me to smell you?”… new pick up line in 2016

-Oh you shared an interesting fact about yourself Amanda?  Oh you should definitely get the rose because nobody ever does that

Rose Winner: Olivia (Double Dammit!)


Cocktail Party:

-Olivia was dubbed “Rose Olivia”, also heard the nickname “Selfish Bitch” spoken by someone as well, both seem fitting

-Lace, talking works out ten times better when you move your teeth

-Lace, Lace….If you have to keep saying that you’re not crazy….you’re probably crazy

-Lace decides to share some personal thoughts, aka recreating pictures of her when she wasn’t pretty when she was younger….this is sad

-Lace cries because Lace cries

-If Amber spent the time she does explaining how she hasn’t had time with Ben, and used that time to actually spend it with Ben, she’d be good

-Benta Claus is coming to town….presents galore for the ladies (nice touch Mr. Higgins)


LB: (left on her own)

gonna bounce LB




jackie bye


mandi bye


My Top 3 for Ben:


Caila scored the first one on one date of the season, and she passed with flying colors; even in a setting where she has to put up with Kevin Hart trying to be funny.  I will say I thought Caila would be a little more open when they were alone at dinner, she seemed a bit nervous.


Finally Becca took some time with Ben, and she did so by shooting hoops?  My kind of girl.  Becca still isn’t where I’d thought she’d be in the show, confident and trying dominate Ben’s time.  We’ll see if she can take another step next week.


I like how JoJo isn’t afraid to speak her mind.  I also thought she and Ben showed good chemistry, especially since she wasn’t seen or heard from much in Week 1.  I have a good feeling about this one.

Episode Thoughts:

Ever since Ben was named The Bachelor, I haven’t stopped complaining about the choice by the show.  I thought he’d be another zombie-like bachelor like Chris “Prince Farming” Soules.  But boy am I wrong and I can’t believe my wife hasn’t gloated yet, because she was right.  She knew he’d be great for this and right now, I can’t disagree with her.  Ben has done and said all the right things, all while having a personality….what in the world is happening in Bachelor land????  Keep it up Ben.

Man, I was shocked to see LB go.  When I was writing my Pre-Premiere Head Shot Awards piece, LB kept coming back to me and I almost had her in my final 2.  Judging by her picture alone of course is not a good way of actually judging someone, but we did for fun, and LB looked like she was here to stay.  But even looking back to last episode, LB didn’t seem to be enjoying herself.  She seems like the perfect person for this show, but alas it’s not meant to be like Juan Pablo and all women.

Your Thoughts:

Which contestant is the perfect match for Ben?  (Note all comments that suggest Olivia will be banned for life)


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