The Bachelor: “Week 3: Soccer Date”

The Bachelor: “Week 3: Soccer Date”

A recap and review of The Bachelor: “Week 3: Soccer Date”

week 3

It’s week 3 here in Bachelor land, and we had our first episode with two 1 on 1 dates.  We can’t be too far off from our first 2 on 1 date….yes!  On to the week 3 recap:

1 on 1 Date with Lauren B.

Lauren B

Activity: Biplane ride/hot tub in middle of nowhere/dinner/concert


-We sure Lauren B. should be a flight attendant?

-According to Lauren B., straight up desert is “nice”

-Ben…are we a little obsessed with hot tubs?

dude i love hot tubs

-Mansion live look-in: Now that we’re on Week 3, Caila’s noticing that there might be other women there

-Good question Ben….How does a dude just not pick Lauren B. up yet?

-Oh my gosh just give Jubilee a damn date card

-Jubilee?  You having fun yet?

Jubilee fun

-Manly thought here: I enjoyed watching these two together, definitely some chemistry

-Damn Ben…plane ride, hot tub, dinner, and a concert?

Received a rose? Yes


Group Date #1

Activity: Soccer

Competition Winner: Team Stripes


-Olivia likey Ben’s eyes and pants

-Woohoo, soccer competition, losing team goes back to the mansion

-Lace was chosen as goalie, Lace didn’t know the goalie can use their hands…Lace was a poor choice as goalie

-These girls need to quit bitching about Olivia and get in the game

-Oh crap, we got a mole in the house! Jami you little sneak!


-Mansion live look in – Jubilee looks like death…the only thing that could save her is a rose….too bad she’s not going to get one…..aaaand she gets one! (Thank you Bachelor Jesus)

-Lace is putting up walls that are not walls at all…..yeah I don’t know

-I might want to have a root canal more than watch Amber try and flirt with Ben…less painful

-And as I type that, Amber gets a rose

Rose Winner: Amber


1 on 1 Date with Jubilee:


Activity: “Castle” visiting and complicated conversations


-Jubilee means great TV, even more than I ever could’ve imagined

-FYI, don’t be late to a date with Jubilee…daaaaamn

-Not sure Jubilee knows what a “castle” is

-Jubilee gets Ben like I get quantum physics….hint hint I’m not a physicist

-So Ben you don’t know many adoptive army children that get you?

-Ben asks Jubilee some questions and Jubilee shares some extremely sad and personal stuff


Received a rose? Yes


Cocktail Party:

-Our first Olivia face of the night!

-Olivia provides comfort like Jubilee exudes confidence

-Boy, Ben knows what to do when he sees a massage table

-Amber signed her own death warrant with that little stunt in front of Ben, lucky she already had a rose


Lace: (left on her own)

Lace bye


shushanna bye


 jami bye

My Top 3 for Ben:

Lauren B

Knocks Caila off from on top of the mountain!  This week I really thought Lauren B had a great date with Ben. I personally thought she would be rather boring, but she did good.  She’s also very attractive (thumbs up).


Caila…..Caila.  What are you doing?  Quit partaking in odd crying/talking conversations over a guy you’ve known for 3 weeks and get in the game.  You by far have the best personalty and smile of the bunch, you should get an automatic rose every week based on that alone.  Now get up and take down the Toe Queen Olivia.


Attractive, not dramatic, and smart.  Becca, like Caila, most likely could do nothing all week and still get a rose, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t do anything Becca!  Like Caila, get in the game!

Episode Thoughts:

Oh man, what a cringe worthy, fantastically awkward episode.  Jubilee basically writes these episodes for themselves.  I think we witnessed a strong front runner emerging and that’s Lauren B this week.  Besides her shy nature at times, she seems to have the whole package, which means she’s most likely the one who is going have the crazy parents.

Unless the show just cut what he said, was anybody else shocked at Ben saying and doing literally nothing when Lace was explaining how she isn’t good enough for….herself????  That was awful and heartbreaking and Ben’s like “Okay, see ya Lace!”  I’m going to give Ben the benefit of the doubt and assume that some footage was cut out.  Until next week!

Your Thoughts:

Favorite Hot Mess: Lace or Jubilee?


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