The Bachelor: “Week 4: Las Vegas”

The Bachelor: “Week 4: Las Vegas”

A recap and review of The Bachelor: “Week 4: Las Vegas”

week 4

Week 4, where we begin to separate the “who’s that chick”s from the good lord get this bia off this show immediately!!!!!

1 on 1 Date with JoJo


Activity: Helicopter ride (of course), dinner, fireworks


-Producers note: Get a heavier table or less powerful helicopter

-Back at the mansion, date card time

-When you don’t get the date card:

olivia blanket

-JoJo kept mentioning a “they” with her last relationship, did she date two guys at once?

-Ben’s clearly listening and not at all playing with your bracelet JoJo:

jojo bracelet

jojo bracelet 2

Received a rose? Yes


Group Date

Activity: “Talent” Show

Competition Winner: None


Gonna guess nipple tassels aren’t going to be in the plans Lauren H


talent 2

-At least Olivia wasn’t lying when she said she has no talent

-Don’t worry Olivia, at least one of the twins liked it…oh wait:

twin talent

-Anybody else feel like Caila would be the better news anchor than Olivia?  At the very least the better sex panther…right Ben?

-First nipple tassels, then “little/big Ben” Lauren H? Makes you wonder what she’s teaching those kindergartners back home

-Olivia is breaking down and it’s beautiful to watch

Rose Winner: Lauren B. (Woohoo)


1 on 1 Date with Becca


Activity: Marrying some peeps, Neon sign graveyard


-Jubilee is creepily obsessed with Becca’s virginity

becca real

-What the heck kind of kiss was that Asian couple?

-Ben confused on how this season is different than Chris’s season.  Might be one major difference BEN.


-Niiiiice “date” pun Becca, give yourself a laugh

Received a rose: Yes


Because you’re a twin 2 on 1 date extravaganza:


Activity: Hometown date?


walking dead

-Got dachshunds?

-Photos of the ex-boyfriends still up….yikes

-Damn Emily.  Remember world, there’s always an evil twin

-Don’t worry Haley, you still have your young lady aka your Mom

-Poor Haley

twin cry

-At least your sister is sad for you Haley…..

twin emily


Cocktail Party:

-Jennifer, when people cheer for you when you actually talk to Ben, you know you’ve got some confidence problems

-OH MY GOD Olivia the talent thing again??????

olivia hands

-Ben Higgins…reality star, or life coach?



amber bye


rachel bye

My Top 3 for Ben:


That’s what I was talking about last week Caila!  Strong performance from my favorite.  Therefore you get the top spot back.  Keep it up, just like Ben all over your face.

Lauren B

Back into the shadows goes Lauren B this week.  Still continues to be more outgoing as the episodes go on.


You totally thought you were getting proposed to didn’t you?  Come on Becs! You did, you did.  She did really well with Ben on her date, and of course the virginity thing came up.  Was handled well by both.

Episode Thoughts:

By far the best episode this season.  Watching the train wreck that is Olivia happen is pure gold.  Normally at this time I want the bia of the season off, but I was so glad that Ben kept her at the end.  Creep on creepin’ on Olivia.

Ben continues the trend of helping these women get their emotions out.  Comparing a conversation between Ben and Chris Soules with these women is like me challenging LeBron James to a basketball game.  Stand up job Ben.

Your Thoughts:

Caila is the best, end of argument.  You care to challenge me on that?

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