The Bachelor: “Week 5: Mexico City”

The Bachelor: “Week 5: Mexico City”

A recap and review of The Bachelor “Week 5: Mexico City”

week 5

We’re heading out of the good ole US of A this week.  Mexico City….here comes the Bachelor and his girlfriends.

1 on 1 Date with Amanda


Activity: 4:30 wake up call, balloon ride, picnic, dinner


-One of my favorite things to watch is when the bachelor goes into the rooms of the girls when they’re sleeping, the utter panic on their faces is priceless

-Wait a minute Amanda; you look like you’ve been awake for hours

-Olivia shares her view on kids:

olivia loves kids

-So far the conversations on this date aren’t showing promise for Amanda and Ben as a couple

-Hotel look in: group date is announced

-Olivia also shares her view on being named last

stop trying to make

-Transcript of conversation with Amanda and Ben:

“And then like he didn’t like want to like spend time with me, and he like wanted to spend time with his friends and like……like”

Received a rose? Like yes


Group Date #1

Activity: Clase de Espanol, cooking class


-Emily’s Spanish es no bueno

-Jubilee, say fun and happy in Spanish:

Jubilee no

-Thank god for Olivia’s play by play for this date

-Picking partners, the scariest thing ever in school.  Olivia and Jubilee taking it to the next level though by fighting over Ben Friends style:

man hit by truck

-So Olivia now has bad breath?  So cankles, bad cavles, ugly feet, and now bad breath?  I’m having trouble keeping up with Olivia’s misfortunes

-Okay so what in the world did the producers see in Jubilee in her pre-screening interview?  I can only imagine it went something like this:

(Producer) So do you want to be on TV?

(Jubilee) No

(Producer) Great, do you enjoy being around people?

(Jubilee) No

(Producer) Oh good, you’ll definitely like our show

(Jubilee) No

-So we learned today that if you can cook, you can get married.  This was the best advice since:

dodge a wrench

-So according to Olivia they have a connection, yet every time they have alone time they need to “reconnect”…..que?

-In all honesty, Ben does a really good job of going out of his way to have time with the girls, something I feel like you don’t see with other seasons

-Jubilee “It’s like he doesn’t even know I’m here”…..Ben “Hey Jubilee can we go talk somewhere”….this girl….

-According to JoJo, there exists a fun and bubbly Jubilee???

shocked jubilee

-Oh snap, Ben sends Jubilee home??!?!?!?!  Dude is a pro at being the bachelor

-Ben struggled to get out the words to the other girls about sending Jubilee home.  Here Ben, let me help you:


gots to go

Competition Winner: Lauren B and Jubilee

Rose Winner: Olivia 🙁


1 on 1 Date with Lauren H.

Lauren H

Activity: Fashion Week


-I know we have Olivia face already, but Lauren H face is strong as well:

lauren H face

-What, no red solo cups around Ben?


-Lauren H: “I don’t want to be put in the friend zone”…….too late

-“You can choose to be either sad or happy” ….that’s deep Lauren H

-Honest man thoughts: I actually really like Lauren H after this date

Received a rose? Si


Cocktail Party:

-Can’t count how many times the words “like” and “life” were used tonight

-Olivia at this cocktail party:

digging grave

-There’s always that contestant that has no chance, but takes the bullet for the rest of the group by bad mouthing the bia of the group…..thanks Emily!

-What was that filth coming out of your mouth Olivia?

fuck at



jubilee bye

-Hold up Jubilee, you can’t just be more unlovable than Ben


to be continued


My Top 3 for Ben:


My fave was really nowhere to be found this week.  But I still have faith….up until I saw that promo for next week!!!!! (more on that in a bit)

Lauren B

Like Caila, Lauren B was basically nowhere to be found this week in Week 5.  A few comments there, a few dirty looks toward Olivia there.  But besides that, pretty low key.  Still think she’s great for Ben though.

Lauren H

Holy moly, where did you come from?  Girl was prepared for her one on one date.  Just when we think it’s time for her to go home, she opens up and lets Ben into her past life in Week 5.  I really liked Lauren H in this episode.

Episode Thoughts:

Broken record, meet this website.  I know I’ve said this many a time already, but Ben is the real deal as far as the bachelor goes.  The guy has basically handled every situation to perfection.  For our viewing and enjoyment sakes, let’s hope he screws up soon 🙂

NOW, that damn preview for next week’s episode seemed to leave out a few people, one being Olivia, who in NO WAY is going home this week, and my poor, sweet, innocent, beloved, and amazing Caila.  What is the show trying to pull here?  I mean we even saw Leah for goodness sakes.  Who is Leah? Exactly!!!!

This had better be just clever editing……or else we strike!


Your Thoughts:

We don’t see Olivia, Caila, or Jennifer in next week’s preview.  Who got booted?


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