The Bachelor: “Week 6: Bahamas”

The Bachelor: “Week 6: Bahamas”

A recap and review of The Bachelor: “Week 6: Bahamas”

week 6

Week 6, where did the time go?  Our bachelor and his girlfriends headed to the Bahamas this week where we experienced joy, sadness, and mostly joy.  Looking at you Olivia.

Last Week’s Cocktail Party Continued:

-Olivia says she has trouble connecting with the girls because she enjoys reading and thinking…..LOL I got nothing

-Olivia also has a message for the other girls:

come at me bro



jennifer bye

1 on 1 Date with Caila


Activity: Deep sea fishing, dinner, Leah commentary


-Leah did some bitching about not getting the 1 on 1 date.  I don’t blame her.  I love me some Caila, but at least give Leah a chance Ben

-How romantic!

kiss fish

-Me listening to Leah during this 1 on 1 date:


-So Caila tells Ben that she loves him and then also tells him that she’s probably going to break his heart…

-Ben, while feeling completely and utterly confused, is falling more and more for Caila

-This whole date:

confused girl

Back at the hotel:

-The 2 on 1 date is announced and it’s Emily vs Olivia.  OHHHHHHH SNAP

-Ben was mentioning emotional roller coasters earlier….this whole date was literally one giant roller coaster

-Ben might feel validation from this date, but I have no idea what just happened

Received a rose? Yes


Group Date

Activity: Boat trip, pig swimming


-Holy crap, those pigs are no joke

-Wow this date got real.  That conversation with JoJo was so normal about this whole process

-Just got even more real with Leah calling out Ben for not giving her a 1 on 1 date

Back at the hotel:

-We get the 2 on 1 poem and Olivia is planning on going on this date with her daughter apparently

-So Leah decides to warn Ben about Oliv….wait Lauren B?  What is happening?

mind blown

-Ben of course immediately brings up what Leah said to Lauren B and of course it’s awkward

Rose Winner: Amanda


Imaginary 1 on 1 Date with Leah

-Oh this is totally happening; this is going to be awful

-Leah “I’m not here to sabotage”……ugh really?

-Ben: “I’ll walk you out”…….straight savage Ben, I love it


2 on 1 Date with Olivia and Emily


Activity: Hurricane



jonah hill happy

-Olivia: “Deep intellectual things are my jam”

jim really gif

-After Olivia telling Ben she loved him….Emily….dead twin walking

-With Emily selling herself and Olivia around, Ben and Emily’s conversation is more like an episode of Shark Tank

-Oh okay Ben…go off and give Olivia the rose….waaaaaaait what….sending Olivia home…..

ross jump


Rose Winner: Emily


Cocktail Party:

-Lauren H sounds like she’s describing this whole process to one of her kindergartners

-Cocktail Party CANCELLED



leah bye


south africa, great white shark charging at surface w/ mouth open carcharodon carcharias e-1108

Lauren H

lauren H face


My Top 3 for Ben:


Ben likes Caila so much that he doesn’t even have to understand her at all.  Did any of us understand her at all this week?  Either way, she is still my favorite.


Leah must have been that convincing for me to drop Lauren B out of my rankings….just kidding.  I think like Caila, Becca has the most to offer Ben.  She’s not as outgoing and she really hung back on the group date, but she’s too much of a catch to pass up.


I’ve always liked JoJo.  In fact she would probably be 4th every week leading up to his week if I did a Top 4.  But she’s finally back in the rankings.  I loved her “real” conversation with Ben in the ocean.  I also love the way she came off as like “I’m not going to drool all over you because you’re the Bachelor” type attitude.

Episode Thoughts:

Boy, wow, holy crap, what the hell, did that just happened in Week 6?  I mean Jennifer leaving??? Who ever would’ve predicted that?  Oh I guess Olivia got booted too.  Part of me thought maybe she was gone due to the usual editing by the show with Emily looking like a sure bet to leave, but I still can’t believe it.  I mean Ben gave Olivia a rose every chance he could seemed like.  I guess word to the wise, no literally word to the wise, don’t say “LOVE” too soon.

So for the “upcoming this season” video they played tonight in Week 6, there were two moments that stuck out to me….1) Emily gets to meet Ben’s parents sounds like and 2) The phone call Ben makes in which looks like the season finale and right before a proposal.  I truly think that the first is that Ben’s parents will come into this show much sooner than the 2nd to last episode like they’ve done in the past.  So in my opinion, cheap editing parlor tricks.  As for #2, who in the world is Ben talking to?  The voice didn’t sound familiar to me.  But I do like this theory that I heard by none other than my wonderful wife…..what if he’s calling Haley?

I mean they oddly show Emily calling Haley a lot.  The first time would be interesting since Haley was on the show, but it seems like she talks with her a lot and the show shows them talking a lot.  But I honestly can’t even fathom Emily winning this season.  I don’t mind her that much, but Ben really lucked out with a great group of girls.  It is very possible though that he’s calling Haley to tell her that he’s about to propose to her sister.  Boy would that be a curve ball.

Your Thoughts:

Who do you think Ben is calling on the phone in the preview video?

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