The Bachelor: “Week 7: Warsaw, Indiana”

The Bachelor: “Week 7: Warsaw, Indiana”

A recap and review of The Bachelor: “Week 7: Warsaw, Indiana”

week 7

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The ladies get whisked away to the magical land of Indiana for Week 7.  Can’t believe this is the first time The Bachelor used Indiana as a weekly destination???  And we’re off like the Indy 500:

  • Ben sits down with his parents at Luke’s Diner, where wi-fi, cell phones, and progress is prohibited, and discusses each of the women

1 on 1 Date with Lauren B.

Lauren B

Activity: Tour of Warsaw, IN….basketball youth center….dinner


  • Lauren B. likes herself some quarterbacks
  • Is it me or is Lauren B. not really fun?
  • Ronnie is my new hero
  • Ben’s already counseled these women this season, why not a small child too
  • Ben and Lauren B. just couldn’t wait till they left the youth center?

youth center

  • I’m sort of getting this weird vibe from Lauren B. all of a sudden.  Maybe Leah was somewhat right about her?
  • According to Ben, his favorite spot to take a date….. “the local dive bar”….his words not mine


1 on 1 Date with JoJo


Activity: Windy City visit


  • So is every date going to be based on every sport that Ben played?
  • Back at the house, we learn the group date will be Amanda, Becca, and Caila
  • That face you make when you’re happy for your friend, but you’re 100% jealous:

caila happy

  • Ben took full advantage of being home and raided his father’s closet:

ben garb

  • JoJo says she gives 150% to her relationships….JoJo thinks pretty highly of herself
  • JoJo: “I’m more on team Ben than I’ve ever been”….is there another choice of team?


Group Date

Activity: Boating, barns, McDonald’s, carnival



super stoked

  • When the group dates get to this many people, they are just awful to watch.  No drama, no relationship growing…..just pain and agony
  • Maybe the show doesn’t show her being involved, but Becca seems like she wants no part of participating in group dates…usually pouting on the sidelines like Cam Newton in the Super Bowl
  • I think Juan Pablo has a better chance of being The Bachelor again than Becca does at winning Ben’s heart

juan pablo

  • Something tells me Caila has used the “I am moss and I’m looking for the perfect tree” more than once in her life
  • Amanda gets the rose and more time with Ben…..Caila and Becca get to leave


  • Congrats Amanda, you get to participate in a paid McDonald’s advertisement

Rose Winner: Amanda

1 on 1 Date with Emily




  • Ben….the swan whisperer
  • Emily acting like she’s in a job interview and she’s not qualified
  • Ben’s mom scares me

bens mom

  • This whole thing is so cringe worthy
  • I get that Emily is a little immature, but Ben and his parents act like she’s 10 years younger than him
  • Ben: “I just don’t see you being my wife”…..damn that’s cold
  • So a 1 hour conversation with your parents and you’re completely ready to send Emily home Ben?  I think this is the first time Ben did a very poor job this season
  • This the best group of remaining girls I can ever remember on this show. I feel like they genuinely care about each other



emily bye


becca bye

My Top 3 for Ben:


Still my top pick for Ben, but I’m nervous for my favorite software sales rep….sorry Ben.  I figured she would make the home town dates, and from what the preview showed, she might have had the most normal family….always bodes well in home town dates week.


JoJo still has yet to open up, but I won’t dock her points for that.  I still think she’s got a lot to offer.  She’s attractive, smart, and doesn’t say whatever Ben wants to hear.  I would have no problem with her winning Ben’s heart.

Only ranking these two, because quite frankly I just don’t care for Lauren B. or Amanda.

Episode Thoughts:

In Week 7 our Bachelor slipped up in my opinion.  He took the contestant in last place (yes this is a competition) to visit his parents.  Ben….did you really need your parents to meet the person you have the least amount of time and connection with so far?  Let’s also not forget his articulate goodbye:

Ben: “We all think you’re a really great person, my parents loved you”

Ben: “You’re not wife material”

Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Are we missing a sentence or two in between those two points Ben?  Help these women connect the dots a little easier before sending them home….Chris Soules was master at failing at this.  I’ve always thought the Bachelorettes were much better at this than the Bachelors….breaking news right?

My final prediction for who Ben ends up with this season:

pontoon boat

Am I right?  That guy jumped in that pontoon boat any chance he could.  Especially when he said goodbye to Emily.  You could see him contemplating whether to go into the house or to re-enter his lake-destroying stallion and enjoy the icy cold waters of an Indiana Fall.

So we’re getting down to the very end, which means two things: 1) We’ll soon find out who Ben proposes to and 2) Who will be the next Bachelorette.  Personally I think the writing is on the wall that it’s Becca.  They showed us a lot of heartbreak these last couple of episodes, but also steered clear of showing any drama from her as well.  So for a serious prediction…..the next Bachelorette will be Becca.

Your Thoughts:

Who do you think will be the next Bachelorette?


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