The Bachelorette: “The Men Tell All” – JoJo’s Season

The Bachelorette: “The Men Tell All”

A recap and review of The Bachelorette: “The Men Tell All”


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  • Chad…..just like Lord Voldemort:


  • This upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise looks absolutely lit
  • Good, Alex got no love from the crowd….as it should be
  • Loved Luke’s comments about being an adult marine and not a child like Alex
  • Wells with me on the Voldemort/Chad comparison!!!!

Hot Seat: Chad



  • Grant needs to quit interrupting the Chad Show
  • I’m sorry apparently “Daryl” needs to quit interrupting the Chad Show
  • I’m loving every second of this, please don’t bring on anybody else….this is amazing
  • Chad’s quick wit astounds me, his humor is everlasting and ridiculously original.  Can I please meet this guy???
  • Finally Nick lives up to my Head shot Prediction of “Guy who doesn’t take shit from the dick head”…only took 8 weeks!
  • An Ali sighting!
  • Holy shit, Evan actually pushed Chad!!!


  • Okay Wells, we get it….you know the media

Hot Seat: Luke



  • Watching Luke’s reaction to being sent home still makes me cringe.  He is basically shaking
  • Chris Harrison: “Are you ready to fall in love Luke?” aka “Do you want to be the Bachelor?”

Hot Seat: Chase



  • Love how they cut out JoJo leaving and thinking for awhile before telling Chase she doesn’t love him
  • I still can’t believe Chase is confused as to why he was sent home

Hot Seat: JoJo

JoJo Contestant Pic


  • Oh man, it’s always so awkward at “The Men Tell All” when the last couple of contestants like Luke and Chase are there and are hoping SOOOOO much that the Bachelor/Bachelorette will all of a sudden tell them they made a mistake
  • But alas, that never happens and JoJo looks super happy not to be with either of you:


  • Okay show, let’s move on from Luke and Chase….they are both going to be boring and nice because they are the favorites for The Bachelor
  • James Taylor….just stop talking


  • That’s better
  • Oh damn Chad, dude is really trying hard for his own reality show
  • Vinnie’s mom is exactly how I envisioned Vinnie’s mom….if I were to ever envision Vinnie’s mom
  • Oh, Vinnie’s mom’s skit is still going on, how great
  • JoJo got off easy, but she also deserved to.  She did a pretty good job this season, even if Chase is still struggling with why he was sent home

Absolute Final Winner Prediction:


Robby is okay, but JoJo is the type of girl that won’t be able to say no to Jordan’s…..well everything.  They’ve had a great connection from the beginning and besides some of her “feelings”, there really haven’t been any red flags….save that creepy football picture from last week.  And dammit! JoJo will get her day with Aaron and Olivia Munn!

Absolute Final Bachelor Prediction:


HAHA…it never gets old!!!!!



Okaayyyyy, here is the real prediction:


It’s going to be Luke.  Book it.  Chase is somehow more boring than Luke, which is quite the accomplishment.  That awful breakup and the way the audience reacted to him, yup it’s him.  Not to mention he was completely on his best behavior the whole time…..just like Caila….oh wait.

Your Thoughts:

What are your predictions for winner and the next Bachelor?


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