The Bachelorette: “Week 2: ESPN’s BachelorNation”

The Bachelorette: “Week 2: ESPN’s BachelorNation”

A recap and review of The Bachelorette: “Week 2: ESPN’s BachelorNation”


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Week 2 of this season of The Bachelorette or also known as “The Story of a Man and his Meats”.  And now… “Man Thoughts” for this week’s episode:


Group Date #1

Activity: Firefighting


  • JoJo is definitely the hottest firefighter I’ve ever seen
  • Isn’t Grant a firefighter?  This is a tad unfair

Back at the house:

  • Chad uses his luggage to weight lift…..I use my luggage to carry all of my alcohol for a vacation
  • Chad: “These guys are like really worn out looking high school kids……”

confused girl

Back to the date:

  • Grant, the firefighter, wins the firefighting competition
  • As Grant carries JoJo into the sunset….we continue to see things on fire….why are things still on fire?!?!?!?
  • Luke: “It feels awful that I have to watch Grant talk about saving JoJo today”…..ugggggh bruh none of that was real

Back at the house:

  • Derrick gets the 1 on 1 date card….Jordan is less than thrilled:


Back to the date:

  • JoJo and Wells look at pictures of Wells’s life…..JoJo: “Woah I didn’t even see this picture of you with the beanie….that’s hot”……said by any girl ever?
  • JoJo was was impressed by Luke’s effort in the competition:


Rose Winner: Wells

  • Wells did a great job being pathetic on this date… strategy


1 on 1 Date: Derek


Activity: San Francisco Choose Your Own Adventure Thingy


  • The fact that JoJo referred to her car as a “whip” just made me like her that much more
  • Not gonna lie….wish I could pull off half of what this date had with my wife
  • Why wasn’t the Tanner household a stop on this date???? Minus points

Back at the house:

  • Chad: “I always say stay away from the nice guys”…..(I mean he’s comedy gold)


  • Chase: “I’ve come to realize not to consider anything that comes out of Chad’s mouth”….Yes and yes
  • Derek and JoJo are enjoying a nice dinner… of course let’s bring up Ben Higgins:


Received a rose? Yes


Group Date #2

Activity: ESPN’s BachelorNation


  • ESPN for a date, are you kidding me????  Mrs. Sullywood, take notes
  • I can’t even comprehend what Chad says
  • Chad refers to JoJo as “needy”…live look in on Chad:

digging grave

  • Chad: “I feel like everyone is in the house for the wrong reasons”……that’s a lot people here for the wrong reasons



  • Chad is ranked #2 by the hosts???? Stop it ESPN….just stop it
  • Chad…..might have a lot of history with “kissing ass”
  • JoJo: “I do think Chad is overcompensating for something”


  • JoJo and Chad kissing got me like:


Rose Winner: James Taylor…..and not Chad


Cocktail Party:

  • Alex: “Winter is Coming”……Game of Thrones and The Bachelorette?  My dream come true!
  • Lunch meat has never been more interesting until this episode
  • Chad: “JoJo can I cut in?”……JoJo: “Just give me a few seconds” (I’ve never in my life seen the Bachelor or Bachelorette say that to the person cutting in):


  • Chad eventually got his time with JoJo…again:



  • But poor Evan isn’t so lucky and gets interrupted by Chad….don’t you feel like Evan is the type of guy that gets soaked by passing cars going through puddles of water….daily?



James S.







My Top 3 for JoJo:


Jordan stood back a bit in this episode, but that was probably a good thing with crazy Chad running around.  You can already tell that Jordan isn’t planning on taking any of Chad’s shit.  Get him Aaron Rodgers’s brother!


Wells….making pathetic work since 2016.  His awful showing at the firefighting competition paid off.  He was able to use it to his advantage with JoJo to perfection.  I’ve liked Wells from the beginning, and I still do.


Derek has been nothing but good so far.  His date went about as well as you could hope for in a first date and he obviously got a rose…so that’s something.

Episode Thoughts:

I’m still in shock with JoJo telling a contestant “No” when they came to interrupt her time with another contestant in “Week 2”.  I mean come on, that’s one of the most aggravating occurrences in this show and off the top of my head I’ve never seen Bachelor or Bachelorette deny the other contestant.  A+++++ for you JoJo!

Well, if you’re into this show for the romance and watching the connections grow….you’re going to have to wait until the Chad circus leaves town.  ABC will continue to have the camera rolling on our favorite meat lover until he’s kicked off or the more likely scenario….he wins the season….I tried to keep a straight face while typing that.

Some great drama so far….feel like this is another show I watch….The Bachelor.  Listen though, Chad is a total d-bag and was my pick for “d-bag of the season” before Week 1 even aired, but you have to admit that his jokes at the end of “Week 2” about the other guys were hilarious.  It’s as if this isn’t Chad’s first time being a d-bag….shocking right?

Until next week fellow Bachelorette watchers….where we get 2 episodes!  Ah man, for me that’s like getting twice the homework from your teacher.

Your Thoughts:

Is Chad the biggest d-bag in this show’s history?


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