The Bachelorette: “Week 3, Pt. 1: Sex Talk”

The Bachelorette: “Week 3, Pt. 1: Sex Talk”

A recap and review of the Bachelorette: “Week 3, Pt. 1: Sex Talk”


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I’m not sure I’ve ever LOL’d or gasped so many times in a TV episode ever.  Thanks Chad!  Now onto my “Man Thoughts” and the reasons why I this week’s episode was can’t miss TV.

1 on 1 Date: Chase


Activity: Hot Yoga


  • Yoga instructor yelling “hey”…..I can’t even
  • Yelling, hitting, screaming….this yoga instructor would be perfect for Chad!

Back at the house:

  • That’s not the only intimate workout going on:


Back to the date:

  • This yoga shit is creepy as hell….it makes people flat out disappear!


  • 10 seconds later:


  • Chase: “In this journey, how can I help you remember this moment”….that might be the best question I’ve ever heard a guy ask on this show….bravo
  • JoJo: “Now that dinner is over, I’ve got a surprise for you.  We’re going to go dance and listen to a band/singer you’ve never heard of!”


Received a rose? Yes

Back at the house:

  • Chad thinks this is a game show or something:


  • Well that was awesomely awkward after the date was announced
  • What if Evan is some mastermind that is just trying to frame Chad?



Group Date: “10 guys, 1 douche bag, me, 1 girl” – per Alex

Activity: Sex Talks


  • Not everybody was excited about Sex Talks:


  • And Evan is choosing to use Chad in his stories….shockingly Alex doesn’t have a problem with this
  • Daniel was able to get even creepier with his haircut story
  • As an avid watcher of Game of Thrones, I haven’t been as nervous all season like I was for Evan’s story using Chad
  • Note to selves’ guys….Chad goes from psycho to super psycho very quickly
  • Chad is such a bully, that door did nothing to him
  • Friend Zone tip #1: Do not allow a silly nickname to stick…looking at you Nick….I mean “Santa” apparently
  • So the door wasn’t enough Chad….had to go after the chair too?


  • Evan calls out Chad again…..and then this happened for a good 3 minutes I think





  • Chad’s explanation of his and Evan’s altercations:


Back at the house:

  • James T or Taylor…the damn P Diddy of the house….gets the next 1 on 1
  • Luke promised to cry in a corner if he didn’t get it….pay up Luke!

Back to the date:

  • JoJo: “It felt really good to see Chad be vulnerable”…..Chad: “He bullied a bully”…..que?
  • Chad: “Stupid Evan…dude from Fifth Element”….in case you’re lost, this is Chad’s actually hilarious comparison of Evan to Gary Oldman in The Fifth Element:



Gary Oldman from The Fifth Element:


Rose Winner: Evan


1 on 1 Date: James T

James Taylor

Activity: Dancing


  • I’ve never wanted a 1 on 1 date over so quickly….more Chad!….sorry James Taylor

Back at the house:

  • This guy is supposed to stop Chad?


Back to the date: (Do we really have to?)

  • James is way too excited about this dancing
  • Not sure if he’s her type, but I like James Taylor’s attitude and vibe

Back at the house: (Yes!)

  • Who the frick eats a sweet potato like that?


  • Daniel’s advice to Chad: “Maybe not be like Hitler…or Trump”….this is comedy gold

Back to the date:

  • JoJo with the “I’m not sure we have the chemistry” regarding James T…..

cut throat

  • We are then treated to James doubting his looks…Girls love that kind of…..confidence

Received a rose?: Yes

  • Evan….you are really going to Chris Harrison?  Come on man…move on, you have a rose

End of Part 1


My Top 3 for JoJo:



Episode Thoughts:

Chad….Chad…and Chad.  I love every second that Chad graces us with this presence in “Sex Talk”.  This is pure gold.  Please JoJo…..don’t send him home!

Okay, now for the more serious analysis.  With all this Chad greatness, I feel like we hardly know any of the guys.  Well there is no way he makes it past tomorrow’s Part 2, so no need to panic.

In other news, Chase (who I chose as my winner based off of his head shot) had a really great date and might find himself in my Top 3 at the end of Part 2….lucky him right?

Can’t wait for this pool party!  Gonna be epic!

Your Thoughts:

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