The Bachelorette: “Week 6: Argentina Countryside”

The Bachelorette: “Week 6: Argentina Countryside”

A recap and review of The Bachelorette: “Week 6: Argentina Countryside”


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  • Alex….all you’ve wanted is a 1 on 1 date and when you finally get one you say “I’ll take it”

1 on 1 Date: Alex


Activity: Gauchoing


  • Alex’s go to freestyle line is for JoJo to “go to the liquor store”
  • “Look wheat….look at those trees JoJo”…So does Alex’s “game” consist of pointing out foliage and talking about it?
  • If things don’t work out with JoJo….I think Alex definitely has a future as a horse jockey
  • This gaucho horse whispering is awesome….I’d rather watch the gaucho do his thing than watch Alex painfully try and connect with JoJo
  • That poor horse:


Back on the bus:

  • The other guys arrive at their hotel and are super excited to have a hot tub that they can use….full of guys
  • So James T missed the Express for Men memo:


Back to the date:

  • JoJo and Alex have some dinner and are joined by a random dog.  Is it me or have there been a lot of random dogs around this season?
  • It’s always a good sign when you tell a girl you’re falling in love with her and she reciprocates with dead silence:








  • Bye bye Alex
  • Wipe those tears JoJo, it’s only Alex

1 on 1 date: Jordan


Activity: Grape smashing and foot wine drinking


  • You’re not gonna drink that foot wine are yooo…yes you are


Back at the house:

  • The messenger tree stump, which has replaced Chris Harrison, is back with another date card….Luke gets the last 1 on 1

Back to the date:

  • JoJo and Jordan are sitting down for dinner…which means at least one conversation about Jordan’s character will come up
  • After all the Aaron Rodgers’ brother thing….Jordan and Aaron aren’t even close?????


Group Date:

Activity: Food, lots of drinks, massage train, Pictionary


  • Drinking and games????….This is my kind of date
  • Don’t worry Robby…we’ve all been there:


  • James Taylor is bringing out the big guns with his Robby jabs….and I’m loving every second of it
  • This date is awesome, mainly because it’s been a date of just day drinking which has caused some awesome drunk conversations and interviews
  • Who is a front runner in this room?


Rose winner: Robby

1 on 1 Date: Luke


Activity: Horsies


  • So we’re doing horses again? K
  • Looks like Luke downloaded all the information he needed to ride horses and shoot guns
  • Oh good, it’s that time of the date where we listen to Luke’s thoughts on life:





James T


Episode Thoughts:

I miss Chad…anybody else miss Chad?  These guys are boring me to death and “Week 6: Argentina Countryside” was no different.  I mean the day drinking and games date was fun as hell, especially with JoJo clearly slurring her words a bit with her 1 on 1 conversation with Robby.  Speaking of Robby, he’s coming off a little annoying all of a sudden, am I right?

So shockingly we had a week where JoJo didn’t bring up to Jordan something about his character.  But that didn’t stop the guys from talking about Jordan again.  Once again though, the man did nothing wrong all episode.  You know who does look like they do something wrong next episode???? ROBBY

In the preview for next week’s episode it looks like Robby gets in some hot water over some rumors about him and his ex-girlfriend.  This could get very interesting or….it could be nothing but show hype.  This kind of happened to JoJo last season with Ben.  This big build up to her ex-boyfriend still being in her life and then it really didn’t effect Ben’s feelings for her in the end.

Finalists Prediction:



Like last week, I’m sticking with all of my predictions.  Just watching tonight’s episode, I seemed to count multiple times on their dates where JoJo and both men just seemed to have a much better connection than the rest.  I think Robby’s drama next week doesn’t effect the ultimate outcome and it’s going to be down to these 2 men.

Bachelor Prediction:


I think at the end of the day, the question marks around Jordan will get to JoJo and she’ll send Jordan home.  But as I’ve stressed all season, the show hasn’t exploited the drama involving Jordan, which leads me to believe that the show plans on using him in the near future.  One thing to keep in mind, Jordan did just accept a position with ESPN to do some football commentary, is that a sign that he isn’t the next Bachelor?

Your Thoughts:

 Who would make the best Bachelor out of the group remaining?


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