Sullywood’s The Bachelorette: Head Shot Awards – JoJo’s Season

Sullywood’s The Bachelorette: Head Shot Awards – JoJo’s Season

I did this with Ben’s season, so why the heck would I not continue this beautiful piece of writing with JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette!!!


The Sullywood Head Shot Awards are a chance for me to make predictions using my manly thoughts about the contestants for the upcoming season of either The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.  To be honest, I felt a little more obligated to behave with the women’s head shots for Ben’s season.  I don’t feel that obligation with JoJo’s group of men.  Let the fun begin!!!!

The Contestants:

Alex Ali Brandon Chad Chase Christian Coley Daniel Derek Evan Grant Jake James F. James S. James Taylor Jonathan Jordan Luke Nick B. Nick S. Peter Robby Sal Vinny Wells Will

Oh wow, the crowd is really excited for this season’s awards:


Without further adieu, the Head Shot Awards for JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette!

Most Attractive Contestant:

WOAH! Ah well…ummm geee….gosh I dont know…..Well if I absolutely have too….I guess I’d choose….to bring in a celebrity judge instead……Mrs. Sullywood to the rescue!


Mrs. Sullywood: Tall, built, great eyes, nice smile

Sullywood: Okay calm down

Cutest Contestant:


Mrs. Sullywood: He looks sweet and kind and….nice

Sullywood: He’s probably a serial killer

D-Bag of the Season:


This was just too easy.  I had this award picked out from the start.  Like Lace, I’m sorry Chad but as a wise man once said, pictures never lie….unless they’re Photoshopped

The Take No Shit from the D-Bag Contestant:

Nick B.

Nick B. just screams….I want to be Captain America!!! He won’t let Chad push people around and he’ll be there to back everyone up….and while he focuses all of his energy on that….JoJo will send him home

Looks Like His Own Name Contestant:


I mean are you kidding me?  If a “Vinny” was a noun and you looked up what a “Vinny” was in a dictionary….this head shot would be front and center.  Please please please have a trashy New York accent as well!

The Friend Zone Award:


To me Sal looks like a great friend.  Looks sincere and that he’d be a good listener.  My prediction though is that he’s too good of a listener and finds himself in…

Friend Zone Twilight

Who is that Guy Award?:

James F.

The award given out to the contestant where we’re halfway through the season and you go…..”Who the shit is that????”  Sorry James F., but you look like you’ll stay out of trouble, as well as not get noticed by a single soul on the show.

First Impression Rose Prediction:

James S.

James looks like he dresses nice and would give a heck of a good first impression.  Kind eyes and a nice smile too….what are you waiting for JoJo…give the man a rose!  I’m rolling with James S.

Final 2:

Chase Jordan

These two lucky bastards just look like they have it all.  So why not JoJo’s heart?  They both look tall and they both have that spikey-party thing going on with their hair that is really in right now.  Plus with Jordan, once JoJo finds out he’s Aaron Rodgers’s brother, she’ll be more apt to keep him.  Oh and he’s an athlete himself?  Yup



Jordan seems like the Ari of this season.  He’s sporty and isn’t too shabby as far as looks go.  With that being said, I think Jordan also falls short and Chase takes the crown for JoJo’s love!

And there you have it….another Head Shot Awards is in the books!

t swift

Oh don’t worry TSwift….they’ll return for the next season of The Bachelor

t swift 2

Be sure to tune in this Monday, May 23rd for the premiere of Season 12 of The Bachelorette!  I’ll post my “Man Thoughts” on the first episode the day after, including grades for every limo introduction.  Let the journey begin!

Your Thoughts:

What are your predictions based on the head shots alone?


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