The Bachelorette: “Week 4: Uruguay”

The Bachelorette: “Week 4: Uruguay”

A recap and review of The Bachelorette: “Week 4: Uruguay”


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Chad finds new love with a window and we’re all terrified to go into the woods in fear of running into a wild chad.  Now on to this week’s episode


  • Is it me or are these guys happy Chad’s gone?
  • A cake for Chad’s departure? That’s impressive

Cocktail Party

  • Robby’s relationship is miles ahead of the other guys according to Robby.  Robby shouldn’t listen to Robby
  • James F finally getting in on the action with his….poem



  • I love how these guys had no idea that there were going to still be d-bags left after Chad


James F

james bye



  • These guys are so incredibly jealous of Jordan it’s not even funny

1 on 1 Date: Jordan


Activity: Swimming with seals


Back at the house:

  • The guys are being introduced to their first tabloid…and it’s going swimmingly
  • So JoJo’s ex’s name is Chad?  The name Chad is very important this season

Back to the date:

  • JoJo finally explains to us why she’s been skeptical of Jordan since the beginning….that information would’ve made more sense 2 episodes ago JoJo!!!!



  • If he really didn’t cheat, than the being obsessed with his football career thing makes total sense

After the date:

  • So now the producers are showing JoJo the tabloids
  • JoJo “Why are you showing me this?”….because these producers are puppet master life ruiners!

At the spa:

  • What the hell is going on?


Group Date

Activity: Sand Surfing


  • Sand surfing, aka the 5th attempt on Evan’s life this season
  • If Luke doesn’t end up with JoJo, I think he would be a perfect match for Siri


  • I like Derek, but the wining thing has gotta stop
  • Yup I’m right…..Alex is the new Chad
  • Big goals for Alex: “Getting a group date rose has always been an ambition of mine”

Rose Winner: Derek


1 on 1 Date: Robby


Activity: A day on the town


  • From what I’ve seen of Robby so far….JoJo, go on the date with the dog instead

Back at the house:

  • Alex continues to be a tool
  • Alex “We’re done here”….how is it that I hate Alex more than Chad now?
  • Chad was at least funny….Alex has that Napoleon syndrome

Back on the date:

  • That story Robby told about his friend….yikes that’s awful
  • I like what I saw by the end of this date with Robby

Received a rose?: Yes


Cocktail Party Dos

  • I like you Derek, but man that really was bad timing
  • And that was a quick cocktail party









Episode Thoughts:

So do we have a new contender in the mix?  I think so.  This episode might have been the beginning of Robby becoming a serious threat this season.  There doesn’t seem to be any flaws or red flags with him, and his date went really well with JoJo.  Granted, saying “I love you” this early is crazy, even for this show, but JoJo seemed to love it.

So we finally learned why JoJo kept giving Jordan crap like “well I just don’t know about you” or “I like you but……”, and I’m still not sold.  JoJo likes Jordan a lot and I think she really was just being ultra careful because she probably feels the most for him.  As for the guys?  These dudes are plain and simple jealous of Jordan.  The guy looks like a model, used to be a pro football player, is brother’s with Aaron flippin’ Rodgers.  These guys secretly hate him, and it’s easy to see why.  But Jordan being there for the wrong reasons?  I’ve seen nothing to back that claim.

What I find odd about Jordan is that in this episode and the preview for future episodes, guys continue to say he’s not here for the right reasons.  But as an audience I can say with confidence that not one time has he come across as being an asshole or here for the wrong reasons, which means either the jealousy thing is in play or the show isn’t showing us that side of him.  Why wouldn’t they you ask?  Because I think Jordan is one of the final 2.

Can we talk about Alex now?  That guy is such a tool, and might be the biggest of the season….even bigger than the CHAD!  Chad might have been awful, but I’ll give him this, the man was funny as hell.  Alex is boring, and his little man complex is obvious and childish.  It’s only a matter of time though, JoJo wants no part of him.

My Top 3 for JoJo:


No need for an explanation other than I think he’s the real deal.


Wells, you need to do something, anything, and that does not include being the voice of reason for the rest of the guys.


Chase, you almost got bumped to second place until I saw the scene with you and Alex being bros against Derek.  I’m not mad Chase, I’m just disappointed.


Your Thoughts:

Is Jordan really there for the wrong reasons?


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