Netflix Original Series: Fuller House

Netflix Original Series: Fuller House

A review of the Netflix Original Series: Fuller House



D.J. Tanner-Fuller is a widow and mother of three. Things become too much to handle, so she asks for help from her sister Stephanie and her best friend Kimmy.

Sullywood Rating: 6/10

Expectations, expectations, expectations.  Did I mention expectations?  Okay, I’ll stop being annoying now and get to my point regarding Fuller House.  Remember when you were a kid in the 90’s and Full House was a “good” show?  Well flash forward a couple of decades later and you’ll notice how bad Full House is really is when you are an adult.  Is this a groundbreaking observation?  Not at all.  But just remember that when you are watching Fuller House for the first time.  You are an adult, and this show is for families.

But with that, Fuller House does provide enough adult humor for all and in fact when you mix in the nostalgia of the show’s predecessor, there is no reason Fuller House isn’t at least enjoyable for those same adults that loved Full House.

This show isn’t trying anything new, and it doesn’t have to.  It’s a family comedy, that throws us old millennials a bone here and there with references to the original show.  Are you going to love this how as an adult?  Most likely not.  Is this a show that would be great to watch with your kids?  Absolutely.  Go to town.

As far as the cast goes, the new comers are enjoyable and the older cast doesn’t miss a beat with their chemistry.  In fact, I was somewhat impressed that most of the women, who most hadn’t acted in years, still acted with ease and effectiveness.  Honestly, it was the older cast members that seemed awkward with their lines and chemistry.  Granted though, that might be the fact that they all tend to hop it at small moments here and there and it’s probably hard for them to get into a rhythm.  Which reminds me, if you are looking forward to watching Danny Tanner, Joey Gladstone, and Jesse Katsopolis every episode, fair warning, this show is definitely NOT about them.

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