Netflix Original Series: Love

Netflix Original Series: Love

A review of the Netflix Original Series Love



A program that follows a couple who must navigate the exhilarations and humiliations of intimacy, commitment and other things they were hoping to avoid.

Sullywood Rating: 7/10

Sometimes compelling and polarizing characters can make a show, and other times it can detract from it.  In the case of the Netflix’s original series Love, it’s the latter.

I could technically write this review in one sentence and you’ll know whether or not you’d like Love.  Here it is.  If you enjoy Judd Apatow and his many creations, you will enjoy Love. If you don’t enjoy Judd Apatow type things, you will most certainly not enjoy this.  Oh crap, that was two sentences wasn’t it?

While Love doesn’t have a ton of moments that stand out and you say “Wow”, the season as a whole is intriguing and the relationship between the two main characters is brought along almost perfectly in my opinion.  It was my belief and I’m sure many others felt the same, that watching a 10-episode season regarding one relationship would be boring and unsatisfying.  Especially since that’s the kind of moniker that non-Judd Apatow fans hang their hat on.  But I was proven wrong, and watching the relationship grow, develop, and evolve throughout the season was fairly enjoyable to watch.

Hey wasn’t this guy talking about characters just a second ago?  Oh yes he was….sorry.  Back to my first remark regarding polarizing characters.  Both Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust do a fantastic job as Mickey and Gus, and play to their characters strengths.  But for me, the character of Gus was much more appealing and fulfilling compared to his counterpart Mickey.  Watching Gus struggle through relationships and love is something we can relate to and sympathize with.  Gus is not a self-destructing person.  Mickey on the other hand, is the exact definition.  Which is why this show didn’t pull me in as much as I had hoped.

Mickey is frustrating.  Mickey is rude.  Mickey is most of the time….obnoxious.  I found myself rooting for Gus to move on at times, rather than getting together with Mickey….but also Gus, avoid Heidi as well.  Gus, with all of his nerdy charm and Woody Allen-type complaints about life, is what you love about the series.  Mickey is unfortunately the character you love.  Which makes love between these two people hard to get invested in.

One last thing.  A good comparison for this show would be Netflix’s other series Master of None.  They both have some of the same jokes about relationships, watching a budding relationship grow, odd and goofy characters.  But for as good as the comedy is for Master of None, the drama for Love isn’t up to par.

Either way this show is worth a look.

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