Netflix Original Series: Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Netflix Original Series: Marvel’s Jessica Jones

A review of the Netflix Original Series Marvel’s Jessica Jones

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A former super-heroine decides to reboot her life by becoming a private investigator.

Sullywood Rating: 7.5/10

No cape, no mask, no cheesy name?  What kind of superhero show is this????  Well, as much as the “Marvel” label will force you into thinking this is a superhero show, it really isn’t, and that’s fine by me.  Reason being, because this is one of the most fresh takes on a superhero that I can remember.

Jessica Jones is a former superhero turned private eye, who wants to forget about her past as much as she wants to plan for the future.  Jessica is fine where she’s at, as long as a certain someone stays away.  The show in itself presents it’s story in a way that mirrors something of a 50’s crime drama.  The music, the settings, Jessica Jones Confidential indeed.  What’s nice about what Jessica does though, is that she likes it.  Although her personality comes off as aloof and rude, she still has that superhero urge to do the right thing, and from what I can recall usually does the right thing most of the time.  As mentioned, she does seem happy doing the private eye thing.  That’s all well in good, except for that certain someone that needs to stay away doesn’t.

Not to spoil any details regarding the plot, but Jessica has history with our villain of the show, Kilgrave, or as he’s also known in the Marvel Universe as, The Purple Man.  Kilgrave is played by David Tennant, who is most widely known as being one of the Doctor Who doctors, and probably as Barty Crouch Junior from the Harry Potter movies.  He does a fabulous job of being both amusing and terrifying.  I can’t remember a villain whose power is so magnificent that he almost seems indestructible.  What power is that?  Mind control.  With the click of his tongue, he can order anyone, and I mean anyone to do anything, and I mean anything.  The different ways in which his powers are shown is quite creative and every time he does it, it’s a new and fresh take.

Enough about our villain, let’s go back to our hero, Jessica Jones.  Jones is played by Krysten Ritter, who in my opinion after watching this show, seems to be one of the most underrated and versatile actresses in television.  I’ve seen her in Gilmore Girls, Breaking Bad, Don’t Trust the B in…., and of course Jessica Jones.  Her character range is impressive and believable with every role.

So why the low score you ask?  I’m getting to that, calm down!  Okay I’m there.  If I would’ve stopped this show after 8 episodes, that score would’ve fully surpassed Daredevil and I would probably be drooling all over this review.  But the fact is, this season really ends on a rather drawn out and dull note, with the exception of it’s not so effective abrupt ending.  I often thought the same thing about Daredevil, but it wrapped up it’s first season far more effectively than did Jessica Jones.

This show was still entertaining as hell and it’s always refreshing to see a female superhero get the chance to have her own show or movie.  But I would temper expectations throughout the season.  I will say, when comparing this show to Daredevil, the supporting characters are much more intriguing and helpful to our superhero.  Mike Colter’s Luke Cage and Rachael Taylor’s Trish Walker provide Jessica with the right loyalty, effort, and muscle one could want from….let’s call them “sidekicks.”  While I tell you to temper your expectations about this show, I still fully endorse watching it from beginning to end.

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