Netflix Original Series: The Ranch

Netflix Original Series: The Ranch

A review of the Netflix Original Series The Ranch

The Ranch


The son of a Colorado rancher returns home from a semi-pro football career to run the family business.

Sullywood Rating: 5/10

Netflix….what happened?  There is always one thing I can count on as far as good shows are concerned, and that’s Netflix.  But it’s hard to be perfect, and Netflix is no longer perfect in my eyes when it comes to their original series.  The new Netflix original series The Ranch debuted and I can’t even comprehend that the minds who brought you many great shows like Two and a Half Men, would you bring you this big bag of…..disappointment.

You have the star power: Ashton Kutcher, Sam Elliott, Danny Masterson, Debra Winger, Elisha Cuthbert.  Yet the writers chose to create such a juvenile and lazy comedy show.  Most of the punch lines you see coming a mile away.  Half of the jokes feel like they were written for a sitcom back in 2007.  I mean jokes about Uggs? Paying bills on the internet?  Oh I forgot about the very modern and of course very original joke about quinoa.

The touching and feel good part of the show, which I think does work well with the comedy, is ruined by the constant dick jokes, herpes jokes, “booby” jokes.  Also, the word “fuck” was used often and seemed like the only reason was because they could.  If you want my opinion on who this show is for?? Show it to a group of high school kids and they’ll be clambering for The Ranch to sweep the Emmy’s.

I expected so much better out of Kutcher who I thought was passed playing the idiot character with no depth.  Sure his character has issues coping with not being the star quarterback anymore….figuring he’s 30 that shouldn’t be too hard to get over.  But overall, his character played by Kutcher himself is worn.  About as worn as you’ll be of Sam Elliott’s portrayal as the “back in my day” father to Ashton and Danny.

The one saving grace of this show is Danny Masterson’s hilarious sarcasm and jokes.  At times he will break up an emotional moment that you wish stayed serious longer, but for the most part his timing helps along an otherwise bland show.

Now, I’ve heard this show labeled as a “red-state comedy”.  Not to go down any sort of political path with this review, but I do agree with this label.  There are many jokes that a Conservative, Republican, or person from the country will die laughing at.  Regardless of my political views, this show is out of the norm as far as catering to the Conservative side vs the very dominant Hollywood-Liberal side we normally see in entertainment.  To be honest, I think out of being fair to the Conservative side, this show is a breath of fresh air.  Political correctness, as much as I hate the term, is thrown out the window and for this sitcom, there’s no harm done.

If you’re looking for comedy brilliance, steer verrrrry clear.  If you’re looking to put something on and laugh at things that you did when you were in high school or college….have at it.

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