American Horror Story – Season 4: Freak Show

American Horror Story – Season 4: Freak Show

A recap and review of American Horror Story – Season 4: Freak Show

freak show

Original Run: October 8, 2014 – January 21, 2015

No. of Episodes: 13

Season 4 Recaps:

Ep. 13 “Curtain Call”

curtain call

My Thoughts:

I believe like most, this season was disappointing mainly due to the potential of the theme, the characters, and the writing we’ve been privy to in the past.  But nothing this whole season seemed to make any sense.  There didn’t seem to be an end game or goal for our characters to achieve, with the exception of Elsa who wanted to be uber famous.  Every other season of AHS seemed to have a clear direction or at least an ideal resolution that you expected from it, but not Freak Show.

Every episode almost seemed like it was from Tales from the Crypt, new story, new ending, no real consequences.  I thought once again that Evan Peters was underused (not as bad as Coven where he is literally just a zombie after the 1st episode).  I found the character of Dell Toledo and his killing of Ma Petite quite maddening when we saw Maggie come to her sense and not kill her the episode before.  Also, not quite sure what he added to the show, and I mean both the TV show we are watching and the Freak Show in the actual story.

Speaking of the show itself, I wanted to see it performed way more often than it was.  I get there really weren’t paying customers, but watching them utilize their talents is one of the most intriguing aspects of using this theme, and it fell short. I thought the Twisty character was fantastic, and he was killed off way too early.  I’m not sure if the producers didn’t realize how much love the character would get, but if they did, very bad choice to kill off the fan favorite 4 episodes in.  I have to say, this was the first season where I found myself waiting for some of the episodes to end.  There really wasn’t anybody to root for, no white knights, no heroes, which I found so ironic that they played “Heroes” in the finale.  But maybe its supposed to be ironic?  I have no idea, ask Ryan Murphy, if he is still indeed with this project.

Many are wondering if this is indeed Lange’s last season with the horror anthology series she has been a part of since its first season back in 2011.  Many believe Lange is as crucial to AHS as fireworks are to the 4th of July.  Is that true? I suppose we’ll find out, but I firmly believe the show will go on and be fine.  That’s not a slight on Lange in the least bit. I’m truly not sure there is AHS: Asylum, Coven, or Freak Show without Lange’s fantastic performance as Constance in Murder House.  I will say though that Elsa Mars was by far the weakest character Lange has played in the series and there were some episodes I felt intrigued without her presence.  Mainly due to the fantastic performances of Paulson, Bassett, and this year’s MVP, Finn Wittrock.  I firmly believe he will be back next season, and if not, there will be many disappointed fans.


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