American Horror Story Ep. 10: “She Gets Revenge”

American Horror Story Episode 10: “She Gets Revenge”

A recap and review of American Horror Story Episode 10: “She Gets Revenge”

she gets revenge

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Sullywood Rating: 8/10

What We Learned:

  • Liz Taylor reflects on her life with Iris there to listen.  Liz Taylor is ready to “leave” the Hotel Cortez, Iris would like to join her….by leave I mean kill themselves
  • Liz Taylor receives the assistance of Miss Evers to contact her son and have him come and visit Liz, before Liz does herself in
  • John commits another murder, the commandment against false gods, only one commandment left
  • Natacha visits the Countess and Donovan visits Rudolph.  After some words, the Countess and Donovan pop caps in their foes….straight gangsta right there
  • March’s dream is that John will help him with his desires in the future, since March can only remain in the Hotel
  • John and Alex talk for the first time since in what seems like forever.  Alex tells John that the Countess is giving her one chance to fix the whole spawn of Satan group of children situation
  • Liz’s son joins her at the bar, seeming to not know that he is speaking with his father
  • Alex and John go back to the house where the children were.  The children surround them and John offers some help
  • The Countess speaks with the police regarding Drake’s disappearance.  As she is telling them the specifics, Will walks in, and the police leave.  Drake states that he didn’t leave her any money and she fires back with that he left it for his son, who she is now the legal guardian for
  • Alex and John bring the children of Twilight back to the Hotel Cortez.  They lock the children in the mysterious hallway.  Max and the kid who plays Peter Pan in those Geico commercials begin to fight, when they encounter Ramona, who’s ready for some appetizers
  • Alex and John bump uglies and discuss their future, Alex leaves and Sally appears, and she ain’t happy
  • Liz’s son comes clean and tells her that he knows that she’s his father
  • Liz goes to Iris and informs her that her son wants Liz in his life, she’s having second thoughts and states that it’s her and Iris’s turn to rule the world
  • Alex and John grab Holden and head home
  • Back at the Hotel Cortez, Donovan dances to Hotline Bling…..yup.  The Countess enters and they talk out their…issues.  During their emotional chatter, Iris and Liz bust into the room (over the sounds of Hotline Bling) and begin popping caps towards The Countess and Donovan

My Thoughts:

How about that ending?????  That was amazing, and it was amazing even without the cliffhanger included.  Liz and Iris need their own spinoff, screw Risolie and Issiles, the people want Liz and Iris!!!!!

“She Gets Revenge” was much better as far as moving along the plot.  It was nice to see the Lowes reconnect and realize “oh wait, we have a family”, although Sally is not pleased.  I mentioned last week how disappointing her character has been thus far.  But with the events of this episode, are we going to see a shift, and is Sally going to turn into the evil character Ryan Murphy so willingly described before the show aired?

Gripe time.  Why does this show present so many ghosts all of the time.  I mean Will Drake is dead and he seems no different than his past life.  Hell, he was struggling with this career, basically becoming a nobody and living in a hotel that isn’t exactly the Plaza Hotel in New York (gotta throw in a Christmas reference in here somewhere).  Likewise, if the Countess and Donovan are dead, it won’t seem any different than before.  They hardly left the Hotel Cortez to begin with, what would really change?

I won’t harp too long on those details, if I did, I probably would be done with this show after season 1.  Short and sweet, “She Gets Revenge” was a big improvement on the past two weeks.  I can’t wait to see what the dynamic duo has in store for us next episode, yes I’m referring to Liz and Iris.

Your Thoughts:

What do you think of our brand new dynamic duo of Liz Taylor and Iris?


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she wants revenge

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