American Horror Story Ep. 11: “Battle Royale”

American Horror Story Episode 11: “Battle Royale”

A recap and review of American Horror Story Episode 11: “Battle Royale”

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Sullywood Rating: 8.5/10

What We Learned:

  • We relive the moment from our last episode, this time from the perspective of Iris and Liz Taylor.  We see that The Countess and Donovan are both shot.  The Countess escapes, Donovan asks to be taken outside of the hotel to die.
  • Sally tends to The Countess’s wounds and with her “knowledge” of veins and needles, she sews her back up
  • Flashback time: We see Sally’s days in the 90’s where she was a “song writer” and dabbled in drugs and orgies, much like everyone else this season
  • Sally wants The Countess to kill John in the hotel, so that they can be together forever….not sure what stage clinger Sally would be
  • The Countess needs blood, her kind of blood.  Sally brings two of The Countess’s children to her.  The Countess at first refuses to use their blood, but the children insist
  • After receiving Donovan’s ashes from Liz, Iris decides to roll around in them on the bed….interesting way to morn
  • Iris and Liz go to Ramona for her assistance in getting rid of The Countess.  Ramona requests a person to kill.  Confused on where to find someone, a person walks into the hotel and right into Iris and Liz’s laps.  Oh look, it’s Gabourey Sidibe, wonder what random character she’s playing?  She says her name is Queenie….oh okay….wait what?????  Holy crap another crossover character!
  • Ramona and Queenie duel it out.  Queenie is kicking her ass and it looks like she’ll live until, someone stabs her from behind.  It’s Mr. March, and since he’s a ghost, Queenie’s voodoo magic doesn’t work on him.  March wants Ramona to kill The Countess….get in line March.  RIP Queenie
  • John comes home to deliver Alex’s “food” for the evening.  Nobody answers him, he sees a Hotel Cortez key hanging on a hook.  John returns to the Hotel and learns from Sally that March has his family.
  • Ramona and The Countess talk it out.  The Countess offers the hotel to Ramona in exchange for not killing her.  Ramona agrees and as The Countess steps out from her penthouse and onto the next elevator, the doors open and John opens fire on her and she becomes his final kill and commandment.
  • John and March marvel at their completed project.  While basking in their glory, Sally attempts to stab John, but March saves him.
  • The Countess, as a ghost, keeps up her promise to March with their dinners.  He forgives her for turning him into the police.  She denies doing it and Miss Evers confesses to not only turning him in, but also her love for him.  March listens and decides to banish her from his presence.  March voices his pleasure that instead of once a month, he’ll be able to spend the rest of his life with The Countess.  Pleasure is not an emotion that could be deduced from The Countess’s face.

My Thoughts:

Another good episode this week with “Battle Royale”, and down the final stretch it seems.  If you watched the previews for next week, you would’ve seen that next week’s episode is the finale.  Quite odd figuring that each season has been 13 episodes if I’m not mistaken, and next week’s episode would only be #12.

Honestly, “Battle Royale” felt like a season finale.  We had deaths, we had closure, and we had ghosts, oh so many ghosts.  When will this show stop with the ghost shit?  You completely take the impact of death away when the character returns five minutes later after being killed, with no implications other than they can’t leave the hotel.

In any case, I loved this episode and I’ll be interested in seeing how this season ends.  Who is our hero?  Who is our villain?  I can’t remember an AHS season where our heroes and villains haven’t been truly identified.  Personally I’m rooting for Liz and Iris, because they are quite frankly BAMFS who turned a new leaf and go HAM on everyone that gets in their way.

Also, how about that Queenie cameo?  I was so much more excited about her playing Queenie than some random.  I’m hoping one day we have some MEGA season where our favorite past characters come back and reprise their roles.

As always, these seasons go by so quickly and next week will mark the end to another crazy and horrifying season of American Horror Story.  Until next week….

Your Thoughts:

How do you hope this season will end?


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