American Horror Story Ep. 12: “Be Our Guest”

American Horror Story Episode 12: “Be Our Guest”

A recap and review of American Horror Story Episode 12: “Be Our Guest”

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Sullywood Rating: 9/10

What We Learned:

  • Liz explains to us how all she wanted was for the Hotel Cortez to be a place of comfort; as she finishes speaking, she appears to slit her throat
  • A couple, who reviews hotels, come to the Cortez.  Liz and Iris show them to their newly renovated room.  All is going well until Sally shows up and sticks one of the guests with a needle.  Horrified, the woman runs out of the room and Will Drake stabs her.
  • Clearly this has happened multiple times; Liz says to Iris that it’s time to have a god damn meeting.
  • Liz and Iris plead to the ghosts to stop killing.  March enters and explains that this is their home and if they keep killing people, it’ll be shut down.  March, the captain of the ship as he explains, orders that the killings stop!
  • Iris presents Sally with an olive branch, a gift.  That gift?  A cellular telephone.  Iris explains that Sally’s been living in 1994 too long, it’s time to move on.  Sally jumps to social media like Kim Kardashian and becomes a viral sensation and one happy ghost.
  • Like Sally, Will Drake feels no purpose anymore.  Liz explains that there’s no reason he can’t do what he wants even though he’s dead.  Liz Taylor offers her assistance.
  • With Liz’s help Drake continues his line, holding fashion shows at the Hotel Cortez, and utilizing very interesting models, the ghosts with the mosts.  But even though it was a success, Liz herself wasn’t happy, she missed Tristan.
  • Iris takes Liz to one of the rooms and wants him to meet someone that could help….holy smokes it’s Billie Dean Howard from Season 1!  Billie Dean speaks to Tristan and informs Liz that he doesn’t want to talk to her.  Billie then channels Donovan, who tells Iris that he loves her.
  • Liz’s son Douglas, reconciles with her and he gets to witness the birth of his granddaughter.
  • Liz informs Ramona that she doesn’t have long to live…she has prostate cancer.  Liz gathers all of the ghosts and informs them and asks for them to kill her so that she can join them.  The Countess enters in the last moment and reconciles with her “greatest creation” and does the deed.  As Liz watches her body lay on the bed, a figure mutters something behind her, it’s Tristan, they embrace one another.
  • John shows up at the Hotel Cortez, it’s 2022.  He speaks with Iris and Ramona and requests that Billie Dean Howard show up once again to his room, he wants to chat with her.  Billie Dean shows up and an interview begins.  John explains that he couldn’t provide for his family so they went and lived at the Hotel Cortez.  In a flashback, we see that John is eventually found out and shot and killed by the police.  Billie Dean asks John why she can only hear him on October 30th.  He says because it’s Devil’s Night, and if she leaves her camera crew behind, he’ll show her.
  • John takes Billie Dean to Devil’s Night.  She witnesses all of the killers, one by one.  March states that John is responsible for providing the appetizer this year, and it’s Billie Dean.  John will let her go though if she promises to never speak of the Hotel Cortez again.  We see Billie Dean running through the lobby and out the door, with John watching on.
  • John goes back to his room where his family waits.  A grown Scarlett is there and he says goodbye to her for another year.
  • Back in the lobby of the Cortez, we see a man enter and go to the bar.  The Countess watches on and approaches him at the bar; informing him that he has a jaw line for days.

My Thoughts:

Nobody, I mean nobody, does season finales quite like AHS.  Whether it’s because it’s an anthology or maybe they just do it right, but the closure you receive from an AHS finale usually leaves you satisfied.  No different with AHS: Hotel, as Ryan Murphy and company end this season on a beautiful and emotional note with “Be Our Guest”.

They certainly saved the best for last this season.  “Be Our Guest”, in my opinion, is one of the best episodes in the entire series.  It truly showed purpose and depth to our characters.  It gave most the closure they needed and maybe for the first time, provided a somewhat happy ending for all.  Did anybody see that Sally twist coming?  I mean I thought she was going to go off the deep end, and instead Iris gives her the one thing she wanted, to be wanted.  That whole sequence was beautiful.

Looking back on the whole season and looking at current events, I truly believe that this season was about acceptance.  That even the seemingly worst people want to be loved.  That even the most odd of people are in fact…..people.  They have feelings and just because they aren’t status quo, yes I’m referring to Liz Taylor, doesn’t mean that they aren’t human and deserving of equal treatment.

This season finale obviously was much like the finale in Murder House, because of all the Caspers running about.  But the depth and emotional realness of each sequence of “Be Our Guest” far surpasses the ending of Murder House.  What we witnessed in this episode was hopefully a realization and return to building characters in this franchise, and not shock waves.

This all might sound very dramatic, but for a show that’s somewhat long in the tooth, realization is a good thing, and boy was it done with some class and style.

Your Thoughts:

What did you think of the season finale?


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