American Horror Story Ep. 3: “Mommy”

American Horror Story Episode 3: “Mommy”

A recap and review of American Horror Story Episode 3: “Mommy”


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Sullywood Rating: 7/10

What We Learned:

  • March has his own version of The Chokey
  • Drake wants to rip up part of the hotel, March’s floor specifically
  • Alex has a very strange drug of choice
  • She also attempted to kill herself
  • Claudia’s room needs a plumber badly, and a mattress without a junkie in it
  • Gabriel informs Det. Lowe about Sally’s shenanigans
  • The elevator in the Hotel Cortez gives seizures galore
  • Donovan really doesn’t want to live with his mom
  • Angela Bassett ya’ll
  • Alex wants a divorce. She’s gotta have another man right?
  • Bernie Madoff took the Countess’s money (if you didn’t watch and are reading this, I DID NOT make this up)
  • Fashion critics don’t quit critiquing even after they’re dead
  • Ramona Royale (Angela Bassett) was a former Blaxploitation actress who also fell under the Countess’s spell, she’s also a vampire or blood sucker or something
  • Ramona fell in love with the next 2Pac, until the Countess found about it, then he was gone, just like Pac
  • Liz Taylor is one committed bartender, and is also unable to wear pencil skirts to her own dismay
  • Iris was given a 2nd chance by Donovan

My Thoughts:

After a very strong episode last week, I thought this week’s episode let some of the wind out of the sails.  Not much movement plot wise.  We met a new character, Ramona Royale, who is classic Angela Bassett.  Looks like we’ll be seeing some sort of rivalry between her and the Countess.

I would really like for them to dive deeper into the murders that Lowe is investigating.  They of course will, but the show is not giving them enough spotlight to be interesting and intriguing.  You can’t give us 2 minutes an episode and think that this will keep viewers waiting in anticipation.  Last year we got our serial killer right away with Twistee, this year it seems we might not see our serial killer for awhile.

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