American Horror Story Ep. 5: “Room Service”

American Horror Story Episode 5: “Room Service”

A recap and review of American Horror Story Episode 5: “Room Service”

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Sullywood Rating: 8.5/10

What We Learned:

  • Alex seems to be fighting her transformation
  • As of now, she’s feeding only on hospital blood (knew that blood I donated would be wasted!)
  • Alex gives some of her blood to Max and he lives
  • Donovan comes to Ramona with a proposition; use Iris to take down the Countess
  • Liz Taylor gives Iris a blood cocktail to calm her down, so she’s now a vampire?  Iris likes herself some blood cocktails (although it could be the drop of Triple Sec)
  • Max needs to feed, so he chooses his parents for his first meal (Geeze, take the easy way out Max!)
  • Max brings a whole new meaning to 7 minutes in Heaven
  • Max turns the rest of the class and we’ve got a serious case of Children of the Corn on our hands
  • Nothing but bad things happen in schools on AHS, the kids massacre the staff
  • Lowe goes to the police to report the Devil’s Night incident….this should go well… doesn’t and Lowe is no longer a detective
  • Blaine and his girl come to the Cortez….woops wrong show, I mean Justin and his girl and I’m pretty sure they are going to be Iris’s first victims
  • Liz Taylor back story……was once married to a woman and had a son.  They lived in Topeka, KS and he was a medical drug rep for Eli Lilly….gotta love the Indiana references in Ryan Murphy shows.  He came to the Hotel Cortez where he enjoyed where his wife’s clothes.  The Countess makes him over and he is no longer Nick Pryor, but Liz Taylor.  Interesting note, he is not infected with the blood virus.
  • Iris takes the hipster couple their “pate”.…..and also serves them…..death
  • According to Sally, John and her are each other’s density….I mean their destinies
  • The Countess makes Alex the governess for all of the “children”

My Thoughts:

For back to back weeks, AHS has been captivating, which is quite a change from last season.  The storytelling in “Room Service” was fantastic.  We learned all about how Liz Taylor became….Liz Taylor.  His transformation was not only well detailed, it was also very timely with all of the recent exposure to transgender people.  Also, I think Liz Taylor and Iris is my new favorite tag team, their scenes were great together.

With this backstory, we saw the lighter side to the Countess.  As AHS does, they always make it difficult to pick out the heroes and the villains in each season.  While the Countess takes advantage of people and more or less feeds her own desires, their seems to be a heart under there that makes her likable as well.  Ultimately the character to watch will be Hypodermic Sally.  I have a feeling she’s going to get even worse as the season goes on.

How about that school scene?  That was great, reminded me a lot of the school shooting from the 1st season.  Truly terrifying and entertaining to watch.

With all of the great storytelling there was in “Room Service”, I really didn’t mind that the story didn’t move forward.  But with that, AHS doesn’t have the luxury of network shows with having 20 or so episodes, so each episode has to be crucial to the plot overall.  They better start picking up the pace.  But overall, this season has been overwhelmingly better than last.

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