American Horror Story Ep. 6: “Room 33”

American Horror Story Episode 6: “Room 33”

A recap and review of American Horror Story Episode 6: “Room 33”


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Sullywood Rating: 6/10

What We Learned:

  • The Countess, back in 1926, visited our old friend from Season 1, Charles Montgomery at the Murder House! She’s pregnant, but her husband doesn’t know
  • The good doctor tries to abort the pregnancy.  Only being 3 weeks along though he pulls out a baby, who attacks and kills his nurse, it’s a boy.  Awww congrats Gaga
  • John finds Alex and Holden’s “bed” and them in it, he passes out
  • Liz Taylor and Tristan are having an affair and are in love
  • The Countess and Will Drake are having an affair, although monogamy doesn’t seem to exist to the Countess
  • The resident in Room 33 is revealed, and it’s the Countess’ baby boy
  • In order to keep her relationship with Holden going, Alex plans to make John go crazy by removing the coffins
  • Ramona, Donovan, and Iris plan to kill the Countess’ children while she’s away in Paris, but the coffins were cleared out by Alex
  • Ramona decides to go after the Countess’ son “Bartholomew”, he gets out of Room 33 and gives Ramona a shiner
  • Ramona warns Liz Taylor about his relationship with Tristan, and telling the Countess about it
  • The two girls from the first episode are enjoying being ghosts
  • The Ten Commandment Killer strikes again, Lowe shows up to the crime scene.  Detective Hahn informs him that they have someone in custody
  • After an escapade with the two girl ghosts, Lowe freaks and checks out of the Hotel Cortez, Bartholomew hitches a ride in his suitcase
  • Liz Taylor tells the Countess about his love for Tristan
  • Scarlett is taken to her grandma’s after John tries to shoot Bartholomew, which proves to be a fantastic idea with a child 20 feet from you
  • The Countess, Tristan, and Liz Taylor discuss their predicament.  After agreeing to let Tristan go to Liz, the Countess kills him
  • Oh shit that face!

My Thoughts:

Knowing that this episode would reference the resident in Room 33 we heard about in the first episode, I was rather excited.  I was also rather disappointed going into this episode as well.  Mainly because the Room 33 reference was made just once.  I think the bang of this episode would’ve been bigger if the show referenced what was in Room 33 more often.

Nevertheless we meet what’s in Room 33 and its the Countess’ son, Bartholomew, and isn’t he……cute?  I’m not sure what other impact Bart will have on the rest of the season or if it was just a one time AHS shock value appearance.

This episode was someone what disappointing in the fact that nothing really changed from last week.  We have one more killing by the Ten Commandments Killer and John Lowe continues to go crazy.  We did lose Tristan, although I have a feeling he’ll be returning in ghost form.  But besides these few details, the episode as a whole was uneventful.

A lot more Gaga recently.  I have to say, she’s doing a pretty good job in the role.  One thing is for sure, she definitely doesn’t like giving up what’s hers.  How will this impact the rest of the season.  Last week I wrote that she seems very caring and compassionate, but I might be dead wrong.  It looks like the Countess is never prepared to sacrifice anything that is hers and that’s her tipping point.  Will she continue her mean streak, or is their one rule with her and that is don’t steal her mens!

I cheated and saw that there is an episode entitled “The Ten Commandments Killer”, coming up after next week’s episode.  Kind of just want to skip next week and get to that episode.  I’ve said it before, but this season would be so much better if they focused on those murders.  Bloodyface was an excellent side plot in Asylum, why not take the same approach with this season?  Until next week AHS fans.

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