American Horror Story Ep. 7: “Flicker”

American Horror Story Episode 7: “Flicker”

A recap and review of American Horror Story Episode 7: “Flicker”


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Sullywood Rating: 7.5/10

What We Learned:

  • Drake’s renovations continue on the Cortez, and they end up with some bad results for two of the construction workers
  • John undergoes psychiatric evaluations, probably a good idea
  • The realtor from hell finally gets what’s coming to her!
  • Flashback time: There’s Finn Whitrock again, this time as an actor from the 20’s?  The Countess is there, she gets invited over to dinner with Finn aka Rudolpho Valentino.  Valentiono’s wife shows up, and they all have some…
  • Upon hearing the news that Valentino has died, The Countess attempts to commit suicide; she’s saved by March at his hotel grand opening party
  • Rudolpho faked his death, but we learn that the Countess married March after learning of his death
  • Follow me here, we learn from Rudolpho that he encountered the director of the infamous vampire movie from the 20’s called Nosferatu.  The director told him that he learned of such creatures and the blood disease they carried when researching ideas for his films.  Murnau, the director, shared with Rudolpho the benefits of the blood disease and that Rudolpho and his wife want the Countess to come with them.  As they are explaining this to the Countess, we see March listening in on their conversation
  • The 10 Commandments suspect is being held at the same hospital as Lowe.  He learns this and steals a guard’s keys to meet the person.  Lowe finds the room, opens the door, and meets Wren, a small girl.  Wren witnessed the 10 Commandments killer and helped him or her get away.  She also tells us that she’s been there at all the murders.  Wren tells Lowe that if he gets her out, she’ll show him where he lives.
  • Back in the present, Rudolpho and Natasha argue over their predicament.  Rudolpho mentions that he wants to kill that “man”, assuming its March
  • The Countess has dinner with March, in the present, an arrangement that occurs monthly.  The Countess informs March that she plans on marrying Drake
  • We learn that “Rudy” and Natasha where kidnapped by March and placed in the “boarded up” hallway we saw from earlier in the episode.  In the present, we see Rudlopho and Natasha, young again, leaving the Cortez
  • Lowe breaks Wren out, she tells they need to go to the Cortez, and then she runs into traffic and dies?  Not sure that’s what Lowe had in mind.

My Thoughts:

Damn you little girl!!!!!  We were so close to finding out who the 10 Commandments Killer was in “Flicker” and then you gotta go and throw yourself in front of traffic, that’s selfish Wren!!!!  So there we were with “Flicker”, left to ponder our thoughts on who this dang serial killer, having to wait now 2 weeks to hopefully find out.  The next episode is entitled “The 10 Commandments Killer”, so I would assume that we’ll find out more about his or her identity.  Me personally, I think its John all the way, for these reasons:

  1. He’s crazy
  2. He’s crazy
  3. Wren mentioned that he lives at the Cortez
  4. Wren also said she liked John and that she didn’t want it to end, ie finding out that he is the killer he’s chasing
  5. Personal tragedy, almost always a recipe for someone to do something crazy in TV/movies
  6. Obsessed with the serial killer and finding them

Wild Card: Liz Taylor

  1. For those who are new to AHS this season, Denis O’Hare (Liz Taylor) has played some of the most conniving and evil people in the AHS universe, its almost odd when he does play someone with good intentions.
  2. Liz has the perfect disguise, he could do these killings as his former self (looking like a man), and then appear as his usual self when questions are asked (as a woman)
  3. Like Iris, we only see what Liz does half of the time since they split their shifts, no reason Liz couldn’t spend her extra time preaching with murder

The flashback sequence was kind of odd in “Flicker” figuring it featured Whittrock playing a completely new character.  I suppose that sheds some light as to why the Countess dumped Donovan for Tristan like a bad habit.

I personally can’t get enough of Peters’ March character.  I am hoping that he is the actual killer so that he can continue to make appearances this season, and it would a tad interesting for the police to try and catch a ghost, who you gonna call?

Reminder, there is no episode next week, probably due to this little thing called Thanksgiving, so we’ll see you back here next month on December 3rd for a brand new episode.

Your Thoughts:

Who do you think is the 10 Commandments Killer?


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