American Horror Story Ep. 8: “The Ten Commandments Killer”

American Horror Story Episode 8: “The Ten Commandments Killer”

A recap and review of American Horror Story Episode 8: “The Ten Commandments Killer”

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Sullywood Rating: 6/10

What We Learned:

  • We pick up right where we left off last episode.  John runs out to Wren, she is indeed dead.
  • John demands from Liz Taylor and Sally to meet the Ten Commandments Killer.  Sally takes John to his own room.  After what seems like a million cut scenes, we learn that John is in fact….The Ten Commandments Killer.
  • John goes to see Hahn and confesses that he is the killer.  He starts to remember certain details, little by little
  • The biggest detail is that John has been spending half of his time at the Cortez for nearly 5 years.  5 years ago we see John getting introduced to March and March falling in love, in a way, with John and wants him to follow in his footsteps.
  • With all this information, we get a clearer picture as to why Alex was so shitty to John after Holden disappeared in the beginning of the season.
  • To sum up March and Lowe’s conversations, is our justice system the right way of bringing justice to the people who break the law?
  • After John’s first murder, he attempts to hang himself, obviously he was not successful
  • We get a glimpse into John and Sally’s “relationship”
  • Sally and March have an “arrangement”, but the details are not given
  • March shares with John his unfinished work, aka the Ten Commandment killings, in which March wants John to finish.  Nervous that he’ll get caught, March convinces John to make himself the lead detective on the case to inhibit suspicion.
  • When all is said and done, Hahn doesn’t believe John is a killer.  John proves him wrong by killing him and stating “Thou shall not cover thy neighbor’s wife”, another Ten Commandment killing has been completed
  • John re-enters the hotel and speaks with Iris, but as his true self
  • John goes back to his room and puts his new “trophy” in its case, with March standing beside him smiling ear to ear and exclaiming that John is now home
  • John is ready to complete March’s work

My Thoughts:

Ughhhh man.  I had such high hopes for this episode, but boy was this disappointing.  The most anticipated episode of the season seemed to fall flat on its face.  In last week’s review, I stated that I fully believed that John would be our killer, and I was indeed correct.  To be honest, normally I would be ecstatic about being right on a movie/TV prediction, but this one just left me completely underwhelmed.  I mean any person watching this show should have seen this coming, this was not some genius discover by myself.

The show gave us too many clues into John being the killer, and the shock of the pure irony that detective who is on the case, is the actual suspect, just fell so flat.  If you were one of the unfortunate souls that just didn’t see this coming, I’m sure you did the minutes leading up to the reveal.  What a terrible and annoyingly repetitive sequence in the beginning of the episode, leading the audience to John’s revelation.  I mean what are we? 10 year olds?  I am personally still in shock that with a writing team as crazy as American Horror Story has, the most obvious choice ended up being the winner.

Writers, you get the shame award:


Also, what is with Wes Bentley’s acting?  Every time he sputters one of his narratives, I feel like I’m watching an episode of South Park, where they are purposefully being over the top.  On the flip side, Evan Peters is absolutely killing this season.  The only bright spot of this episode was that he was in the majority of it.  I did love that he explained why he has that awesome accent, nice touch writers, you get a cookie for that.

Well, we are now at a crossroads.  I wrote earlier in the season that it was a breath of fresh air to have a protagonist like John Lowe.  Someone normal, who we could root for to bring down the weirdos Ryan Murphy unleashed upon us.  Well shit, that went out the window like Sally.  At this moment, this season doesn’t appear to have an end game that’s desirable to the audience, which is a lot like Freak Show.

I suppose we are still barely over half way through the season, so let’s hope the writers have something up their sleeves.  Otherwise, I fear this season will end like last and this show will lose more people.  Rants over.

Your Thoughts:

Were you at all surprised by the big reveal?


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