American Horror Story Ep. 9: “She Wants Revenge”

American Horror Story Episode 9: “She Wants Revenge”

A recap and review of American Horror Story Episode 9: “She Wants Revenge”

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Sullywood Rating: 6/10

What We Learned:

  • The Countess enters the now open hidden hallway, in search of Rudolph.  She finds the train tickets they were going to use to run away with the Countess years ago
  • The Countess and Will Drake discuss plans for their wedding
  • The Countess requests that Liz Taylor order the flowers for her wedding, Liz Taylor is not to keen on helping the woman that murdered her lover
  • The Countess pays a private detective to track down Rudolph, he does and they begin to make sweet lo….wait a minute….now she’s making love to Donovan, and informs him that she’s getting married on Wednesday, and becoming a widow on Thursday, a rich widow
  • Storm Cock stops by the Cortez with two pals to create a porno….Iris is not amused, she only likes pornography when it’s done right (good to know)
  • Iris, with her no found life, won’t allow porn in her hotel anymore, so she kills Storm Cock inc, minus the male
  • We learn that the Countess went to Iris after the Bartholomew incident a few weeks ago and Iris gave up Ramona’s name.  Donovan tells Iris that he’s only using the Countess and it’s all a part of the plan
  • Miss Evers warns Will Drake about the Countess, that she’ll bleed him dry, but Will Drake says he got a prenup…Will Drake stuntin’ like Kanye
  • Donovan brings the porn star to Ramona’s house.  They begin to plan their revenge on the Countess.  Donovan questions why it’s taken so long for Ramona to get revenge, so she explains….with flashbacks.
  • We learn that Ramona brought her father back from the dead with the blood virus, but having Alzheimer’s already, he never got better and she wasted two decades of her life
  • Alex waits outside a house; a pizza delivery man enters the home, and doesn’t come out.  Alex enters and it’s Peter Pan and the lost boys held up in there chowing down on the pizza guy.  She tries to get them to come back with her to the Hotel Cortez, but they refuse
  • Donovan and Ramona sneak into the Countess’s room to kill her.  As Ramona walks up to the Countess to off her, the Countess wakes up and Donovan tases Ramona.  He takes Ramona’s body and puts it in one of those cages where the Russian girls were held earlier in the season.  Talking to Donovan, Iris realizes the mistake she made in thinking that Donovan was over the Countess.
  • The Countess shares her plan with Rudolph, to turn the Hotel Cortez into a fortress away from the modern world where they can live together…but first, Natasha must be done for.  As she leaves the hotel where Rudolph is staying, we see Donovan watching from afar.
  • The wedding of the century!  Liz Taylor disagrees.  Will Drake is off for a drink after the ceremony.
  • At the bar, Will meets a man called James, yup that James.  James thinks Will Drake should meet his other son, now by marriage, and takes him to see good ole Bart….Will is not pleased to find what is in the crib.  The Countess enters and is not pleased with Will’s words about Bart and knocks him out.
  • Will wakes up next to Ramona in her cage.  He frees her and she kills him, because she needs a snack.  The Countess watches on from utilizing her newly placed cameras.

My Thoughts:

A pet peeve of mine with shows is when they have a momentous episode like last week (aka finding out who the Ten Commandments Killer is), and then discussing nothing about it the next week.  John and Sally were nowhere to be found in “She Wants Revenge”, so we’ll have to wait, and it appears wait another week to find out where John goes from here.

Instead, we got to witness more of the adventures of the Countess’s love life.  I enjoy the character that Gaga portrays, but it’s so exhausting watching her go back and forth between these men.  Since I don’t enjoy that, it’s probably obvious that I didn’t enjoy “She Wants Revenge” all that much.  Her men in general are beyond frustrating as well.  Is Donovan really that stupid?  She threw him to the curb already, he is up close and personal with people who were in his same position in the past, and he witnesses from afar the Countess visiting her old flame….and by old I mean really old flame.

The only good part about “She Wants Revenge” was that we’re rid of that horribly boring character known as Will Drake….or are we?  It appears in true AHS fashion, he will be back next week in ghost form.  This is starting to remind me of Coven where nobody really died the whole time, which means, what stock do we have in these characters and their fates?

As mentioned earlier, Sally wasn’t featured in “She Wants Revenge”.  Where in the heck is Sarah Paulson this season?  She’s the best actor on this show and I feel like she’s hardly been on it.  My best guess would be she was busy filming American Crime Story, which I suppose a little Paulson is better than no Paulson at all.  My disappointment of her character in general comes from that fact that Ryan Murphy himself stated that Paulson would be playing the most evil character he had created, I don’t see it so far.  If anything she’s just another tragic loser.

I’m not really looking forward to next week’s episode, seeing as how its a continuation of this one.  Prove me wrong AHS writers, pleaseeeee?

Your Thoughts:

Next week’s episode is entitled “She Gets Revenge”, who do you think “She” is?


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