Better Call Saul Episode 10: “Marco”

Better Call Saul Episode 10: “Marco”

A recap and review of Better Call Episode 10: “Marco”

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Sullywood Rating: 8/10

What We Learned:

Welcome to the 1st annual Better Call Saul season finale!  We begin this seasons’ final episode in flashback form.  We see two men trying to do a nifty coin and dollar trick in a bar.  They keep failing and think it can’t be done.  A man says it can be done, we see its Jimmy’s ole pal.  He successfully does the trick.  Jimmy walks in, he just got out of jail.  He’s saying bye, he’s moving to Albuquerque to work in Chuck’s mail room.  Jimmy’s friend says he’s not gonna change, he’s Slippin’ Jimmy (Man that nickname really stuck for him) Jimmy says he can’t be that way his whole life and calls the man “Marco”.  The titular Marco wants him to do the watch trick one more time, and Jimmy refuses.  Jimmy says bye to Marco and Marco looks disappointed in Jimmy’s decision.

Jimmy is waiting on a bench inside HHM.  Kim comes to the stairs, looks down, and then proceeds down them looking at Jimmy.  She sits down on the bench and they greet each other.  She asks him what he’s doing there.  He says he’s talking to Howard and is giving HHM the case, saying that if his brother doesn’t believe in him, what’s the point?  He asks her why she didn’t tell him about Chuck.  She says she didn’t want him to hate his own brother.  We see Jimmy and Howard meeting.  Howard asks Jimmy if Kim told him, Jimmy says he figured it out on his own.  Jimmy has the case information for them.  Jimmy apologizes for calling Howard a “pig f****r”.  Howard gives Jimmy his check and Jimmy gives Howard the to-do list for Chuck.  You can tell Howard is overwhelmed by how much Jimmy had done.  Howard tells Jimmy that he always liked him.

Jimmy and Kim are out in the parking garage.  Jimmy apologizes for yelling at Kim back at the salon.  She asks him if he’s okay, he can let it out.  He says there is nothing to let out.  Chuck’s just a sick man who thinks he’s a scumbag and nothing can change that.  She says that’s mature of him to think that way.  Jimmy states “the Dalai Lama’s got nothing on me”.  Jimmy is at an old folk’s home now, running a game of Bingo.  He continually lists the combinations and we can see each one getting to him, more and more.  He’s getting frustrated, and running out of things to say for “B”, so he uses Betrayal and Brother before long.  The old folks know it’s getting awkward.    Jimmy’s rambling about deserts and The Hills Have Eyes. Finally an elderly gentleman asks him to read the number please.  More B’s come.  Jimmy begins telling a story about an old “friend” named Chet.  This Chet apparently slept with Jimmy’s ex wife. But Jimmy says he ended up seeing Chet later on in life and he apparently defecated in Chet’s BMW sun roof, dubbing this action a Chicago Sun Roof.

the more you know

Problem is, Chet’s kids were in the car……yuck.  Jimmy further explains Chet was apparently connected in that city.  Chet gets Jimmy charged with indecent exposure. (ahhhh which we now have the reason as to why he was arrested for that earlier in the season.  It’s like an episode of Lost¸ find something out early in the season, learn about it at the end, and you practically forgot about it anyway.)  Jimmy loses it, says everyone can have all the prizes, and leaves.  Everyone gets a BINGO!


Cab with “Chicago” on it arrives at a bar.  Jimmy gets out.  Could this be?  The return of THE Slippin’ Jimmy???  He walks into the bar and finds his old friend Marco, who is passed out at the bar.  Jimmy asks where the old owner is, and the bartender says he’s her step son and she doesn’t come by often.  He tells the bartender to tell his stepmom that Slippin’ Jimmy says hello.  Jimmy walks over to Marco and begins whispering sweet nothings into his ear.  He wakes up and looks ecstatic to see Jimmy.  Marco asks how Chuck is.  Marco then explains that he works for a standpipe company and then begins to describe standpipe, you see the standpipe is the….zzzzz..zzzzz, oh crap feel asleep because that was so terribly boring.  Marco does some coughing, looks like he’s a goner soon.  He asks about Jimmy’s mother, she passed away Jimmy says.  Jimmy says she passed away in Cicero, and Marco asks why he didn’t look him up, AWKWARD!!!!!


Jimmy says Chuck had a big case at the time.  Jimmy asks how his car is running; Marco says it gets him around.  Marco asks Jimmy what he’s going to do in town.  Some sites, a Cubs game Jimmy says.  A man walks in, Jimmy stares him down and then asks Marco if the guy is a regular.  Marco says no, and Jimmy says you’re buying, I’m selling.  The con is on.  Marco says yeah.

They begin the con.  Jimmy and Marco are at the bar now, with the man who walked in looking on.  Jimmy pulls out a coin and begins to describe how John F Kennedy, the face on the coin, is facing the wrong way.  The man continues to look over, listening to Jimmy’s story.  Jimmy mentions that there is only a few hundred still around.  The man laughs from across the bar, and Jimmy tells him to basically shove it.  Jimmy continues his fake pitch to Marco informing him that on the open market this coin could fetch between 600-800 dollars.  He tells Marco he’s selling it for $100.  Jimmy says he’s going to “drain the snake” and wants Marco to think about it.  The scam continues.  Marco asks the “mark” if Jimmy’s playing him, the man says absolutely.  Marco says he knows a coin dealer and is going to call him, and if it sounds fake, he’s going to call the cops on Jimmy.  He begins chatting with the “expert” and he’s selling it hard, and the “mark” across the way is buying it all.  Jimmy walks back to the bar and Marco offers him $60 and the man chimes in, he’s got $80….now $110, SOLD.  The man falls hook….line…and sinker.  Marco keeps playing it up, yelling at the guy, who leaves quickly through the door.  Jimmy comes over, they laugh, and they say the next round is on us!

Still at the bar, Jimmy opens another beer, and opens another con.  But being as this show is only 1 hour, in today’s case 1 hour and 10 minutes, how will we possibly fit in a week’s worth of cons?


We see a woman standing over Jimmy, yelling at him that he’s not Kevin Costner.  I hate when that happens.  He says he was last night.  The woman grabs her roommate from the other room and they leave what I am assuming is Marco’s place.  Jimmy gets dressed and takes a seat in a chair.  He checks his voicemails and has 15.  He listens and deletes them, one after another, maybe he just skips them.  Marco walks in and asks him what’s happening today.  Jimmy says he’s sorry but he’s gotta go, a week’s enough.  He says he has to go back to his clients, Marco asks him if he’s a gigolo.  Jimmy explains that he’s a lawyer, and he’s not making bank, he’s just making a living.  Marco still tries to get Jimmy to stay, Jimmy says Chuck is there, and Marco shares his true feelings about Chuck, “he’s a douche bag.”  Marco pulls out the last fake Rolex that he has and wants Jimmy to do one last con.  Jimmy isn’t sure, but Marco just wants one last one.  Jimmy keeps refusing, and Marco keeps begging.  Jimmy finally gives in.

We see Marco waiting in his normal spot in the alley.  Marco begins coughing, and then hears Jimmy’s wolf call.  Jimmy and the “mark” are walking down the alley.  The con begins as usual, the wallet is on the ground, and the “mark” finds it, then they see a man (Marco) lying on the ground.  Jimmy pokes Marco to wake up, but nothing.  Jimmy looks confused.  He asks Marco if he’s okay, and the “mark” says “Marco? You know this guy?”, Jimmy tells him to call 911.  The “mark” runs off, and Jimmy dials 911.  Marco wakes up, says he screwed up, but that this was the greatest week of his life, then stops breathing.  Jimmy attempts to revive him, but can’t.  Marco is dead.

We see the outside of the funeral home.  Jimmy walks outside and talks to a gentleman.  He asks the man for a smoke and the man admires Jimmy’s new ring that he was given to him by Marco’s Mom.  The man goes back inside and Jimmy remains outside, smoking his cigarette.  He gets a call, answers it, its Kim.  She asks him if he’s gotten it out of his system, and he says “yup, all gone”. She says good, because she wants to run something by him.  She says that the Sandpiper case has gotten too big and that HHM is partnering with another firm.  She asks if he’s heard of them, he says yeah, and Kim says so have they of Jimmy, and they are interested.  They want to make him an offer, and have a partner track position with his name on it in Santa Fe.  Jimmy sounds happy but says that Chuck wouldn’t like it.  Jimmy asks “why me?”  Kim says the Sandpiper residents keep asking about him, that he has a way with them.  She asks again, “so, sounds good?”  He thanks Kim, and she says that Howard has been pushing this too.  They want to meet him on Thursday at 11.  He says he’ll be there.

We’re at Chuck’s now.  He’s giving instructions to what looks like a personal assistant.  Chuck corrects his last shopping trip, including the type of apples that Chuck wants in the future.  Chuck calls him Ernesto.  Ernesto writes down Chuck’s requests and leaves with some boxes.  He puts them in his car, looks over and smiles.  He begins walking and we seem him end up at Jimmy’s car, with Jimmy sitting in it.  Jimmy greets him as “Ernie” and notices that Howard’s got him looking after Chuck.  Ernesto says Chuck seems okay.  They say goodbye.  We see Chuck looking out of the window, noticing that Jimmy is outside.  He reaches for the door knob, and then he hears Jimmy’s car start up and leave.  Just like One Republic says, “It’s too late to apologize”

We see Mike now, in his usual booth, on a phone call asking about a job.  Jimmy pulls on through and parks his car.  Jimmy gets out and starts practicing his interview skills.  He’s walking through the lot, then stops.  The camera now shows Mike and his booth from far away, and Jimmy’s car pulls up.  Mike say’s “well that was quick, no charge”.  Jimmy asks Mike basically, did I really have all that money and just give it up, and now we don’t?  Mike says, “Your point being?”  Jimmy asks “why didn’t we” and Mike says that Jimmy mentioned it was the right thing to do.  Jimmy says he doesn’t know what that means.  Mike asks if Jimmy wants to know why he didn’t take that money, and Jimmy says yes.  Mike says he was hired for a job, he did it, and that’s as far as it goes.  Jimmy says “I know what stopped me, and you know what? It’s not stopping me again”.  He speeds off as Mike looks on.  Jimmy begins humming Smoke on the Water, same as what Marco was humming before he kicked the bucket in the alley, and the actual song begins to play as Jimmy drives on.  And just like that…


My Thoughts:

Is Jimmy really gone?  We’ll have to wait and find out I suppose.  This whole season has reminded me of Star Wars Episode III.  You know Anakin is going to end up being Darth Vader, but some part of you secretly hopes that he doesn’t.  This isn’t as dramatic as Star Wars, but it’s quite sad to see Jimmy turn his life around this season, only to lose it all after getting knocked down, time after time. There was nothing too flashy about this season finale.  It served, for what I believe, is its purpose, and that was to close the door on Slippin’ Jimmy and possibly Jimmy McGill, and open a window for Saul Goodman.  As always, the scenes and acting were enjoyable and this episode did a nice job of tying together some loose ends from throughout the season.

It was also very interesting to find out that Howard wasn’t that bad and in fact he was more of a crusader for Jimmy than the man that Jimmy thought was always trying to bring him down.  Which leads me to wonder what we will see next season.  Will we get a whole new cast of characters?  Will Jimmy become or already be Saul at the beginning of the season?  This show had a very good first season, often times excellent and genius.  I do hope we get more of those tension filled scenes and episodes that were at the beginning of the season for season 2.  Also, I’m really hoping we get more Breaking Bad cameos next season. See you in a few months viewers.

Your Thoughts:

Is it Saul Goodman time?


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