Ep. 3 “Nacho”


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Better Call Saul “Nacho” Recap and Review

Sullywood Rating: 8/10


We begin the third episode of “Better Call Charles McGill”, I mean “Better Call Saul” with a little curve ball, we see Chuck actually putting his keys, other belongings, and Zack Morris like cell phone in a bin to visit his “client” in the slammer.  Such a nice little touch having Chuck do this, love the irony.  Judging by the phone, going to go out on a limb and say this is probably a flashback.

Chuck’s client appears and says “Hereeee’s Johnny!”, no its not Jack Nicholson, but Jimmy, wait Jimmy? Interesante.  Chuck informs Jimmy that he’s up for property damage, assault, and possibly being a sex offender, gross.  Jimmy argues the brilliant stance of “it’s a trumped up load of horse crap”, nice defense.  If this flashback was even earlier, we may see Jimmy learn the law from the Vinny Gambini School of Law.


We are in Chicago sounds like, not Albuquerque.  Jimmy wants to talk strategy, and he wants Chuck to use his magic and make it all go away.  Chuck states he hasn’t seen Jimmy in 5 years.  Yup, Cook County jail, definitely in Chicago. Chuck doesn’t sound like he wants to help you too much Jimmy, maybe you could enlist the help of Lockhart/Gardner instead Jimmy.  Charles cuts a deal with him and states if he helps him, he better not make a fool of him.  Jimmy says whatever it is, he’ll do it to get out.  Interesting to see these two flip situations, Chuck helping Jimmy during his rough time, when in current day Chuck needs Jimmy’s help.

Cool tidbit to note, the shows beginning credits were different in the pilot then they were in “Mijo”, I thought maybe they changed them which can happen sometimes in shows after the pilot, but when the credits rolled for “Nacho” they were also different, I like it.

We’re back to present day, meaning present day for BCS.  We see Jimmy at the nail salon, which what appears to be following the events directly after “Mijo”.  Jimmy looks at the matchbook with Nacho’s phone # and begins to dial.  We assume he’s calling Nacho, but instead we hear a female’s voice.  She asks what time is it and Jimmy says it’s 2.  The woman asks if Chuck is alright and Jimmy says Chuck is Chuck, that’s basically the best way to describe Chuck to people.  Jimmy explains that he just wanted to call, she’s not buying it and questions an ulterior motive, and that she’s not talking dirty to him.  Jimmy says “You think that’s the only reason I call you at this time of night?” he wants a little more credit.  Clearly Jimmy’s had some past extracurricular activities at 2:00 AM with this woman (Jimmy don’t see nothing wrong, with a lil’ bump n’ grindddd..)  But not tonight, Jimmy says he has PG conversation only.  He brings up the Kettleman case.  Since Jimmy brought up the case we can assume that he’s talking to Kim Wexler from HHM, I’ve told you before that I’m a great detective.  Jimmy asks how much Kettleman got away with.  It looks like with Jimmy reviewing Nacho’s phone number earlier he’s grabbing intel for Nacho.  Jimmy still poking around for information asks where the money is.  He states he is concerned for them and they could be in a lot of danger. Kim asked why he would say that.  Jimmy says he’s drunk, and he starts to sound very guilty and suspicious.  He says he’ll see her tomorrow.  Jimmy says to himself “I’m no hero” and goes to bed.  But who in the heck could sleep after going through all what Jimmy has gone through over the past couple of days?

He gets up, wastes a whole roll of paper towels and takes the empty role with him.  He drives out to the desert and goes to a pay phone.  He dials the number and we hear the Kettleman’s voicemail which is quite annoying.  Maybe he shouldn’t help them after all?  He hangs up and doesn’t leave a message. But wait, he picks up the phone again and dials the Kettlemans again and hangs up once more.  And to switch things up, he dials the Kettlemans again, this time Craig picks up and Jimmy uses the towel roll to disguise his voice.  He says they are in danger, but they can’t understand him.  Finally, after multiple attempts, he just uses his real voice and hangs up, oh yeah that works too.  The Kettlemans look confused and ask “Who’s coming?” and head to the front door to look out where they see someone in a van.  Noooo it wasn’t this guy:


Jimmy is back in ye ole courthouse restroom, haggling with the prosecutor as he’s on the toilet. Too funny.  Jimmy wins the battle of wits after the prosecutor admits he didn’t even know what case Jimmy was talking about.  He gets a call, its Kim.  She’s asking him about what he said last night, he says he was drunk.  We’ve all been there before Jimmy, just rip it off like a band aid. Jimmy leaves the courthouse quickly but not before going head to head with Mike once again.  No stamps at all for Jimmy this time and he pleads with Mike who once again will not give in, take the hint Jim.  When Mike isn’t looking, Slippin’ Jimmy reaches over and hits the button and the gate lifts.  He drives on through and yells “Screw you geezer”, Mike looks none too happy, oh boy Jimmy you have no idea who you said that to.

Jimmy arrives at the Kettleman’s, police cars are everywhere, not good.  We see Howard and Kim and Howard walks over.  Jimmy asks where the Kettlemans are, but Howard has no idea where they are.  Howard says the neighbors saw the front door open and called the police.  Kim grills Jimmy on what he said last night once more.  Geeze Kim, quit going easy on him and bring in the big guns:


Jimmy drives to a pay phone and dials Nacho.  Jimmy leaves a message and says he wants to help Nacho “deescalate” the situation.  He dials Nacho again, and leaves another message saying he doesn’t know anything and there are no rats on this ship and gives him the # of the pay phone again.  He dials, and dials, and dials, and leaves message, after message, after message.  He finally stops, and the phone rings, he picks it up, nothing on the other end, he’s says “Nacho” and the other side hangs up.  He gets in his car, and he sees 2 guys walking towards his car.  He gets out and begins running from them.  They chase after him when all of a sudden a cop car pulls in front of them and the 2 guys chasing after Jimmy stop and pull their weapons out, it’s the PoPo.

We see Jimmy at the police station and Nacho in an interrogation room.  They want Jimmy to get a confession out of Nacho, ummmm isn’t that your job? (these cops kind of sucked the whole episode.)  Jimmy begins with what the police have on Nacho, which includes his van at the Kettleman’s house, and blood in his van, he says that with cooperation Nacho will only get….18 years.  He asks Nacho what he thinks and Nacho says he knows he was set up by Jimmy. Jimmy acts surprised and Nacho says he told his plan to 1 person, Jimmy.  Nacho tells Jimmy that he better get him out today or else he’s a dead man.


He leaves the interrogation area, where we see Kim.  She says she didn’t think Jimmy was representing Nacho, and our brilliant cops continue to grill the lawyer about getting his client to confess.  Do they not understand the legal system and how it works?  Jimmy tells them Nacho didn’t do this.  Kim suggests they take Jimmy to the house, the cops ask “Why?”, as well as Jimmy.  They go to the house where Kim begins to give the guided tour of the crime scene.  Kim lays on the guilt trip pretty hard in order to get Jimmy to crack, she doesn’t know who she’s dealing with, this is THE Slippin’ Jimmy!  Jimmy comes up with an alternate idea, they kidnapped themselves.  Literally just watched a documentary on the McStays and this whole episode gave me way too many odd comparisons.  The cops think it’s possible, but all cars are there, and no car service was called. Hmmmm, good point.

Jimmy and Kim go outside and talk alone.  He finally tells her that he called the Kettlemans.  Kim asks, “You didn’t do the sex robot voice did you?”.   That was the same question I was going to ask Kim! Kim now believes him and Jimmy tells Kim of his predicament with Nacho.  He says they have to catch the Kettlemans.  Jimmy wants her to talk to Hamlin, but she refuses.  Jimmy says he’s going to talk to Nacho.  We see him back at the garage, Mike won’t let him back in, so Jimmy decides to just park his car at the gate.  Mike says not a good idea, and Jimmy asks if “he’ll throw a poop filled diaper at him.”  Jimmy pokes Mike and Mike grabs Jimmy’s arm and puts it him in an arm lock.  Classic Mike.

The cops use Jimmy’s “assault” on Mike to make him help them incriminate Nacho.  Jimmy has nothing and says that Nacho is “Nacho Man”, I love a good pun.  They take him away to get booked, but not before Mike says he’s not pressing charges.  The cops are not happy.  Jimmy runs after Mike and Mike says he let him go because he believes Jimmy’s theory.  Jimmy wants his opinion and Mike tells Jimmy a story about a bookie during one of the Super Bowls.  The guy lost a ton of money and most people thought he skipped town.  Turned out the guy was living in his neighbors place just 2 doors down, Mike reiterates “Nobody wants to leave home”.

Jimmy goes back to the Kettleman house and notices a camping sticker on their car. He begins to look around, goes in their backyard and finds a gate that leads to deserted land. Jimmy ventures out and looks for a long time.  Its dark now and all seems lost…when alas, Jimmy hears a wonderful rendition of “BINGO” and it’s the “Kettle Team.”  He confronts them and begins fighting with Betsy, he begins pulling one of their bags out of the tent to take them home.  But Betsy doesn’t back down and the bag explodes and the money goes everywhere.  Holy shit.  End of “Nacho”.


Another strong episode for BCS.  I really have no idea where it’ll go, which I love.  Will Nacho become an ally or an enemy is the biggest question I have.  That piece of information could make this season go in a lot of different directions.  I love how they are bringing along the Mike relationship with Jimmy, not too soon, but not pissing us off either by dragging it out.  So far I really love all of the characters we’ve met.  All very different personalities and all play an interesting role within the series.  I must say, so far Bob Odenkirk has earned himself an Emmy, truly great performances in the first 3 episodes.  Sometimes when you have a character like Saul in Breaking Bad, too much of supporting character can be too much and they lose their luster.  That was my one concern with Saul having his own show.  But boy have I been wrong.  I love this show so far and so does America.  BCS broke cable ratings records for its first 2 weeks, which is awesome.  Can’t wait for the next episode.  Till next time, this has been your self-proclaimed expert.

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