Ep. 4 “Hero”

BCS Hero

Better Call Saul “Hero” Recap and Review

Sullywood Rating: 8/10


Like last week’s episode, we begin with a flashback. Jimmy is drunk and leaving a bar with the guy from Alias.  Jimmy’s new friend mentions that his town sucks; Jimmy agrees and knows where to go that’s pretty awesome.  He asks Jimmy his name and he responds back “Saul Good…man”, hey now! They enter an alley where Jimmy’s new friend sees a wallet on the ground, he looks in it and there’s about $1000 in there, (hey 4/10 of the law states that money is yours man!)  The guy mentions the wallet belongs to what looks like a fat guy, which fat guy you say?….oh the one laying by the dumpster over there.  Yes, a very large man is passed out by the dumpster.  Jimmy picks up a stick and pokes him.  The man begins to call Jimmy and his friend buttholes about 10 times.  Pretty hilarious stuff.  Soon after the guy passes out again, Jimmy goes for his watch.  Jimmy’s new friend sees that it’s a Rolex and says it’s his and gives Jimmy the cash in the wallet, as well as his own $500 to cover half of the watch.  Jimmy’s new “friend” runs off and says “sucker”.  We then see Jimmy and the fat guy from before and they’ve got a whole collection of fake Rolexes.  Guy from Alias, you’ve been had by the great and powerful….Slippin’ Jimmy.

After the flashback, we continue right after last week’s episode with Jimmy going through options with the Kettlemans.  Jimmy reminds them that they have let an innocent man get arrested, a father…well maybe.  The Kettlemans bring up the warning they received, Jimmy knows nothing about that.  Jimmy wants them to give the money back, Betsy is especially against this idea, after all, Craig earned that money because of the hours of overtime he worked, practically slavery according to Betsy.  They try to bribe Jimmy, but he wants no part of that.  Jimmy has another idea, hire him as their lawyer.  Craig seems fine with it, but Betsy looks unsure, Jimmy asks why, and she explains that Jimmy is that type of lawyer that “guilty people” hire. Ouch.

Jimmy is back at the courthouse, and we see him pull up to Mike and he lets him know that he was right.  We see Nacho being released and Jimmy explains to him that the Kettlemans were not kidnapped and were just camping; Nacho does not look pleased or amused.  Jimmy wants apologies!  Jimmy explains that he did everything he was supposed to for Nacho.  Nacho doesn’t believe the Kettlemans went camping.  Nacho once again brings up that someone warned them, that someone told them to “go camping”.  Jimmy still denies this.  Nacho says “You ratted on me, there will be consequences”.  Nacho says Jimmy caused him all kinds of trouble; Jimmy comes back at him and says that whoever warned the Kettlemans did him a favor.  Now this whole show is great in my opinion so far, but I really find it odd that Jimmy has been threatened a few times already and he seems pretty chill about it.  I would be absolutely terrified by Nacho.

We’re back at the ole nail salon, we see Jimmy spiking his cucumber water and with stacks of cash! (Get money!)  He took it!  Brilliant scene here.  We see Jimmy going through and “accounting” for his services, and findings ways to add up to the thousands he received from the Kettlemans in hush money.

Jimmy is now at the “Men’s Warehouse” getting fitted for his brand new suit, snazzy!  He’s got a list of demands and he wants them met.  After a nice suit fitting, he heads back to the salon for a little hair dye….wait, a little curling job actually.

Back at HHM, Kim calls Jimmy where she gets his voicemail, she leaves him message to go see “The Thing” and grab some dinner.  Howard enters and they discuss the Kettlemans, although Howard looks distracted and asks Kim if she can take a ride with him.  They park and get out and walk towards a billboard, the Law Offices of JMM billboard!  Hilarious.  Its literally Howard and HHM, all the way down to Howard’s suit and haircut. Howard says Jimmy is forcing his hand.

Back at the salon, which is getting quite the action tonight, we see Jimmy relaxing, when Kim enters.  They have a nice massage, and a little cease and desist. (That’s the same date I always use as my first date with the ladies!) Jimmy isn’t taking it seriously and Kim thinks he should, wants to know his angle.  She explained that she thought he wanted to make a name for himself, not copy someone else’s image.  She leaves, hoping he’ll reconsider.

We see Jimmy and Howard in a judge’s office arguing over the billboard.  Howard thinks it’s a complete copy of him and his Hamlindigo color, yes Hamlindigo.  The judge agrees that Jimmy should be allowed to use his name, but she believes that the billboard does copy HHM’s image.  Jimmy leaves her office and begins calling all of the local newspapers, stating this is hot news, little guy vs. the big guy, Howard passes by, and all of the newspapers just pass.

Jimmy is now with a camera crew, paid by the hour, by his billboard, he wants to shoot an infomercial while a worker is taking down the billboard.  He’s preparing and trying to get the best angle, finally does, and begins his speech to take down the man.  While doing his thing, the worker taking down the billboard falls, and is dangling, hanging on for dear life.  Without hesitation, Jimmy climbs up to the billboard and saves the man, he’s a hero!  The worker says “Took you long enough”, they shake hands, another victory for Slippin’ Jimmy!  The local news interviews Jimmy.  HHM is watching this and Howard states that it’s all a scam and sees right through it, and we get a glimpse of Kim smiling. Jimmy back at his office, doing his routine where he listens to his messages. He gives it a wave of his hands and presses the button, 7 new messages!

It’s Chuck time!  Jimmy pulls up to his house, but not before reviewing today’s paper.  As he predicted, a story about him is front page news, something he doesn’t want Chuck to see.  He takes the paper and throws it in the trunk, and completes his usual Chuck routine.  He enters the house; Chuck asks him if he grounded himself, he did of course, damn you Chuck.  Jimmy talks about the new business he’s drummed up.  Chuck suspiciously keeps asking him how he got it, and Jimmy vaguely keeps answering him.  Jimmy leaves Chuck’s to attend some meetings with his new clients.  We see Chuck wait for Jimmy to leave and then grab his favorite space blanket and heads….outside!  He’s going to grab a neighbor’s newspaper.  He goes across the street, but not before we are treated to some Requiem for a Dream type shots of Chuck trippin’ billies.  He grabs the paper, struggles with laying down $5 for taking it and brings it back home.  Out of breath, he opens the paper and finds the story on Jimmy.  End of episode.


Little by little we are seeing the monster known as “Saul Goodman” begin to form.  The past couple of episodes showed us a different side of Saul/Jimmy and that he actually seemed quite pure and incorruptible.  But tonight’s episode clearly showed that Jimmy/Saul is willing to go down the rabbit hole and get what he wants. It clearly paid off for him as he went from 0 usual phone messages to 7.  More good character development tonight from some of the supporting cast, including Kim who I think is a great complement to Jimmy.  Will she leave HHM and join up with Jimmy?  We know that Kim doesn’t appear in the Breaking Bad series, so if she does join Jimmy, they clearly don’t last as working buddies.  Still want to see more Mike, was hoping we could see a little bit more from him after 4 episodes.  Until next week, this has been your self-proclaimed expert.

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