Ep. 5 “Alpine Shepherd Boy”


Better Call Saul “Alpine Shepherd Boy” Recap and Review

Sullywood Rating: 7.5/10


Hello fellow Better Call Saul fans, I’m sure you were just as intrigued as me to watch this week’s episode and also find out what in the heck an Alpine Shepherd Boy is.  We open with Chuck’s old lady neighbor,  that saw him take her newspaper, peering through her blinds, and a police squad car rolls up to her house.  We see Chuck, recovering from his day out…err minute out.  There is a knock on his door, it’s the police.  They want to talk with Chuck.  Chuck would rather not, “he has a condition.”  Chuck begins describing probable cause to the police.  While one listens to Chuck, the other officer goes around back and looks inside Chuck’s home.  They see the way Chuck is living and know they need to do something.  They demand he opens the door, and he agrees, but only if they leave all of their devices outside, including their Tasers.  Sorry Chuck, the police don’t take requests.  They barge in, with Tasers, and take him down. (Btw, when writing this, I had no idea Taser was the manufacturer of a “taser”, and that a “taser” is not the actual product, but just the manufacturer.)

the more you know

Jimmy rolls up to the gate of a very large home and explains that he’s here to see Mr. Richard Sipes, the man replies “Call me Ricky”.  Ricky says he saw Jimmy on the TV, and he feels Jimmy believes in the real America.  Ricky further preaches that the government is once again squashing entrepreneurship.  Ricky tells Jimmy that he is the lawyer he needs, and boy does Ricky have a case.  Ricky says he wants to secede from the US.  After a long stare, Jimmy says “Ricky, I’m your man”.  And with that Ricky lets out a Howard Dean yell.  Jimmy says it’s going to take time, money, and that he’s ready.  Ricky says he wants Jimmy on retainer, for 1 million, and asks if Jimmy would you like that in cash, and pulls out the upfront 500K….notice how I didn’t use the “$” sign with those figures? That was intentional because there is one problem with Ricky’s money…the dollar bills have Ricky’s face on them.

Jimmy’s next appointment is with Roland J Cox and boy does he have an invention.  We enter Roland’s garage, and he asks Jimmy about patent law.  We see something under a blue tarp, and Roland asks Jimmy to sign a non-disclosure.  Roland pulls off the tarp and…..it’s a toilet.  BUT! Not just any toilet, Tony the Toilet Buddy!  This particular toilet is used to help children potty train by using encouraging messages as they go.  Let’s just say the Tony the Toilet Buddy takes “dirty toilet” to a whole new level.  Roland would like Jimmy’s opinion.  Jimmy says it’s a bit sexual, well maybe suggestive.  The man is not pleased and Jimmy walks out.  Next stop for Roland?

shark tank

Jimmy’s last appointment of the day is with an elderly woman who we first see doing her best Mrs. Deagle impression coming down the stairs on her motorized chair.  The woman exclaims “I’ve found the Alpine Shepherd Boy”.  She slowly walks over and hands him the Hummel of the Alpine Shepherd Boy.  (Once again, another word that I thought was just a noun, “Hummel” is the company that makes “hummels” apparently) We see that Jimmy is helping her out with her will.  She is very diligent in her assignments of her Hummels, but she’s a bit mixed up.  Luckily Jimmy’s got her covered.  But before they go any further, Jimmy needs to talk his rate.  He tells her his rate is $140, but she can pay $70 today if she can only.  She rummages through her coin purse and gives him all $140.

straight cash

Jimmy is at the nail salon painting Kim’s toes and joking about the sexual toilet from earlier (2 phrases I’m sure have never been used in the same sentence).  Jimmy is clearly not thrilled about the appointments he had today, total comes to 2 wills.  Kim mentions elder law, and Jimmy seems intrigued.  Kim’s phone rings and its Howard, Kim looks at a puzzled Jimmy and says “It’s Chuck”.

We see Chuck in the hospital, looking like he’s in a trance, and the whole room is an electricity nightmare for him.  Jimmy enters and begins to turn everything off, before a guard holds him back. Jimmy says Chuck is “allergic” to electricity.  The doctor wants to know about it.  She explains the newspaper incident, Jimmy wants to know why he wasn’t contacted, and the doctor says all they could find was an old business card.  The Doc recommends that Chuck be committed for 30 days for observation.  Chuck snaps out of it and says “I’d rather not”.  He begins to talk to the doctor, and explains he has Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity.  He states that he has had these symptoms for 2 years.  The Doc is skeptical.  She begins asking Chuck more questions, and while he’s talking, she turns on his hospital bed, no reaction from Chuck.  They leave.  Jimmy says it was a dirty trick.  Jimmy says he’s been helping, doc says he’s been enabling.  Jimmy asks Kim what she would do; she says all she knows is that he needs help.  Jimmy tells the hospital to release Chuck, they are leaving.  Howard enters, says he doesn’t believe Chuck is mentally ill either.  Jimmy says of course he thinks that, because that would make Jimmy his legal guardian and he could cash Chuck out.  Jimmy says he changed his mind and is going to commit Chuck.  He walks off and Kim comes after him, Jimmy says he just wanted to see Howard sweat.

We’re back at Chuck’s place.  Jimmy notices the paper and the story from the billboard.  Jimmy thinks maybe Chuck got sick because he read the story.  Jimmy says every time he does something wrong, Chuck gets sick.  Jimmy says all he’s doing is advertising.  He’s gotten business, and he thinks he has a niche, elder law.  Jimmy says he’s going to make Chuck a promise, the billboard was a one-time thing.  Slippin’ Jimmy is dead and buried says Jimmy.  I feel like Slippin’ Jimmy is his own separate character.

Jimmy is watching Matlock and taking notes, drawing up a suit design.  Now we’re at a retirement home and its JELLO time.  One lady finishes her cup and we see an ad at the bottom of the JELLO cup, it says “Need a will, call Mcgill”, and there’s Jimmy with his new tux, making the rounds around the home.

Jimmy pulls up to Mike’s booth and makes jokes, Mike just loves jokes.  This time Jimmy has the stickers, and he gives Mike his card for his elder law service…Jimmy means if Mike happens to know any elders.  We stay on Mike, and it goes from morning to night.  We see Mike leave and go to his favorite diner.  We now see a woman getting into her car, she’s being watched…by Mike.  She pulls along his car and stops, they both look at each other, and she drives off slowly, (assuming this is Mike’s daughter).  Mike drives off and pulls up to his house.  He’s watching TV, and notices someone go by his window.  Knock on the door, Mike gets a baseball bat.  It’s the cops.  Mike says to the man “you’re a long way from home aren’t you?” and the man replies “you and me both.”  Fade to black.


Another enjoyable episode this week.  I really feel like this is a show where you aren’t going to have a bad episode or the dreaded “filler episode”, don don don.  Nice progression with Jimmy and his career.  I feel like the elder law is right up his alley.  Still on the edge of my seat waiting for the day that Mike joins Jimmy.  The promo for next week’s episode is definitely steering that in the right direction.  While I enjoy the character of Chuck and the conscience that he brings to Jimmy, I don’t want to see more than a few minutes of him and his electro issue during an episode.  The part in the hospital was too long and took away from the momentum of Jimmy and his work for this episode.  One odd thing that I noticed in this episode is that I feel like the Jimmy that we saw visiting Chuck in the pilot and the subsequent episodes seemed different than the Jimmy we saw in the hospital.  It was my feeling of Jimmy and his body language from the beginning that he believed this was all in Chuck’s head, but at the hospital he seemed all in that it was a physical condition.  As I said above, looks like a lot of Mike and Jimmy next episode, woohoo!  As always, this has been your self-proclaimed expert.

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