Ep. 6 “Five-O”

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Better Call Saul “Five-O” Recap and Review

Sullywood Rating: 8.5/10


To use a phrase from my Lost days, this was a Mike-centric episode.  And a lot like Lost, we start off with a flashback! We see a large train coming down the tracks, Mike gets off.  He goes into the station and sits down.  A woman calls his name and they greet each other and then hug.  It’s the woman from the previous episode.  He is leaving with her, but first….Mike needs to use the restroom, the woman’s restroom? To buy lady products??  All correct! He then goes into the men’s restroom and we see him reveal a bullet wound and put the female product on it.  Really could’ve used just 3 words to describe these scenes:


Mike’s pushing his granddaughter on a swing, his daughter(?) in the background.  Mike mentions that he’s in town indefinitely and that he’s not like he was, and he’s here for them.  She mentions a Mattie who died, and before he died he was acting different.  He seemed okay to Mike.  (Mattie must be her husband) His daughter mentions an incident where she spied on Mattie talking on the phone with someone, and she thinks it was Mike.  Mike says to just let it go.  His daughter doesn’t look thrilled with that.  Mike gets up to leave and says he can drop by if she wants from time to time.  Mike gets in a cab, and asks the cabbie if he knows the town, cabbie says pretty well, Mike says how well?  Mike looking for the muck of the town gets patched up by a veterinarian.  The vet asks him if he’s passing through or sticking around, says he can get Mike some work.  Mike says he’s not looking for that type of work. We are now back to present day…err Better Call Saul present day and the cops are asking Mike questions.  Mike displays his inner Marshawn Lynch and keeps repeating the same phrase….”I want my lawyer”.  They ask him what lawyer, and he slides Jimmy’s card to them. Episode screenshot below:


Slippin’ Jimmy in the house!  He asks the cops to see his client, who oblige but not before cracking some Matlock jokes.  (Love a good Matlock joke) Jimmy asks Mike what happened, “Mayor didn’t have enough stickers”. (BURN!!!!)  Mike informs Jimmy of the reason he’s there, to spill coffee on one of the cops so that Mike can steal a notebook from his pocket.  Mike says Jimmy owes him one for helping him out with the Kettlemans. (By the way, what the heck happened to the Kettlemans?) Jimmy still refuses.  The cops re-enter, and explain that they just want Mike to give them any info on a case.  Jimmy asks for the background and they mention that they are from Philly, and worked with Mike, along with his son Matt. So it looks like that’s his daughter in law from earlier, not his daughter, check, oh and her name is Stacey.  Apparently Mike’s son was ambushed and killed in a drug bust, but his partners survived.  The cops continue and mention that those same partners were found dead.  Hoffman and Fenske were their names, and being shady was their games (meh it rhymed).  They find it very interesting that Mike came to New Mexico the day after the cops were found dead.  Mike looks at Jimmy and Jimmy blows the whistle, “That’s it, no more questions.”  They get up and Jimmy does end up spilling the coffee on the younger cop, and as planned Mike steals the notebook.

We see Mike going through the little notebook.  He then calls his Stacey and says we need to talk.  Back at her house, Mike argues that it’s crazy that she thinks her husband was dirty. She mentions she found money tucked away.  Mike questions why she didn’t go to him first.  She says she tried, but that he wouldn’t talk to her, he was drunk all the time.  Mike says he’s changed his those ways and he keeps exclaiming that his son wasn’t dirty, and he leaves.

Flashback again.  Mike walks down an alley and walks towards a cop car parked behind a bar.  He pulls out a string and performs a fancy little trick and unlocks the door, we don’t see actually see what he does once he’s in the car.  He’s in the bar now, and looks about as drunk as you can get.  He looks over and sees two cops.  He then stares them down and they awkwardly cheers him.   He sort of gives a laugh and walks towards them.  It’s Hoffman and Fenske.  He hugs them and says “I know it was you”, they don’t say anything and he walks off.  In case you were like me and were wondering which cop was Hoffman and which cop was Fenske, I made a little cheat sheet for you:


Mike’s closing the place down, dude has some stamina.  The bartender offers him a lift, but Mike’s okay (Ehhhhh don’t know about that Mike) He tells the bartender he’s going to Albuquerque, NM.  He leaves through the back door and heads down the dark back alley at night (usually ends well).  He staggers down the street and someone calls his name, its Hoffman and Fenske.  They offer him to give him a ride (where in the hell were these nice people back when I was in college?!?!).  They pull over and put him in the back and take his gun.  They ask him what he meant earlier when he said “I know it was you”.  Mike says they killed Mattie, and he’s gonna prove it.  They pull into a shipping yard, nobody in sight, never good.  Hoffman and Fenske get out of the car and we see Mike pull a gun out of the back seat and put it in his pocket. (So that’s what you were doing with your string trick). They pull him out and they lean him up against a wall.  H&F are talking about Mike and going through the motions of how he died, clearly plotting his death.  Mike sobers up real quick and he shoots them both, but not without one of the cops getting Mike in the shoulder.  Mike you cheeky bastard, how’d you do it? 2 possible scenarios:




Going with the latter.

We see Mike back at Stacey’s house.  He opens up about the past and that he was the one that was dirty, he was the one taking a taste, not Mattie.  Mattie wanted to go to Internal Affairs, but Mike wouldn’t let him and persuaded him not to.  Mattie was stubborn though. Mike says he finally got Mattie to take the money, and then was killed 2 days later.  Mike breaks down and says he made Mattie lesser, made him like him.  Stacey asks him who killed Hoffman and Fenske, he says “You know what happened, the question is, can you live with it?”  Fade to black.


Wow, we learned more about Mike in this one episode than we did from the entire Breaking Bad series, and I’m not complaining one bit.  I love Mike and everything he does, feel free AMC to include Mike in as much as possible.  Jonathan Banks was amazing and had some truly inspiring scenes.  This episode was a long time coming and it didn’t disappoint.  Man that part where Mike traps Hoffman and Fenske was great and had me cheering.  What’s great is that the audience knew Mike wouldn’t die and knew that the two cops would, but it didn’t matter, it was still suspenseful and absolutely fantastic. Many times this type of episode would be called “filler”, but I guarantee you every fan of Breaking Bad would never use such a term to describe “Five-O”.  Now that we’ve learned more about Mike, will he soon join up with Jimmy, or is that still a ways off?  With only 4 episodes left in the inaugural season of Better Call Saul I’m thinking things are going to start heating up very quickly.

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