Ep. 7 “Bingo”


Better Call Saul “Bingo” Recap and Review

Sullywood Rating: 7.5/10


It’s now time for what I am now calling the best hour in television.  That’s right, I’ve seen enough and this is the show I get most excited for each week now.  We begin with Saul and Mike sitting at the police station, in silence.  Saul reminds Mike “I do all the talking, that’s why this works”.  The two cops from Philly run up to them and Detective Abbasi (the younger cop) screams for his notepad back. Jimmy intervenes and Abbasi calls him an ambulance chasing piece of shit.  Jimmy explains that they found the notepad outside.  Abbasi, not pleased, threatens Mike, says he’ll talk to his daughter in law.  Mike asks Jimmy to leave, which would leave him with Detective Sanders (the older cop).  Sanders apologizes for Abbasi, Mike says he likes him.  Sanders explains that they’re going to talk to Mike’s daughter in law, and if he wants to talk with her first, he’d better do it quick.  These two have a past that wasn’t clearly shown in the last episode during the interrogation, but they definitely had a friendship.

Outside of the station, Jimmy asks Mike what he said to Sanders, Mike gives him nothing.  Jimmy says Sanders is playing Mike, and that he should know better than most what Sanders is doing, baiting him.  Mike says he no longer needs Jimmy’s services.

Jimmy arrives at Chucks for his weekly visit.  No sign of Chuck at first, then a faint call comes from Chuck.  He’s outside! And he’s counting, got all the way to 120.  Chuck says it’s an experiment and that he’s attempting to build up a tolerance to electric fields, and that he wants to build up immunity.  Jimmy is clearly happy with this news.  Chuck mentions he almost lost everything, he has to get better.  Jimmy says he’s proud of Chuck. We saw a cocoon hanging from the tree as Jimmy pulled up to Chucks and now Chuck seems to be changing…..

rat symbol

Jimmy brings some case files into the house, and wants to leave them at Chuck’s, for just a little while.  Chuck questions that “business is that good?”.  Chuck looks very on edge about these files being there.  He stares them down, walks over, and begins to go through them.  We see Jimmy peering in through the window at Chuck. What are you up to Slippin’ Jimmy?

Jimmy and Kim arrive at a very nice looking office.  Jimmy introduces himself to the security desk clerk and asks for the keys to suite 801.  Kim mentions that this is “really nice” in a surprised tone.  The office space is completely empty, starting with a clean slate Jimmy explains.  Jimmy emphasizes “to be successful you got to look successful”.  He shows her his office and then another office.  Kim thinks this other office is much better than Jimmy’s.  He saves he’s saving it for someone, his partner, her.  She thanks him but she has a lot invested at HHM.  Jimmy looks visibly disappointed and quite sad. L

The Kettleman’s are at HHM meeting with Kim.  She says that their chances to win the trial are slim.  Kim says they’ve worked hard but they are fighting an uphill battle.  The DA even finds them a flight risk, the Kettlemans find this amusing.  Kim says Craig is looking at 30 years, but…..there is an arrangement with the DA, 16 months, they do have to return the whole 1.6 million though.  Betsy says there is no money because Craig is innocent.  Betsy is not having it, and Betsy be crazy!  Kim says she’ll give them a few minutes to discuss, Betsy says they don’t need to discuss, and with a smile she looks at Craig, then turns to Kim and utters:


Howard Hamlin is desperately trying to keep them as clients as they are briskly walking out of HHM.

We are now at Jimmy’s bread and butter, the old folks home.  Jimmy is running Bingo, “it’s almost too much excitement” he says.  He continues to announce the letter/number combinations when…we have a winner!…and what has she won??? A kitty cat notebook…awesome.  Someone calls Jimmy and he steps out to take the call.  It’s the Kettlemans.  They meet at the diner.  Betsy says her demands, they’re innocent and they want Jimmy to prove it.  Jimmy inquires about HHM, Betsy says they treated them like they were guilty (the nerve!).  They love his passion and can-do attitude.  Jimmy apologizes but he’s changed his specialty, he only does elder law now.  Betsy says they’ve already paid him a retainer.  He says he needs to use the restroom because of that dang big gulp he had:

big gulps

He calls Kim and tells her he’s with Ned and Maud Flanders, aka the Kettlemans.  Kim wants Jimmy to convince them to come back to HHM, that it’s better for them.  He goes back to the table, and Betsy is ready to sign on the dotted line with Jimmy.  Jimmy says he can’t and they should go back to HHM.  Betsy doesn’t want a deal, she wants Craig exonerated.  Betsy says there was no money.  Jimmy wants Betsy to come back down from cloud cookoo.  Betsy slowly explains, if there were any money, there would have to be a full accounting of it, all would have to be present, every single penny, explaining this Jimmy while also staring right into his soul, ahhhhh we see what you’re doing Betsy, Craig reiterates that they are referring to the money they gave him, thanks Craig.

Howard and Jimmy are quickly walking side by side through the HHM office, not speaking.  Howard and Jimmy end at an office and Howard shows Jimmy the Kettleman files in what was Kim’s old office.  Jimmy asks where she is and Howard mentions that she’s been moved, and according to Jimmy she’s now in a crappier part of the office.  Jimmy leaves and talks with Kim in the parking garage.  Jimmy says he tried, but the Kettlemans wanted to stay with him.  Kim says she believes him but that they won’t get a better deal with him.  Kim says Craig didn’t cover his tracks well and since they aren’t her clients anymore, she’ll say it “they’re guilty”.  Jimmy says there’s got to be a loophole, Kim answers with that the only chip they have is the money, and they refuse to play it.

Back at Jimmy’s office, aka the nail salon, he’s going through the Kettleman files.  He looks up the term embezzlement in a book.  He then pauses and looks up at the ceiling, gets up and grabs a shoe box down from it, it contains the money in it he got from the Kettlemans.  We are now at the Kettlemans and we see someone spray something on a stack of dolar bills, its Mike!  He puts the stack of bills on the bed of a remote control pickup truck. He then leaves and exits through the back gate where we saw Jimmy earlier in the season chase after the Kettlemans.  Mike stops just outside the gate, the Kettleman house in his view, and grabs an apple from a tree next to him.  Judging by the time pass and that he’s clearly eaten 5 of those apples now, Mike is waiting for them to go to bed.  After awhile Craig comes out of the house to take out the trash and he sees the money on the truck, grabs it, and runs back inside. We see him talking with Betsy and also the kids, kind of weird with the kids around.  Mike continues to look on, when all of the lights go out, he makes his move.  He slowly walks up to the house and climbs some back stairs which leads to the 2nd floor of the home.  He breaks into Kettleman manor and turns on a black light looking for finger prints.  He sees a group of fingerprints that finally leads him to the cabinet underneath the bathroom sink.  He removes all of the items under the sink and notices a flap on the end, pulls it up, and woah baby:


Mike brings the money back to Jimmy.  Jimmy thanks him for not skipping town.  Jimmy puts back the money the Kettlemans gave him in the bag. Mike asks him what he’s doing; Jimmy says “the right thing”.  Jimmy asks Mike if he knows where he’s going, Mike says yes, and Mike states he assumes that he and Jimmy are square.

Jimmy arrives at the door of the Kettlemans.  Jimmy has news about their case.  He says let’s talk about the deal, they say there is no deal.  He says before we discuss, why don’t you check on the money they didn’t steal.  Betsy runs upstairs and frantically looks for it.  Jimmy waits.  Betsy comes back out and asks where it is, Jimmy says it’s on its way to the DA’s desk.  Betsy says he stole from them and that they will have him arrested.  Jimmy says on a good day her and logic are far apart.  Jimmy says they’re lucky to have a good lawyer, Kim.  He explains that they are going to go back to her and HHM and take that deal.  Betsy says they could tell the DA about the bribe for Jimmy.  Jimmy says they could do that, but that would also implicate Betsy, which could lead to her imprisonment and possible conjugal visits.  Craig talks sense into Betsy who still claims that she wants to find a new lawyer.  Betsy breaks down, and Craig holds her as Jimmy looks on.

Jimmy is waiting in the parking garage of HHM for Kim.  She comes down in the elevator and he opens the door for her that leads to the parking garage where the Kettlemans await in Jimmy’s car.  They go back up with Kim in the elevator and she mouths “thank you” to Jimmy.  Jimmy visits the new office he was hoping to call home, I’m assuming for the last time.  He enters “Kim’s office” looks out the window, smiles, and kicks the door shut with his foot, and continuously kicks it before falling down.  Jimmy looks defeated and beat.  Jimmy gets a phone call and he answers it in his “receptionist voice”, fade to black.


Tonight’s episode ended with what looks like a possible breaking point for our hero Jimmy.  I must admit, before the series started, I never imagined that Saul/Jimmy would be this moral and it’s actually very refreshing to see in the Breaking Bad Universe.  For the second time in as many episodes, Jimmy had his nest egg set, before it being ripped from his various hands, the first being those crazy made up dollars.  I really like the relationship between Jimmy and Kim.  I fully expected her to be the cliché ex-lover (I love to use the word cliché, so get used to it) when they began this series, but instead she’s a trusted ally and friend.  Jimmy must really care about her figuring that when he helped her tonight, he was helping Howard out as well.  I was giddy like a school girl over the scene of Mike teaming up with Jimmy and pulling the mini-heist to get the Kettlemans money, wait….what money? Right Betsy?  Oh boy does Betsy have a screw loose. With only 3 episodes left this season, I don’t necessarily see where the climax, so to speak, is coming.  It’s possible the Kettlemans final trial is, but it’s very hard to tell.  Until next week, this has been your self-proclaimed expert.

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  1. A very touching scene where Saul is hanging in the office that almost was. So close to his dream but gave it up to do the right thing. My heart went out to him.

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