Ep. 8 “RICO”

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Better Call Saul “RICO” Recap and Review

Sullywood Rating: 7/10


The more things change the more they stay the same, eh Chuck?  We begin by seeing a young Jimmy doing the role of the mail room guy passing out….well mail.  He rolls to the other side of the office and we see the letters HHM on the wall.  He rolls into a dark room and we see Kim at the computer.  He hands her a letter and he says “He can’t open it”.  Kim opens the letter, she looks happy, and kisses him.  Jimmy walks into Chuck’s office and hands him the letter.  Chuck surprised, asks “You passed the BAR???”  Jimmy says he’s been attending school at night, The University of American Samoa. GO LANDCRABS!  (If you go back and look at old Breaking Bad episodes, you can see Saul’s diploma from the University of American Samoa)  Jimmy asks Chuck if he’s proud of him, Chuck says yes.  Then Jimmy asks Chuck if he will hire him, Chuck says he’ll have to ask Howard and the other partners.  We see Jimmy and Kim with their mail room buddies cutting a celebratory cake (yayyyy).  Howard arrives (boooo) and knocks on the door and Jimmy hands him some cake.  Howard then asks the others if he can have a word with Jimmy.  They close the door as they leave, which also closes our ears to the conversation.  But judging by the body language, Howard will not be hiring Jimmy.  Howard begins to leave, turns back around and tells Jimmy lets reassess in 6 months.

Back to the present Saul time, Howard enters Kim’s old office, which she is moving back into after getting the Kettleman case back.  Howard says they are ready for them, Kim says she’s got some stuff to do and isn’t sure, Howard says she’s earned it.  We see Howard on TV doing a press conference for the Kettleman case, Jimmy is watching while waiting to see one of his elder clients at Sandpiper Crossing Retirement Home.  He walks into the main room and hands out his card to some elders, some awake, some asleep.  Jimmy is meeting with his client, getting the last few signatures for his client’s will.  The total for his services is $140; Jimmy says he takes cash or check….or cash.  She only has $43, he accepts that and tells her to just mail the rest when she gets it, and she says she has to wait for her allowance.  Jimmy leaves.  Jimmy pauses and turns back.  He knocks on her door and asks her about her “allowance”.  She explains that Sandpiper gets her money, and then takes out what they need, and give her the rest.  Jimmy asks if that’s how Sandpiper does it for all of their residents and she says yes.  Jimmy asks if he can talk to her friends.  We see the clerk that greeted Jimmy earlier looking in on Jimmy meeting with a small group of elders.

Jimmy is at Chuck’s place, looking for his boxes.  Jimmy goes through his papers and notices that Chuck did all of his paperwork.  Jimmy starts explaining the oddities found in the Sandpiper paperwork to Chuck.  All the items that Sandpiper provides for them, they are overcharging.  Jimmy says that means and Chuck interrupts “fraud”.  Chuck missed these details, and Jimmy awkwardly says he got lucky.  Chuck warns to Jimmy to not be half cocked when he goes back, and Jimmy agrees, gotta be full cocked!  Jimmy says he’s going back to Sandpiper.  He walks back in and begins to sign in, the clerk pulls away the sheet and says they are worried about solicitors, Jimmy jokes that he’s not a gigolo, and she replies “legal solicitation”.  Jimmy notices something in the back office, begins to walk towards the office to check, and 2 bodyguards shove him back.  Jimmy is about to leave, then re-enters and says he needs to use the bathroom, he’s got IBS.  Jimmy sits down and begins writing something, at first on the back of a notepad, and finishes on a roll of toilet paper. He finally comes out and explains that what he has is a demand letter to inform them of pending litigation for breach of contract and they’d better stop shredding.  The 2 bodyguards grab Jimmy and throw him out, Jazz style:


We see Mike in his favorite booth.  He gets a call. It’s Stacy.  She asks Mike if he could watch Kaylee, Mike looks visibly touched, and says he’d happily do it.  We see Jimmy in his car, its dark; he’s outside of Sandpiper Crossing.  We see the clerk woman from earlier leaving.  Jimmy gets out of his car and heads to the dumpster; he opens it, slams it shut and screams Jesus.  He takes a deep breath and dives on in with his flashlight.  This is disgusting, and ahhhh holy shit a used adult diaper!  We pan outside and the 2 bodyguards are walking up to the dumpster, and throw in 2 bags on top of Jimmy.  A few seconds later, he gets a call and answers.  It’s a lawyer who represents Sandpiper.  He says he received Jimmy’s “demand letter”, and is confused on what he’s accusing his clients of.  Jimmy says it’s all in the letter.  Mr. Schweikart says it’s hard to read and that Jimmy should use two-ply next time (someone’s got jokes!).  He then asks Jimmy if he’s related to Charles McGill, and Jimmy says he is.  Mr. S (got tired of typing that awful name, just like the damn Kettlemans!) any who, says that this is just a shake down and he’ll sanction him if he goes further.  Jimmy exits the dumpster and peers into a recycling bin.

Back at Chuck’s, I’m assuming because of the lantern, we see Jimmy has a ton of trash bags filled with shredded documents.  He begins to go through them, trying to Argo them back together.  Its morning and it looks like Jimmy’s been up all night working on it.  Chuck comes down and asks what he’s doing there.  Chuck is concerned that Jimmy has broken a law, but Jimmy says if an animal or hobo can get it, it’s basically legal right? Chuck agrees.  Jimmy wants to continue there and Chuck agrees to it, says he wouldn’t mind the company…..awww Chuckster.  Chuck brings Jimmy some coffee and we see Jimmy passed out on the floor, sleeping.  Chuck begins going through the shreddings, clearly a tough task.  Still not as hard as:


It’s now dark, Jimmy finally wakes up. Jimmy walks over to Chuck and Chuck has been busy.  Chuck says he’s found Jimmy’s smoking gun.  Chuck begins telling Jimmy what he thinks they should do.  He mentions “us” and Jimmy says “Us? We’re working together on this?”, Chuck says it’s up to him, and Jimmy smiles and gives Chuck a big hug.  Tag team back again:


We see Kim at her office, phone rings, its Jimmy.  Jimmy wants her to look something up.  He gives her some cases to get information on.  Kim can’t print out everything, too much money, Jimmy asks Chuck what they should do, and Chuck gives Jimmy his billing code.  Kim isn’t sure that Chuck is allowed to help.  I find this interesting; hopefully this doesn’t bite Jimmy in the ass later.  Things haven’t exactly gone his way recently.

Mike is playing with Kaylee.  Stacy comes home.  Mike is about to leave, when Stacy says she needs to talk.  She pulls out an envelope full of money and needs to know what to do with it.  She wants to know if she can spend it.  Mike says if it does a single good thing in this world, then spend every penny, what say you Diddy?


We see Mr. S talking on the phone, a fax comes in.  It’s one of the shredded documents.  Mr. Schweikart and his people roll up to Chuck’s.  Jimmy asks them to leave their electronics outside, Mr. S says he’s heard about this, gives a douchey chuckle, and they comply.  They walk in and Jimmy has them sit down at a table.  Jimmy goes to get Chuck and Chuck looks pretty nervous.  Mr. S greets Chuck and goes on about a past case they worked on together, Chuck looks sick during this.  They begin discussing the case.  The Sandpiper team argues that nobody is making the elders turn over their money, and that all Sandpipers across the country are 5 star rated facilities.  They did find a few overbillings though, $46,000 only though they say.  They basically offer $100K to close this thing out.  Jimmy says hell nah and that they’ll have to do better than that. He further explains the fax he sent over earlier.  Basically Sandpiper shipped syringes across state lines, a big no no.  Mr. S asks if Jimmy is trying to make this a RICO case.  Jimmy says he prefers the term “fraud” and with their 100K, Jimmy says you know where they can stick it.  Mr. S says they need a minute, and then turns back around asks for an amount.  Chuck blurts out 20 million and Jimmy shoots him an odd look.  Mr. S laughs and then they leave.  Jimmy talks with Chuck about the amount, and Chuck begins to explain what they should do.  Jimmy looks confused, but ultimately gets to work.

We see a vet’s office, and we scroll over a few people and their pets before we get to Mike with a dog.  Mike is with our vet from his Mike-centric episode.  The vet asks if there is anything “else” he can do for Mike.  Mike asks if he’s still in touch with his people.

Jimmy rolls up to Chuck’s.  They begin talking when Chuck asks Jimmy about a certain group of documents he needed, Jimmy is tired and lays on the couch, says he will get them in a minute from his car, just wants to close his eyes.  Chuck, still analyzing a document, gets up and begins walking through the house and ends up walking outside.  He opens the mailbox, grabs the car keys and opens the trunk and grabs the box.  Jimmy wakes up and walks outside, and yells Chucks name, Chuck looks up at Jimmy and asks “what?”  All of a sudden, he realizes he’s outside; his face turns from concentrated to terrified.  Fade to black.


As always, another solid episode this week.  It’s still so very interesting to see Jimmy/Saul doing the right thing most of the time and its almost heartbreaking to see him be such a crusader in these episodes, especially because of the man he becomes.  I know that sounds like I’m talking about Darth Vader, but the Saul we know from the Breaking Bad episodes definitely differs from the Jimmy we know.

I love watching this show every week and I’ve even said right now this is the best show on TV, but I must step back and say that I do miss the tension filled scenes this show had at the beginning of the season and its sister show Breaking Bad had week in and week out.  It’s kind of odd looking bad at the earlier episodes and thinking about where they were going.  I thought Jimmy would be working for Nacho, and instead the 2nd half of this season has been quite tame.  Senior citizens losing money via a crooked senior living community business?  Doesn’t seem like Vince Gilligan’s normal style.  I really wonder if something crazy is about to hit us in the final 2 episodes of the season.  Till next week, this has been your self-proclaimed expert.

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