Better Call Saul Episode 9: “Pimento”

Better Call Saul Episode 9: “Pimento”

A recap and review of Better Call Saul Episode 9: “Pimento”


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Sullywood Rating: 9/10

What We Learned:

One last episode until the season finale and we begin with Jimmy and Chuck sitting on a park bench outside.  Chuck with such fear and apprehension, stares at the electrical box on a nearby pole.  Jimmy has Chuck take off his shoes and feel the grass in his toes.  Chuck is ready to go back inside.  Before they do so, he tells Jimmy he’d better be ready for this case.

Mike and Stacey talk while Kaylee play’s on the swing set outside Stacey’s house, doing so with Mike’s dog.  Mike wants Stacey to keep the dog; it’ll help keep the bad guys away.  She okays the dog.  Mike gets a call.  The only words spoken are “yea”, “sure”, “yup” and “got it”.  Geeze Mike do you ever shut up????  Stacey asks if everything is okay, Mike says yeah, just a lead on a job.

In court, we see Jimmy arguing the Sandpiper case.  Mr. S is arguing that they are not denying Jimmy to his clients, just the property.    Mr S is trying to claim civil harassment.  The judge says he’s ready to decide on the restraining order against Jimmy.  Jimmy walks into Chuck’s house claiming:

on fire

Chuck says there was a delivery.  Deposition notices that question the mental health of Jimmy’s clients.  Jimmy is ready to dive in.  Chuck wants to talk.  Chuck thinks this case is too big for the 2 of them and wants to refer to HHM, Jimmy is not happy.  Jimmy says they don’t need them, they can “Erin Brockovich” this case.  Chuck says sure they could take the case, but it would take forever.  Jimmy says fine, he “submits to the dark side”.


Jimmy says “I guess I’ll have to get an office next to yours, finally out of the mail room”.  Chuck turns out the lights, checks to see that Jimmy is sleeping, grabs an oven mitt, and heads outside in his space blanket.  He goes to the mail box, grabs Jimmy’s cell phone and begins to dial a number with a pencil.  He says “hello, no, it’s me”.  Ohhhhh Chuck what are you doing?

Mike is waiting in a parking garage.  A very large, bearded man approaches.  This man is towering over Mike.  The man asks Mike if this is where we wait, Mike says I think so.  Another man approaches looks at both of them and says “so, what did our guy tell you about the job?”, Mike says not much.  I already thought this scene looked like something out of Grand Theft Auto, and after looking at the 2nd guy who came up to Mike, I think it’s literally the human version of Trevor Phillips.  “Trevor” asks what Mike has in the bag, Mike says it’s his pimento sandwich.  The man doesn’t believe him, and he needs to stop being a douche.  The man can’t believe Mike doesn’t have a gun on him. (Side note, all of the above was real time as I’m watching the episode, I looked up the man who plays this guy, and it is in fact the man who voices Trevor Philips, that’s awesome) For your amusement:


A nerdy looking man in a mini-van pulls up.  He gets out and greets the men.  Says his name is Price, it’s not his name, but it’s his nephew’s, awww that’s sweet.  The man says he’s already for them to go, and it’s for the agreed upon amount of $500 each.  “Trevor” suggests $750 for him and the big guy and that they should send Uncle Fester, aka Mike, home.  Mike says he’ll use one of his guns.  Trevor challenges Mike to take it from him.  He gives him the “easy” way, but Mike wants the “hard” way.  Mike quickly disposes of him and takes all of his guns off of him.  Mike says “so many guns, don’t know which one to use”.  He asks the big man if he wants one, and the big man runs off.  Mike says lets go to “Price”.  Price says we need 3 guys, Mike says no you don’t and that he wants the full $1500.

Jimmy and Chuck are getting ready.  Jimmy lifts up the back of Chuck’s suit and you can see the space blanket material in there.  They walk outside and get into Jimmy’s car.  Jimmy grabs his cell phone out of his mailbox and notices its dead.  Inside HHM a man is collecting everyone’s cell phones and we see Howard ordering everyone to give the security guard their phones.  Kim informs security to cut the power and we see Jimmy and Chuck pull up.  Chuck’s doing good so far.  They walk in, and the whole firm is there and they begin to give Chuck a round of applause.  Howard greets Chuck and they head upstairs.  In the HHM boardroom now, Howard is taking things over and starting to pull all the strings.  Jimmy wants him to slow down.  Howard tells Jimmy he’ll give him 20% when it’s all said and down. For now though, they don’t do referral fees, but they will pay him for the work he’s done already, $20,000.  Sounds good to Jimmy.  Jimmy also wants office 312, next to Chuck’s.  Howard looks confused.  He tells everyone to leave the room.  Howard says the case is all they want.  Jimmy can’t believe this.  Jimmy says he knows he hates him, and the feeling is mutual.  Jimmy wants to know why?  Howard didn’t want him then, and he doesn’t want him now. Chuck says he’s very disappointed with this.  Jimmy tells Howard to go to hell, he’s not getting the case, and that he’s a “lying, miserable, pig fucker.”  Howard says okay, if that’s his decision.  Jimmy laughs and says “what the hell just happened”, clearly shook.

Kim enters Howard’s office.  Kim would like a moment.  She wants to know why not Jimmy?  Howard says he understands, but the decision has been made.  She asks, “but why?”.  He says the partners made their decision and the “why” isn’t her concern.  She says Jimmy is a good lawyer and deserves this.  Howard says duly noted, and that next time she wants to come in and voice her opinion, she can just keep it to herself.  She begins to walk out, and we see Howard immediately regretting his actions, he tells her to stop.  She turns around and he tells her to close the door.

Mike and “Price” are waiting outside an abandoned factory.  Price mentions that their buyers are late.  Price wants to know how the exchange will work.  Mike says, probably the less talk, the better.  Mike says here’s what’s going to happen, you take the money, and hand them the pills, easy peasy.  A dirty van pulls up and 3 men get out, one of them is Nacho.  Oh hey Nacho!  Nacho asks if he has the pills, and Price asks if Nacho has the money.  Nacho hands over the money and Price runs to their vehicle.  Mike asks if all the money is there, Price says they are short $20, but it’s okay.  Mike says a deal is a deal, and wants the $20.  Nacho pulls out the $20 and drops it on the ground.  Price hands him the pills, Nacho glares at both of them and walks away back to his car with his men.  Mike and Price get back in their car and Mike tells Price he can pay him now.  Price asks how he knew he wouldn’t need a gun.  Mike mentions Nacho by his full name, and says he knew that he was doing this deal outside of his crew and that he wouldn’t do anything to make noise.  Mike says he’s dealt with enough criminals to know them. The man says he’s not a bad guy, and Mike informs him that it doesn’t mean he isn’t a criminal.  The man says he can get more pills and Mike tells him to sleep on it first, clearly seeing that the man is now thinking about what he’s just done.

Jimmy pulls up to the nail salon, where Kim is waiting outside.  Jimmy has gin, tequila, and bourbon and Kim can have it all if she will hear him bitch about Howard.  Kim keeps trying to stop him.  She says she thinks he should take the deal, it’s the best thing for him.  He can get an office and leave HHM behind, be his own man.  Jimmy can’t believe she’s telling him this.  He asks what Howard promised her.  She says take the deal one more time, and then leaves.  He goes in the back room and sits down.  He gets his phone out and realizes it’s still dead.  He plugs it in.  He picks up his office phone and looks at his cell phone.

Back at Chuck’s, he’s whistling while doing some chores.  He walks into the other room and sees Jimmy on the couch.  He says he wishes things went better, but it felt good to be back in the office.  Jimmy says he was doing some soul searching, and he’s going to take the deal.  He says he’d be a fool to pass up that money and he has zero interest in working with Howard.  Chucks says he wished it worked out.  Jimmy says it would’ve been awesome to work together, the McGill boys.  Chuck says maybe he can wear Howard out.  Jimmy says maybe there is a way Howard can change his mind, Chuck can quit.  Jimmy says to fake quit, and it’ll make Howard squirm.  “If working with me is what you really want, right Chuck??!?!”  You can tell that Jimmy knows exactly what Chuck did by his tone.  Jimmy says he never forgets to turn his phone off, so he decided to call the phone company.  They told him he had a deleted call at 2AM yesterday, and to who?…..Howard Hamlin.  Jimmy knows he called Chuck to tell him not to hire him.  And that’s all Chuck needed to tell Jimmy how he really felt.  That Jimmy was not a real lawyer and that he will always be Slippin’ Jimmy.  I can’t possibly do this scene justice, so I will type no further.  Jimmy tells Chuck he has some supplies that’ll last him 3 or 4 days and that Jimmy is done with him.  He walks out and leaves, drives to the Emmy’s and accepts the Emmy for best actor in a drama series.  Fade to black.

My Thoughts:

The last 5 minutes of “Pimento” were breathtaking, heart-pounding, and flat out amazing.  It was like a scene you’ve been waiting for all season in a show, between two people who hate each other, or someone finding out the other person’s secret, but in this case, we didn’t know we would be getting that scene between Chuck and Jimmy and it was brilliant.  We saw Chuck transform within a matter of seconds from lowly and pathetic to an intellectual tyrant with the ability to judge any and every person that is willing to compare themselves to him.  Chuck has some serious demons to exercise, and unfortunately for Jimmy, he was the punching bag.  While Chuck has a point about Jimmy’s past, I can’t imagine my brother treating me the way he did to Jimmy.  I’ve wondered, episode after episode, and scene after scene, what was going to be the breaking point that causes Jimmy to transform into Saul.  I’m thinking this last scene in “Pimento” might be it.  Jimmy has been able to turn away his own demons throughout the season, but I’m not sure he can come back from this.  Next week is the finale of the first season of Better Call Saul and I’m willing to bet it’s going to be a good one.  Till next time, this has been your self-proclaimed expert.


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