Ep. 2 “Mijo”

BSC - Mijo

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Better Call Saul “Mijo” Recap and Review

Sullywood Rating: 8/10


We begin tonight’s episode with special guest chef….Tuco!  He’s cooking up some lovely peppers when we see the Napoleon Dynamite twins appear and we clearly are opening up tonight’s episode with the series of events we weren’t privy too at the end of “Uno”.  The twins are hysterical and trying very hard to threaten Tuco and his Abuela, when all of sudden the word “bisnatch” is used.  Ohhhhh boy, you done done it now, Tuco don’t take kindly to people calling his Abuelita that!

Tuco sends his Abuela upstairs to enjoy her lunch and some of her favorite Telenovelas, isn’t it everyone’s’ favorite?  While watching, she hears some strange noises and investigates; she walks out of her room and sees Tuco cleaning up a mess.  Just some spilled salsa he says, and we see no sign of the Dynamite twins.  Tuco places a call and commands the person on the other end to tell “Nacho” to bring his van.  We then hear a knock on the door, and it’s our old pal Jimmy!

Jimmy and Tuco have a little sit down discussing Jimmy’s missing clients, but not before Abuela comes back downstairs again to remind Tuco to use club soda on that “salsa” stain.  After Abuela leaves again, its classic, or future Saul time, and he begins to reason with Tuco, who after listening to Jimmy’s plea, says “Wow, you gotta mouth on you”.  Don’t we know it.

Tuco takes Jimmy into his garage where we see the twins tied up and tape gagged.  These ropes are really tight gosh!


Tuco hands Jimmy the knife and Jimmy takes the tape off of their mouths….bad idea Jim.  The boys state it’s all Jimmy’s plan and his idea.  Tuco is none too pleased with this and points his gun at Jimmy with a high sense of intensity, then……commercial (don’t you hate that?)

We return with Jimmy and the boys in the desert, all tied up and gagged.  We see Tuco and a small group of people and he begins to grill Jimmy with questions.  Jimmy explains that he was following Betsy (of Betsy and Craig Kettleman fame) and their whole plan involving her.  Tuco motions for one of his cronies, who goes to the van and appears back with a toolbox (terrifying). Tuco chooses the snippers (good choice Tuco).  Tuco goes for Jimmy’s finger anddddd……SNIP! He didn’t? Oh thank goodness.  Jimmy pleading with him, pulls out his nice “business card” and explains that he is just a lawyer, before switching his story completely and stating that he is FBI Agent Jeffrey A Steel.  If you are keeping track, our main character is now known as Jimmy, Gene, Saul, and Jeffrey.

One of Tuco’s guys comes over and begins to ask Jimmy questions about their business to see if he’s a legit FBI agent.  Jimmy does what Jimmy does and makes up some BS.  Tuco’s guy doesn’t believe him and Jimmy gives in and confesses that he’s……himself, haven’t we been here before?  After some deep thought, Tuco and his buddy decide that Jimmy has shown them respect and they decide to let him go.

As Jimmy begins to walks away, he stops, and realizes that twins are about to meet their doom.  He tries to persuade Tuco that they should live, by telling another tale, not the tale of Slippin’ Jimmy again, but the made up tale of the twins’ hard-working widowed mother (fantastic again, love how he talks his way out of situations, not even Saul yet).  Jimmy tells Tuco to be the “judge” and make the punishment fit the crime.  Tuco of course comes up with some over the top punishments like permanent blindness or “Columbian neckties” (which sounds awful).  Jimmy suggests black eyes, but one of Tuco’s guys says they already have those (duh Jimmy, what were you thinking) Tuco yells at his man to stop helping (I agree, if we don’t know your name, callate!), Jimmy then suggests to sprain their ankles since they are skateboarders and that’s how they run their scam, Tuco raises him broken arms, Jimmy is wondering how they went from legs to arms.  Tuco re-raises his two arms to two legs, Jimmy re-raises one leg each, and Jimmy tells Tuco that everyone will know not to mess with Tuco and that he’s fair and just.  Tuco agrees to break their legs as Jimmy looks on in absolute fear.  Cannot describe how awesome this scene was.  Although I still wasn’t sure the punishment fit the crime, what say you Danny Trejo?


Allllrighty then.  In a brief scene, we see Jimmy take the boys to a hospital.  They are not pleased with their predicament, stating that Jimmy is the worst lawyer they’ve ever seen.  Jimmy, under his breath, says he’s the best.

We now see Jimmy with a woman at a bar.  They are sharing drinks and chatting.  Jimmy beings to look over the woman’s shoulder at a gentleman who will not stop breaking those mini breadstick like things.  The cracking noises are reminding Jimmy of the two legs he just saw break as easily as those breadsticks.

Its Chuck time and he’s doing Chuck things, asking once again if Jimmy grounded himself.  Jimmy, clearly drunk, stumbles onto the couch and passes out.  Chuck is suspicious that Jimmy didn’t leave his belongings in the mailbox (the nerve!) and gets some prongs and throws Jimmy’s cell phone outside, just a normal night at Chuck’s place.  Which brings up a good point, is Chuck’s house the worst place to be in the world?  Chuck looks at a receipt that fell out of Jimmy’s pocket and it’s a bill for the urgent care for the twins. Jimmy wakes up and Chuck is in a space blanket with waiting for Jimmy with black coffee.  The best part of waking up is milk in your coffee, no milk Chuck? Damn, this place sucks even worse than I thought.  They talk about the receipt and Jimmy urges Chuck that he’s not Slippin’ Jimmy no more. Jimmy asks Chuck to take off the space blanket many times before Chuck finally obliges.  Jimmy leaves and we see Chuck put the blanket back on.

Jimmy is in the courthouse now and he attempts to bribe the clerk with a “TY” stuffed pink cat, he knows how to play hard ball and asks “Got something for me?”  Jimmy is now in the bathroom where we first saw him from the pilot practicing his closing argument, looks in the mirror and says “its show time folks” and we see a montage of Jimmy working the courts. Also, he once again does not have enough stickers to leave, thanks a lot Mike!  The montage of cases continues, (you gotta have a montage, even Rocky had a montage).  We see Jimmy converse with a prosecutor multiple times to try and lower a sentence.  Finally he sways him with Fritos (love those). Loved this whole series of cuts, love any cuts with Bob doing his lawyer thang.

Jimmy is back at this office at the nail salon, he checks his voicemail, 0 messages, Jimmy has the same look I get when I see 0 comments or likes on my TV recaps and reviews ;).  Jimmy pulls a bed out of his couch and pours himself a drink.  Looks like this is where he lives and he sits back and sips the drink when all of a sudden there’s a knock on his door. “You have a customer” the nail salon lady says. Oh boy its Tuco’s bud, Nacho, although I can’t recall if we ever learned his name earlier, but I know his name is Nacho through my great detective skills. Nacho inquires about the Kettlemans and says he wants to rip them off; stating he likes ripping off thieves because they can’t go to the cops (makes sense).  He offers Jimmy a “finder’s fee”, 10%. Nacho wants Jimmy to find out where their money is and Jimmy says he’s not a criminal; he’s a lawyer (pffft).  Jimmy refuses Nacho’s offer and says he doesn’t want to rip someone off.  Nacho reminds Jimmy that he stepped in for him with Tuco.  Nacho grabs a matchbook and writes his number on it and tells him to let him know when he’s in the game, fade to black.


It was another great episode from Gilligan, Odenkirk, and company.  This episode was classic BB, with its tension-filled scenes and edge of your seat dialogue.  I absolutely loved the “negotiations” between Jimmy and Tuco on what to do with the twins.  Pure genius stuff.  So far this show hasn’t disappointed and I don’t believe it will in the near future.  Nothing from the Hamlin, Hamlin, and McGill bunch this episode, but didn’t matter.  I don’t believe Tuco is in other episodes past this one.  If that’s the case, bravo Raymond Cruz for bringing the unforgettable Tuco back to life for one last run.  I can’t wait for the next episode.  As always, this has been your self-proclaimed expert.

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