Better Call Saul Episode 10: “Klick”

Better Call Saul Episode 10: “Klick”

A recap and review of Better Call Saul Episode 10: “Klick”


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Sullywood Rating: 9/10

What We Learned:

  • In a flashback, we see Chuck and Jimmy at the hospital at their mother’s side.  Jimmy leaves to get some food, and while he is away their mother wakes up and says “Jimmy” twice, before passing away.  Jimmy returns, utterly confused about how she could have passed and asks Chuck if she said anything….Chuck says no
  • Back to the present and where we left off last episode, Jimmy decides to rush into the store and tells the clerk to call an ambulance
  • After passing most medical tests, Chuck is now stable and once he sees Jimmy begins to grill him on how he managed to come to his aid so quickly.  While Chuck goes through his theory, Ernie interrupts Chuck and tells him that he called Jimmy before they got to the copy store, being nervous about Chuck’s recent behavior.  This is obviously a lie and Jimmy asks Ernie why he lied….Ernie responds with because they are friends
  • Mike purchases a sniper rifle from our neighborhood friendly illegal arms dealer with the intent of killing Hector
  • The doctors want Chuck to undergo an MRI and CAT scan.  Chuck is clearly against this.  In order to make Chuck do the tests, Jimmy takes temporary guardianship of him.  Chuck believes that Jimmy is only doing this so that he can commit him.
  • They run the tests and all seems well with Chuck according to the doctor.  But it’s not.  Chuck has slipped into a self-induced coma
  • Chuck awakes some 20 hours later and Jimmy takes him home.  Back at his own offices, Kim tells Jimmy that Howard has been trying to get a hold of him.  Jimmy calls Howard back and he informs him that Chuck has quit HHM
  • Mike positions himself on top of a ledge overlooking a plot of land where Hector, Nacho, Henchman #1, and the twins have the truck driver and plan to execute him.  Mike looks for his shot, but can’t get a clean look.  The driver is executed and Hector lives.  As Mike is packing up, he hears a car horn going off.  He realizes that it’s his and goes to his car where he finds a stick pinned up against the horn.  He takes it off and finds a note on his windshield that simply reads “Don’t”
  • Jimmy rushes over to Chuck’s place where he finds that he’s gone completely off the deep end by putting space blankets around the entire house.  Jimmy presses Chuck for an explanation on why he is quitting the law and putting up a record number of space blankets.  Chuck states that he believes his condition has made his mind get worse and that’s why he had the mistake.  Jimmy, feeling guilty, confesses to Chuck so that he’ll come back to the law.  As Jimmy leaves, we see Chuck pull out a tape recorder and hit stop

My Thoughts:

Grrrrrrr, I hate Chuck so much.  He truly gets my blood boiling.  The sad thing is that he really isn’t a bad guy, like the villains we are used to in the Breaking Bad universe.  But he’s a jack hole and I don’t like him.

This show is truly amazing how almost nothing can happen in an episode, “Klick” no different, yet you are glued to the TV.  The pace and set up of this show is the best on television.

What I found so interesting about “Klick” is how my assumptions were completely wrong at every turn.  At the end of the previous episode, I thought maybe Jimmy would get away with the Mesa Verde incident with Chuck dying or being brain dead, or in some sort of coma.  We see he’s fine and then I believe that his self-induced coma would do the same, but once again that doesn’t last long and Chuck is back on the prowl.  Then at the end, we think Chuck has finally accepted the “truth”, but not so fast my friend.  What a turn of events.

So that Breaking Bad star that I hinted at last week maybe showing up in “Klick”….didn’t…per se.  But I might not have been wrong with the introduction of the “Don’t” note.  I have an idea of who I think it is, but I’m curious of your thoughts as well.

Boy these season are quick.  I’m saddened that I basically have to wait another year to watch this fantastic show.  They topped Season 1 in my eyes and they didn’t even show their cards.  The creators have given us one of the best shows on TV without giving us exactly what this show is named after…..Saul Goodman.  Until Season 3, we’ll see you back in February 2017….. 🙁

Your Thoughts:

Who is behind the “Don’t” note?


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