Better Call Saul Episode 2: “Cobbler”

Better Call Saul Episode 2: “Cobbler”

A recap and review of Better Call Saul Ep. 2 “Cobbler”


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Sullywood Rating: 8/10

What We Learned:

  • Howard visits Chuck, looks like he took over Jimmy’s old duties of getting Chuck supplies.  While there, Chuck asks about Jimmy and Howard informs him that Jimmy took a job at Davis and Main.  Chuck seems less than thrilled at this news.
  • Jimmy and Kim get a chance to hang out at their old spot while working on the Sandpiper case.  Jimmy mentions he wants to get his own place, somewhere in between Santé Fe and Albuquerque.  Kim gives Jimmy a “World’s 2nd Best Lawyer” mug as a gift
  • Jimmy gets his new company car, and ditches the old lemon.  His brand new mug fit the cup holder of his old car; it did not in his new Mercedes….imagery much?
  • Wormald comes to the police station to talk with the police further about his baseball cards.  Luckily Mike is there to stop him from making a huge mistake.  Mike convinces him to not go and that he’ll find him his damn baseball cards.
  • Jimmy is already impressing his new boss with his work
  • Mike finds Nacho’s place of employment to get the baseball cards back.  Nacho is less than helpful, until Mike brings up bringing in Tuco
  • Wormald had to give up the Hummer for the cards and the money.  Nacho confirms that his business with Wormald is concluded.
  • Chuck keeps his word about getting to the office and comes on a day that Jimmy is there.  Jimmy and Chuck “greet” one another.  Mike calls Jimmy and asks him if he’s still “morally flexible”, Jimmy responds with “where and when”
  • Jimmy goes with Wormald to the station to talk with the police.  Jimmy explains to the police that what Wormald was hiding were fetish videos….he’s a squat cobbler….someone who sits in pies. Yup…..either way the police were fooled and it looks like Wormald is off the hook….but not before a video for evidence had to be made.
  • Jimmy tells the whole story to Kim, as they eat pie.  Kim is loving the story, up until the part about Jimmy falsifying evidence, she is none too pleased.  Kim tells him that she doesn’t want to hear that he’s done something like this again, Jimmy says she won’t.

My Thoughts:

The writers and directors have really outdone themselves this season.  Every scene in “Switch” and “Cobbler” has been masterful.

Chuck is moving up to the top of my list of characters I want to punch in the face.  Man that guy is a jerk.  Jimmy must have really misjudged the kind of person his brother is.  Chuck is jealous and can’t handle that there might be another successful attorney in the family.

I find the Howard Hamlin character a little odd this season.  It’s as if we were viewing Howard through the eyes of Jimmy and how Howard was presented to us was how Jimmy thought of him for most of last season.  So far in season 2, Howard seems nice, caring, and doesn’t have a problem going out of his way for either Chuck or Jimmy.  It’s either odd writing, or we are seeing Howard now presented a different way to us because Jimmy perceives him differently.

Your Thoughts:

Is it just me or does the Howard Hamlin character seem completely different than in season 1?


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