Better Call Saul Episode 3: “Amarillo”

Better Call Saul Episode 3: “Amarillo”

A recap and review of Better Call Saul Ep. 3 “Amarillo”


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Sullywood Rating: 8/10

What We Learned:

  • Jimmy pays off a Sandpiper Crossing driver to act like his bus, which is carrying a whole bunch of residents, has broken down.  Jimmy spends his precious moments explaining what the Sandpiper has done and manages to get the residents to fill out the forms he needs to join the cause.
  • At another Sandpiper meeting, Chuck calls out Jimmy on how he obtained all these new clients.  Jimmy is able to fend off the wolf….for now.  Kim on the other hand, isn’t buying Jimmy’s story.
  • Stacey voices her concern over gunshots she’s heard over the past couple of days to Mike
  • The mailers Jimmy has been sending out have returned disappointing results, so it’s back to the drawing board.  Jimmy thinks a television commercial might be just the ticket; Cliff isn’t opposed to the idea.  This should go well figuring we already know of the classy advertisements that await Jimmy/Saul:

better call saul

  • The camera guys from season 1 are back!  As well as Mrs. Strauss, the owner of the Alpine Shepherd Boy Hummel from season 1, who will be the star of Jimmy’s new commercial.  “I’m ready for my close up Mr. McGill” – pure genius
  • Mike begins investigating the gun shots.  Turns out, it was the paper boy flinging papers at the driveways of the homes in the neighborhood.  Later that morning Stacey calls Mike.  Mike goes to her house where she shows him what looks like a bullet hole in the side of her house.
  • Jimmy shows Kim his masterpiece of a commercial and she loves it.  She was also surprised that Cliff went for the idea, which in turn puts a nervous look on Jimmy’s face
  • Jimmy contemplates going to Cliff for approval, but decides against it and begins the advertising process on his own
  • Mike meets with his veterinarian friend from last season.  He’s looking for a job and once again, the man mentions that he’s got to get his hands dirty for good pay.  Mike doesn’t bite and instead takes a cheaper bodyguard position.
  • The commercial airs and Jimmy anxiously waits for the calls to come in.  After a period with nothing, the calls start rolling in faster than the kids at Bayside even got when the Max was in trouble:

saved by

  • Mike receives a phone call from his vet friend who has a next level job for him.  The vet tells him that the person requesting the job specifically asked for Mike.
  • Jimmy gets a phone call from Cliff, expecting congratulations, but instead gets a tongue lashing for running the commercial without Cliff’s approval first
  • Mike goes to meet the man who has the job….it’s Nacho.  Nacho says he’s got a problem; he needs to “get rid of somebody”

My Thoughts:

The transition as far as our character focus with Better Call Saul has seemed to change from this season compared to last.  Over the course of the last year, we’ve seen Mike more as a side character and another bridge between BCS and Breaking Bad.  But over the course of the end of last season and the beginning of this one, Mike is now sharing the screen with our titular character.  “Amarillo” was no different this week, where we focused on Mike and his life, without even a connection to Jimmy and his Sandpiper case.

Although Jimmy deep down understands what he shouldn’t be doing, mainly Slippin’ Jimmy things, this season he seems to have no issue bypassing his moral thought process altogether.  Where I think last season Jimmy would have waited out the commercial idea until Cliff returned, I am not at all surprised this season that he didn’t.  Humbled Jimmy seems to have hit the road already.

So that ending to “Amarillo” right?  Part of me was wondering if the person Mike was going to meet was none other than Gus Fringe.  But it made the most sense that it would’ve been Nacho, figuring that Nacho is the only person who knows of Mike’s “talents”.  But as quickly as the mystery of who hired Mike came and went, we received a new mystery, who does Nacho want to get rid of?  I am really hoping that it’s Gus.  I think it’s very possible and would be entertaining that Nacho and Gus would have a feud before the events of Breaking Bad.  After all, Nacho was not in Breaking Bad, so Nacho being killed by Gus could still realistically happen.

My other theory of who I think it might be would be Pryce, the drug dealer who lost his baseball cards in the previous episodes.  On the other hand, the whole purpose of this job for Nacho might not be to bring in an exciting new story line, but maybe to further Mike’s turn to the “dark side” so to speak.  I don’t see why Pryce wouldn’t be a perfect fit since the character is quite frankly annoying and also that Nacho could easily want him dead.  I guess we will find out next week.

Your Thoughts:

Who do you think is the person Nacho needs to “get rid of”?


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