Better Call Saul Episode 4: “Gloves Off”

Better Call Saul Episode 4: “Gloves Off”

A recap and review of Better Call Saul Ep. 4 “Gloves Off”

Gloves Off

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Sullywood Rating: 8/10

What We Learned:

  • Mike comes home and drops a wad of cash on the table.  He grabs an ice pack, puts it over half of his face, he removes it and we see that his face is completely messed up
  • Jimmy meets with the partners.  As predicted they are not happy that Jimmy aired the commercial without going to them.  Cliff tells Jimmy that the vote is currently 2 to 1 to fire him, but that he believes in second chances, so Jimmy stays
  • Howard and Chuck meet with Kim regarding the commercial, they too aren’t happy that it aired and Howard blames her for not telling them about it
  • Nacho tells Mike about the job, he wants him to knock of Tuco.  After hearing Nacho’s plan, Mike has his own plan in mind, but still wants to think about taking the job
  • Jimmy goes to HHM afterhours to see Kim.  He sees that Kim’s office is cleared out and finds her in the basement doing document review…aka crap work.  Jimmy wants to go to Howard, but Kim says that if he does, they are through
  • Jimmy rushes over to Chuck’s house after talking to Kim.  He enters his house and hears Chuck making pain noises.  Chuck is on the couch under one of his space blankets and looks bad.  Jimmy gets him some water and stays the night
  • Mike visits a gun salesman and is looking for a sniper rifle he plans on using on Tuco.  After looking at a few, Mike decides against it. Mike isn’t the only person we know who will utilize this gun salesman; a certain drug kingpin also pays him a visit in the future:


  • The next day Jimmy and Chuck debate Jimmy’s most recent choices.  Jimmy tells Chuck that Kim had no idea.  Jimmy proposes to Chuck that if he helps Kim out, Jimmy will quit the law.  Chuck doesn’t bite
  • Mike meets with Nacho and tells him he won’t kill Tuco.  He does have another plan though that will make “Tuco” go away
  • We see Tuco and Nacho meet with one of their dealers, it’s Krazy-8!  He’s also wearing a Tampico Furniture polo….nice touch.  Unfortunately as we know, the future is not as bright as Nacho sees it for Krazy:

krazy 8

  • Across the street Mike is looking on.  He picks up a pay phone and tells the police that there is a fight at the Mexican restaurant.  Mike hangs up and pulls into the restaurant, hitting Tuco’s car.  Tuco sees this and confronts Mike, after a little while the two get into it.  The cops pull up and witness Tuco hitting Mike, they find Mike’s wallet on Tuco and Tuco’s gun.  Mike later says Tuco should be locked up for about 5-10 years.  With Tuco going to jail it won’t be long before Tuco meets this guy and springboards Walter White into the mainstream:

skinny pete

  • Mike meets with Nacho and gets his $25,000 for the job.  Nacho asks Mike why he didn’t just kill Tuco and make it easy, Mike walks off without answering him.

My Thoughts:

It seems this season that one thing is for sure, Vince Gilligan and company are picking up the pace as far as merging the worlds of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad.  “Gloves Off” kept up with this theme as we saw more Mike jobs and more violence….and somewhat less Jimmy.

The criticism that seemed to hover around season 1 was that it was a tad slow and maybe even sometimes boring.  I can agree partially with those statements.  Maybe the creators heard these criticisms loud and clear or maybe this was their plan all along.  Either way, this season has felt more like an extension of Breaking Bad and less like Better Call Saul….which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Besides seeing Jimmy get his big break at Main and Davis, I’ve found myself far more interested in what Mike’s doing than what Jimmy is up to.

As mentioned in the recap for “Gloves Off”, Tuco is headed to jail, where he’ll meet Skinny Pete and thus will begin the path to creating the Walter White/Tuco connection.  Since we know this, it seems that Tuco is probably out of the picture for Better Call Saul, unless of course he gets himself a certain lawyer….anybody know of a sleazy one in town?

Your Thoughts:

Have you been more interested in Mike than in Jimmy this season?


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