Better Call Saul Episode 5: “Rebecca”

Better Call Saul Episode 5: “Rebecca”

A recap and review of Better Call Saul Ep. 5 “Rebecca”


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Sullywood Rating: 8/10

What We Learned:

  • Flashback scene, we see Chuck using electronics, which is always funny.  Jimmy just came to town and is having dinner with Chuck and his wife, Rebecca.  We are to believe that Rebecca and Jimmy wouldn’t get along, but it was Chuck who felt uncomfortable at dinner
  • We meet Erin, a 2nd year at Davis and Main.  She’s rather ambitious and annoying.  She wanted to talk to Jimmy about his briefs…Jimmy ditches her
  • Jimmy goes to visit Kim at HHM.  He presents her with the idea of suing HHM.  Kim hates the idea and tells Jimmy to stop trying to save her, and pronounces “I save me”
  • In an effort to get back in Howard’s good graces, Kim begins cold calling companies to see if they would like HHM’s services….no bites L
  • Mike has Stacey and Kailey up at a hotel
  • Jimmy goes to court with Erin, to get some dates set.  Erin doesn’t allow Jimmy to do his usual tricks with the stuffed animals.  He runs into his old pal Bill the DDA, Bill grills him on his new job…completely envious while listening
  • Kim continues making calls and Kim continues to strike out…until she gets a call back from someone who wants to hire HHM as their attorney.  After a successful meeting it seemed that Kim was back in Howard’s good graces.  Unfortunately Howard congratulates her on the new client but gives the work to another associate, due to Kim being too busy in doc review
  • Howard brings Chuck the case file for the Mesa Verde Bank.  Chuck goes into the office to begin on it, we learn he plans on coming into the office and working in the early morning until 9AM.  Kim is there and they begin to talk.  Chuck tells Kim about Jimmy and Chuck’s dad.  He explains that Jimmy used to steal money from their father, a cool $14,000.  At the end he shares his thoughts on Jimmy to Kim, Jimmy has a good heart, but he can’t help himself
  • Mike is eating at his favorite diner, when out of the blue….Hector shows up!  Was your mind blanking on who this was in Breaking Bad? I hope not, but if you need a refresher, take a look below:


  • Hector apologizes to Mike for his nephew Tuco.  He believes that Tuco should spend some time in jail, but not all of the time he was sentenced to.  He wants Mike to take the fall for the gun charge, and believes they will go easy on him since he’s an ex-cop.  Hector explains that it’s better for all parties and that he’ll even give him $5,000.  Hector leaves and tells Mike to think it over

My Thoughts:

Wow, Rhea Seehorn (aka Kim Wexler) take a bow.  Kim finally got her time to shine in “Rebecca” and she delivered.  How heart breaking was it to watch her try and scratch and claw her way back into Howard’s good graces?  And when she finally believes she has, he still gives her the cold shoulder.

I mentioned last week that Jimmy seems more and more like a side character the past couple of episodes.  Eventually Jimmy will turn into Saul and I wonder if it’s the writers’ plan for us to stop caring for Jimmy, so that his eventual turn to the dark side is more believable.  I know all I could think about during those Kim montages was “Damn you Jimmy!”

Man the cameos just keep coming!  Hector was one of the most unique and memorable characters from Breaking Bad and I’m so glad they found a way to include him.  What will Mike do?  Turn on Nacho? Give in to Hector, but remain loyal to Nacho?  Or just say screw you to Hector and chance it?  Going back or I should say forward to our Breaking Bad days, Hector was the sworn enemy of Gus, who Mike worked for.  At some point I would imagine Mike cuts ties with Hector, or never begins them.  Which means we might see Mike say “eff it” and not agree to Hector’s proposition.

Your Thoughts:

Anybody else starting to feel a little anger and frustration towards Jimmy?


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