Better Call Saul Episode 6: “Bali Ha’i”

Better Call Saul Episode 6: “Bali Ha’i”

A recap and review of Better Call Saul Episode 6: “Bali Ha’i”

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Sullywood Rating: 7/10

What We Learned:

  • Jimmy can’t sleep, he turns on the TV and sees a bland version of his commercial…..and then he plays with his balls….his decorative balls! Get your mind out of the gutter!  He eventually drives to his old “office”, pulls out the oh so nice couch bed and falls asleep
  • Kim’s about to leave for work, she keeps staring at her phone…seemingly waiting for a call.  She’s about to leave, when the phone rings.  It goes straight to voicemail where Jimmy sings her the famous “Bali Ha’I” from South Pacific.  It seems that he’s been leaving her messages for a week now
  • Howard is still giving Kim the cold shoulder
  • A man is waiting on Mike’s doorstep.  He’s from the Salamanca gang and asks Mike for a decision.  Mike says the answer is no.  The man leaves and Mike goes into his house.  He has some bags in his hand and we see he has a welcome mat and white paper, booby traps or homemade alarms?
  • We finally get to see Kim in the courtroom.  She and Schweikart are going over motions on evidence. Schweikart was clearly impressed and invites Kim to lunch.  He eventually proposes her coming to his firm
  • Mike comes home.  He checks under the welcome mat, where we see foot prints imbedded into the paper.  He gets his gun out and enters.  After searching the house Mike turns on his TV and two men come out of his bedroom where Mike is waiting.  He cold cocks them and tells them to get out
  • Mike visits his granddaughter at the hotel pool.  All is well until Mike looks up and seeeees……holy crap the Salamanca twins!  As terrifying as the first time we saw them in Breaking Bad:


  • Kim grabs a drink, obviously frustrated with work.  A man buys her the next round and they chat a little. and then Kim phones Jimmy to pull a con on him.  Dang Kim how you gonna do him like that?
  • Mike pays a visit to Hector, Nacho, and the twins.  He negotiates even more because as Hector so eloquently put it he has “Giant Balls”.  Mike asks for $50,000 and Hector eventually agrees
  • Nacho stops by to give Mike his money.  Mike gives Nacho half back, due to his failure of keeping Tuco in jail for longer
  • Kim tells Jimmy about the job offer.  He tells her to take it. They leave Kim’s apartment, kiss, and Jimmy gets into his car.  He attempts to put his cup in his favorite cup holder once more, before getting a tool out and breaking the damn thing a part….the cup now fits

My Thoughts:

“Bali Ha’i” was interesting to me, not just because of the title though.  Last week it appeared that Kim was all about her career and seriously thinking about whether a future with Jimmy was possible.  This week she takes a step back and sees that maybe life with Jimmy is what she is supposed to do.  I say take the job with the other firm Kim….screw HHM.

I for one thought Jimmy would behave himself much longer than he has at Davis and Main.  He seems to thwart any kind of authority at every possible pass.  In my opinion, I think when we see Jimmy finally turn into Saul Goodman we’ll look back at “Bali Ha’i” as the turning point.  If you saw next week’s preview, it appears Jimmy is visually turning into Saul right before our eyes.  I think a lot of what Kim talked  about with him will only reinforce his deep down belief that corporate law is not his future.

While this episode I think will be a turning point for the series, overall I thought it was just sub par when compared to the the past episodes this season.

I’m still amazed how seamlessly the creators have included Breaking Bad cameos without them being forced.  I mean if Hector wanted scare someone, he would absolutely send the Terrifying Twins to do so.  In Season 1, you had to look far and wide for small Easter eggs from BB.  This year those Easter eggs have come in the forms of brilliant cameos from past or I should say future characters.  Keep it up….awesome!

Your Thoughts:

Is the turn to Saul closer than we thought?


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