Better Call Saul Episode 7: “Inflatable”

Better Call Saul Episode 7: “Inflatable”

A recap and review of Better Call Episode 7: “Inflatable”


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Sullywood Rating: 8/10

What We Learned:

  • We begin with a flashback to Jimmy’s childhood where we see Jimmy as a boy sweeping in his dad’s store.  A man comes in and gives his dad a story about being stranded.  Jimmy, being rather slippin’ himself, recognizes this and warns his dad not to believe the guy.  We see that Jimmy’s dad gives the stranger the benefit of the doubt….and his dad was wrong.  Before leaving, the con artist tells Jimmy that there are two people in this world….sheep and wolves…. “Which one will you be?”
  • Mike and Jimmy go to the police station where they inform the detectives that the gun didn’t belong to Tuco
  • Jimmy has Omar draft up a resignation letter.  Omar questions Jimmy why he wants to leave.  Jimmy mentions that he’s not happy, but at least he gets to keep his bonus.  Omar points out that he wouldn’t be able to keep his bonus and Jimmy changes his mind
  • Jimmy begins to make his life more….colorful.  We see a lovely montage of Jimmy trying to get fired…including not flushing the toilet…have you no decency Jimmy!!!!
  • Cliff has had enough and calls Jimmy into his office.  He tells him that he wins and that he’s fired.  He knows he was only trying to keep his bonus.  Jimmy tells Cliff for what it’s worth he thinks he’s a nice guy….Cliff counters and says for what it’s worth Jimmy is an asshole
  • Jimmy goes to HHM to visit Kim.  They go into the conference room where Jimmy proposes another offer to her….starting their own firm…Wexler/McGill.  Kim wants to know one thing….will Jimmy play it straight or be colorful?  Jimmy finally explains that he has to be who he is.  Jimmy says he wants her…and Kim says he has her….just not as a law partner
  • Mike and Stacey look at a potential new home for her and Kaylee
  • Omar helps Jimmy move back into his old “office”….complete with new cocobolo desk
  • Kim has her interview with Schweikart and the partners.  All goes well except for Kim calling Rick Schweikart, Howard…well that’s embarrassing.  After the interview Kim has a smoke and pulls out the proposed Wexler/McGill business card.  She rips it in half
  • Kim goes to Jimmy and tells him she’s turning down the job offer.  She wants to start her own firm and share an office with Jimmy, but only share the space, not the firm

My Thoughts:

After a few weeks of Jimmy taking the back seat to many of the supporting characters, we got a whole helping of him this week in “Inflatable”.  Although Jimmy is fulfilling his dream to have his own firm, it’s still sad to watch all of the people that gave him a chance and for him to quit his big break so easily.  But if you remember from Season 1, this is what Jimmy has really always wanted.

That montage in “Inflatable” with Jimmy and his suits was one of the closest things we’ve seen to Saul in this show’s history.  You can already tell that while his confidence in his true self is increasing, his tact is decreasing.  He really seemed to be Saul Goodman in the scenes with Mike and the detectives earlier in the episode.

Not sure I understand Kim’s decision here.  Keeping her professional career close to Jimmy is like keeping your life savings close to a thief.  I’ve never thought Kim was someone who wants or is ready to have her own firm.  Before her fallout with Howard, she seemed to enjoy herself at HHM, but she also didn’t stand out to me as an irreplaceable employee.

With Kim making this move, what does this mean for Howard?  Will his character be fazed out?  Will Jimmy and Kim find themselves battling him in court week to week?  I’m not sure how Chuck will feel about all this.  He’s never liked Jimmy having success, but he also doesn’t like it when he doesn’t have control over Jimmy, and Jimmy having his own firm will definitely not help Chuck’s cause.

Your Thoughts:

Is Kim making a dumb move?


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