Better Call Saul Episode 8: “Fifi”

Better Call Saul Episode 8: “Fifi”

A recap and review of Better Call Saul Episode 8: “Fifi”


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Sullywood Rating: 8/10

What We Learned:

Jimmy and Kim are now….semi-partners.  Kim goes to Howard and she gives him her resignation.  Howard was surprisingly supportive of her decision

After letting Howard know, Kim realizes that the clock is ticking if she wants to take Mesa Verde with her.  She sets up a meeting and informs Jimmy that she won them over.  Kim tells Jimmy the great news as they are scoping out possible new offices

Howard informs Chuck that they are about to lose Mesa Verde and that Kim is going off with Jimmy.  Because Chuck is a huge slime ball when it comes to all things Jimmy, he comes into work…during the day….with electricity….and cellphones on (only in Better Call Saul would that statement be normal), and he and Howard meet with Mesa Verde, where we learn later that they’ve won them back

Jimmy does some slippin’ Jimmy type stuff by taking a sex offender and dressing him up like a war veteran to gain access to an old military plane to shoot what looks like a commercial…Saul Goodman style

Jimmy receives a call from Ernie, telling him that Chuck is in bad shape after his adventure into the daytime hours.  Jimmy goes over to Chuck’s and visits him.  While Chuck is asleep, Jimmy takes Mesa Verde files and fudges a new address on all of the important documents

Mike, throughout the episode, continued to monitor Hector’s place and his various movements.  With the help of his granddaughter, we see that he’s assembled some sort of spike strip, that I’m sure will NOT be used for bad things 😉

My Thoughts:

The opening sequence of “Fifi” was pure art.  The way the camera moved all around the border patrol station, first following the truck we see, looping around, and then ending up back with the truck was just great direction and cinematography.

I have no idea what to think of Howard this season.  We were lead to believe he was this evil guy last season before figuring out that Chuck was actually the slime ball.  But so far this year, Howard seems to be shown in that negative light again.

Jimmy shooting that footage at the military base was a very minor, but important detail to consider.  So far, we haven’t seen Jimmy pander to his clients and the public’s patriotism, a trait very much engraved into the Saul Goodman alter-ego.  This was the first step in that direction.

When Chuck thanks Jimmy for coming over and looking after him, and then stating that he hopes Jimmy understands that he would do the same for him, I cringed.  Chuck is one of the most stealthy manipulators on TV.  Just as Jimmy is going for the throat, Chuck gives him those puppy dog eyes and “awww shucks” charm.  DON’T FALL FOR IT JIMMY!

Your Thoughts:

Is Jimmy going to tell Chuck what he’s done to the Mesa Verde files?


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